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FE Heroes Wiki Data Extraction


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So I've been working on a little character data extraction program, something that let's you get a character's stats from the wiki without going the whole copy and paste route, which seems like it'd be pretty useful for anything that wants up to date character data. (Probably mostly useful for combat simulators at the moment, though, if I can hook it up to an mobile App it can probably be used to IV checkers and whatnot as well.)

Currently it only grabs character information on:

All skills except assist (I'll be adding that later, assuming I don't get lazy and quit), color, weapon type, movement type, level 1 stats at 5*, and level 40 stats at 5*.


Right now the program outputs to console (i.e. completely useless if you don't run from the command line), but it's a fairly quick edit to make it output to a text file or a variable instead.

Here's what the output looks like: https://github.com/DehNutCase/Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Wiki-Data-Extraction/blob/master/Current_Output

And here's the (very shitty) source code: https://github.com/DehNutCase/Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Wiki-Data-Extraction/blob/master/Hero_Info_Extractor.py


If anyone can spot anything wrong with the output data, or if you got any advice on how to write code that doesn't look like shit (I'll probably add comments to it later, once I'm in the 'optimize runtime' stage rather than the 'add features' stage), comments/advice would be welcome, derp.

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