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The logs of Oguma.


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These are the logs of Oguma and company. Each set (post) of logs will have a different writer. Here is Oguma.

ALSO- Sorry for the font. the forum won't let the handwriting font I want.


I got an assignment today. First one in a while. Me and the boys will have something adequate to eat tonight. It got me another one of those scars. On the face, too. Those things piss me of. Business is slow. And I mean REALLY slow..... I might have to fire the guys. There better be some jobs tommorow.


There was a lot of jobs today, so that makes up for the lousy week. Me and the boys each got one job, to ensure if this happens again. Don't worry, I'm sure they can handle it. It looks like our meal will be cut short today, the guys just got back from their jobs and they got stiffed, the bastards. We can't do shit about it though, it will ruin our reputation. I hope no more bastards like those do that again. At least I got full pay.

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