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So what is your favorite character?


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16 hours ago, Fates-Blade said:

even facing a weapon disadvantage,

Weapon disadvantages are way more dangerous than they were in the main games, particularly if you're not controlling the disadvantaged unit. But Ryoma seems to cream these enemies without much more effort than enemies with a disadvantage.

Also, I once used Hinoka on a History Mode map with a heap of Archers. I had her Bow defence crests either maxed out or just one from being maxed out, but she still took a nasty hit from a bow user. But I still got through by not being hit, even against Takumi, because clearly attack is the best defence in this game. But I will always have a preference for Ryoma, because he's so easy to control and use properly. I think that I use him too much, because he's grossly overlevelled.

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