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Death Stranding

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i'm surprised that a thread for this hasn't been made yet. anyway:


gameplay-wise, i get strong MGS V vibes in terms of controls, wich is alright considering it's a game from Kojima after all.

while the "open world exploration" isn't exactly a new concept in gaming, it could always be interesting if done right.

graphics are amazing, almost to the point it seems to be watching a sci-fi movie.

i've always considered Hideo Kojima as the Quentin Tarantino of the stealth genre, let's see how his new studio will deliver this game.

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Oh boy, Kojima's got near unlimited backing from Sony and he's gonna use every last dollar to throw us all into a crazy fever dream of ghost babies.

Death Stranding is a game I'll probably never play since A: I don't have a PS4 and B: I'm not really into the horror genre. However, I've still found myself attracted to it's development because it's just such an enigma for the gaming industry to have a celebrity director like Kojima to exist in the first place. Dude strikes out on his own after Konami screwed him over one too many times and he's suddenly leading his own studio who's first game is being co-directed with Oscar winning director Guillermo Del Toro and staring A-list actors like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. It just doesn't feel real, but here we are. I'll just be here watching from afar, waiting to see the larger implications of this project's success or failure on the video game industry.

Also Troy Baker is always a win. The fact that he got picked up for this project at all speaks volumes to his talent as a voice/mo-cap actor and I really hope the other talented voice actors out there get the same type of recognition in the future.

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Looks like BotW(The large, open world with flexible traversal mechanics) mixed with MGS in a survival/survival-horror game.

It's been long enough that I'm down for more Kojima insanity.

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The dialogue really strikes me as something you'd hear in a MGS codec conversation. Expository explanations of factions, technologies, waxing about whether men need countries. Even Sam's voice sounds like he's channeling Snake's subdued, snarly voice at parts.

Really interested in what happens when you're dragged through the earth by these BTs. This trailer seems to imply that death is a core mechanic of the game. 

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