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Regarding double-posting and time interval between the two posts


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I just came across this thread which discussed double-posting and to what extent the rules carries, and I have a proposal for the Code of Conduct regarding double-posting.

Would it be worth spelling out a time limit (on the Code of Conduct) on what is considered (un)acceptable double posting? This isn't usually a problem in the main FE-related thread sections (or any other threads where people post frequently), but it becomes a problem in a couple of cases when there are very few posters for weeks, or even months in a particular section. (Pokemon, TSMFE etc)

Long story short:

  1. I was the last person to post on a thread,
  2. no one else posts on that thread for several days or even weeks afterwards, yet still remains on the first page of the section
  3. I can't make a new post when I now have new stuff to contribute. (This happened once in a Pokemon thread when I wanted to talk about the Pokemon Symphonic Evolution concert several years ago. It did not help when I copped an informal warning in regards to the above.)

At least the last time I know (which is admittedly years ago), Bulbagarden explicitly had the one-week rule regarding double-posting; if you were the last person to post on a particular thread, you can also make a new post if a week has passed without anyone posting, in addition to the standard rules. I think it would be appreciated if a similar basic rule is spelled out in the Code of Conduct, as it would remove a lot of ambiguity about what is considered reasonable and legitimate uses of double-posting as opposed to spam, abuse etc.

Yours truly,

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read and noted, i've been pondering a bit of a rework to the code of conduct for the past few years and i'll take this into consideration

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