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Hello everyone, I've been lurking since 2013 but I finally decided to make an account due to Three Houses coming soon, which I'm excited for.

I started with Blazing Sword/Blade, but not until 2011 - FE quickly became one of my favourite game series, so I then played Binding Blade, Sacred Stones, Awakening, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Fates (all 3 paths) and Heroes, in that order. Since I played the Tellius games in 2015, I had to buy them expensively online - the PAL version of PoR was quite an investment, but worth it.

I'd also like to share my first FE video, which is freshly uploaded: It's my 2-turn clear of Fates: Conquest's Endgame (Lunatic Classic, deathless). While Rescue Pass is nothing special, it is somewhat notable for not using any proc skills against the boss, and no super-powerful damage boosting skills such as Spendthrift or Life & Death.

I finally got around to finishing that run to prepare myself for whatever challenges lie ahead in Three Houses. Anyway, it's nice to finally join the forums.


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You haven't played Shadow Dragon, despite your avatar being a shadow dragon. 😛

Anyway, welcome~!  Don't forget to read the rules and all~!

(end generic greeting)

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