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Fire Emblem: Prince of Light


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Here's the gist of it:           (Bold/Italics means critical key words)

The Story: (Backstory) Some many years ago a single man held the Northern Continent, called Allusia, under his the force of his Dark Army, backed by Draconian Blood. This Warlord was eventually challenged by some heroes whom founded the current countries of Allusia. (The story) The Theocratic Empire of Arulia, and its Divine Emperor now hold nearly all the continent in a dark age. Only the Sacred City-State of Gallonshire isn't conquered due the Priestess of Gallonshire paying dearly in cash. Yet comes the time that the protagonist Daniel's plan comes to bear fruit.

New Classes/Added Classes: 

Prismancer/???: The hero's unique class, as he is an experienced mage and swordsman. (Equips Swords, Light Magic, And Anima Magic.) When he promotes into his "role"  he gains access to Dark Magic and Staves, in addition to a unique version of WarpingStats: Great Magic, Defense, and Res. Good Strength and Luck, and Mediocre Skill and Speed 

Sky Mage/Malig Knight: Mages that have taken to wyvernback using both lances and anima magic, and gains dark magic upon promoting to Malig KnightStats: Good Strength, Magic, Defense, and Res, but Mediocre Skill/Luck, and Low Speed

Shadow Blade/Dark Knight: Students of blade and of elder magic.(Dark magic) When the promote to Dark Knight they gain lances and armo(u)rStats: Great Defense; plus Good Strength and Res, but Mediocre Magic/Luck, and Low Speed/Skill

Halberdier: Promoted Soldiers like in FE 9/10.

Disciple/Priest: Basically Monks but Unisex. Priests are now unisex as well.

Mage Fighter/ Mage Knight: See links; except that Mage Fighters can't use staves while their promoted forms can.

Hunter/Outlaw: Hunters are like bandit archers that sacrifice skill, resistance, and defense to be speedier, stronger, and healthier. Outlaws are promoted Hunters that also uses Lances.

Shrine Keeper/Holy Guard: Shrine Keepers are unisex guardians that protect holy places with lance and staff. Holy Guards add Light magic to their weapon list, and both are Mounted. Balanced stats like Mercenaries and Paladin

Changes to Classes: Troubadours now equip Swords, while Valkyrie receive light magic upon promoting. Both basic fliers now equip swords, but Pegasi riders bear staves and Dragon Riders command axes upon promoting. Generals now command the sword, the lance, and the axe.

Other Changes:

Con is replaced with Magic for all units, and Strength acts as the counter for weapon weight. Units promote using Master Seals like FE 9 and onwards.(except Prismancer) New Weapons such as Magic Weapons for Bows, Lances, and Axes; "Brave" Tomes, and Reversal Tomes. Units may have ranks in Weapons that the base class can't use. (For Example a thief that can use bows.)




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have you hacked before ever? because if not, this is never gonna happen. everyone can have ambition and all, but this seems waaaaaay much to start. 

that being said, if you have a squad of maybe, what, 5-6 people, you could probably get a few chapters out at a reasonable pace. just kinda saying what i think, so pardon if that was a bit blunt.

oh wait, most of these things have been done by teq's assembly shenanigans. it almost seemed a little TOO ambitious for any human ever to do, but if you manage to get these things off of @Tequila(sorry to bother you my fe hacking overlord) then it might be possible to do the rest with a team.

anyways, hope this hack goes well, and has actual map design TLP. see ya.

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there's lots of things that constitute good map design, but honestly, you will not be able to pull all this off without other people, so maybe put something in your signature advertising this project and that you want hackers to help out with things. but back to map design

see, this is an issue which i am not that actively researched in when it comes to fire emblem, but map design is based on a lot of factors, such as; tile layout, enemy type, enemy placement, enemy equipment, starting position, a good anti-turtling incentive, the chapters actual inscentive, like sieze, escape, rout, all that. this is a list things that must be actively thought about to create a solid map.

its pretty long. its not hard to place enemies in a strategic way, but do those enemies have too much of an upper hand due to their positioning? did you intend that enemy to be capable of ko-ing the healer turn 2 due to ambushes that you cant predict? see, i theorize that its all about how well a game designer is at expressing their intentions for what the player should be doing, and what they probably should not be doing, because if you cant make the player do anything, then there is absolutely no pressure to do ANYTHING risky EVER therefore making the game kind of boring. and even then, if the game designer is fantastic at expressing intent, but are full of shit, then the map wont be fun, and everyone will have wasted there time.

in simpler terms, just make sure that the player has a reason to move always, some kind of threat somewhere on the map most of the time, but a method to achieve the goal of the map, with multiple, not just any, but multiple strategies, also, defend maps suck usually, so dont make them ever. theres like conquest ch10 and thats it for good defend chapters, but even then, dont take that as an example as much of the interesting strategy is still just mostly efficient use of dual strikes and chokepointing enemies, then pulling back because "where the fuck did these million enemies come from". ah fuck im rambling. welp. its not like the worlds ending anytime soon, so ill keep rambling

also, make it clear whether your bosses move or not, because otherwise, that will cause a lot of rage.

TL;DR, ask someone else. im just some edgelord on the internet with a lot of free time


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My quick notes:

You should mention what base you plan to use, and you should make sure you look around on here and FEUniverse (I think that was its name) for resources people already stated others can use for free (with citation). Such as, iirc, there was a patch to add a bunch of skills to FE8, and I know that I've played a hack or two of FE7 that had Halberdiers in it. Knowing what base you want to work with will allow you to find ways to make your life easier, and it will help talented people decide whether they want to help.

Given that you want Valkyries using Light magic, Generals with the trinity, and Master Seal promotion, I'd suggest using FE8. I know that it has both Light magic Valkyries and trinity Generals, and there's definitely a general Seal item in there. I'm no hacker, but I assume having some stuff like that already done will at least make your job a bit easier.

Magic weapons I know are a thing in some hack I played, 100% certain. I wanna say it was Primefusion's The Road to Ruin, or maybe Sacred Blaze's Requiem, probably one of those two. But as such, you could try asking them/searching for that resource rather than doing it yourself.

I get distinct deja vu saying this, but I think I saw once someone have all of Strength, Magic, and Con in a hack somewhere. For all I know though, the deja vu is because I was proven wrong before, so take it with a grain of salt.

4 hours ago, Malfaria said:

Units may have ranks in Weapons that the base class can't use. (For Example a thief that can use bows.)

I imagine this would probably be doable with effort, but why? If you can't use bows, why would you need a rank for it?

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It's a Fire Emblem Blazing Sword(FE7) Hack. 

And the whole thief with bow thing, its a way to diversify the characters, I call call them personal weapon ranks. 

I'll take some of that advice, and I've got a FE 8 Hack in mind but I want to finish this hack first.

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