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Smash Bros Boss Creation game


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Hey, ever wanted to give a detailed breakdown of what bosses you’d like to see in Smash Bros.? Well, here’s your chance! Just use the template provided for ideas you’d like to submit:


Game of Origin:

What does the boss do?




Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?

Where would this boss be in World of Light?


I got this idea from a contest that’s currently being held in SmashBoards: https://smashboards.com/threads/super-smash-bros-boss-creation-contest-current-round-pokemon-bosses-seeking-additional-judges.485321/


1). The boss must be the most notable one from the game in question. This is not limited to final bosses.

2). If a boss isn’t “giant”, it should at least be around the size of Dracula or Marx, along with similar fighting capabilities (so unfortunately, no Black Knight).

3). The bosses have to be from game and/or series that started as a game. For example, Pokémon can’t use material for, the anime, manga, or other non-video game material (Detective Pikachu can be fine, but only the game). Kingdom Hearts bosses are fine, but only if it’s not Disney bosses.

I even made my own entry in that contest, so take a look if you’d like.

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This isn't the boss I would most want to see in Smash Bros, mainly because I think there's been enough Awakening pandering, but I'm listing this one because I think there's a lot that you can do with it:

Boss: Grima

Game of Origin: Fire Emblem: Awakening

What the Boss Does: 

The fight occurs on Grima's back, with Possessed-Robin levitating above and around the stage through dark magic. One must hit Possessed-Robin to deal damage, but Possessed-Robin teleports around the stage like Tabuu. Meanwhile, Grima's head is overlooking the whole fight from the background.

At the end of each sequence of teleportation, Grima will unleash one of the following attacks:

  • Expiration: Grima breathes a beam of Fel Dragon Breath upon an area of the stage. 
  • Tilt: Grima makes a sharp turn through the air and tilts at an angle as he does so; rotating the stage at a 60 degree angle to get the player to plummet.
  • Risen Reinforcements: Grima summons Risen (actually shadow copies of Smash characters) to attack the player. 
  • Expiration Rain: Grima shoots three bursts of fel breath into the air that slowly rain down onto the stage. These do not deal high damage, but they have very high knockback if they hit. 
  • Possessed-Tome: Possessed-Robin pulls out a tome and randomly unleashes a fel version of one of Robin's special attacks. He will teleport to an appropriate area of the stage based on which spell is selected (behind the player if Nosferatu, above the player if Elwind, etc.). 

Setting: Grima (his back, specifically). 

Characters who Fight this Boss in Classic Mode: Robin, Lucina, Chrom

Where Would this Boss Be in World of Light: World of Darkness. Can't get any more specific as I have yet to play Ultimate. 

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Boss: Magician Type 0

Game of Origin: The House of the Dead (1996)

What does the boss do?

-Fireball: Magician warps around and shoots a fireball twice from both his arms, and shoots a string of them after warping a third time. Depending on how much health he has, he will often use a different secondary attack.

-Fire Claw: When he’s at around 75% health, Magician warps around three times before before swiping with his claw on fire, and he does this four times before defaulting back to Fireball.

-Fire Shield: At 50% health, Magician surrounds himself with several fireballs and flies around attempting to ram into the player. The fireballs around him can hit you multiple times when he’s floating motionlessly for a bit, but you can destroy them with proper attack timing.

-Rush: Also at 50% health, Magician sometimes goes to the background, and quickly rushes towards wherever the player is.

-Fireball Storm: At 25% health, the Magician has had enough. He surrounds himself with many fireballs and shoots them upwards, and they all rain down in random places. However, most of them can be destroyed by attacking them.

His special gimmick is that he must be hit specifically in his weak points (similar to Ganon’s tail) and ONLY his weak points, as the covered parts will take no damage.


Setting: The balcony near the laboratory of Curien Mansion, where the Magician was created. The holder around him opens, and he folds his arms like he always does and floats towards the center of the screen.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?

-Ike (Black-clad armor; Against the Black Knight would play)

-Sonic (Iconic SEGA characters)

-Robin (user of flames)

-Ryu (arcade characters with major games from the 90’s)

Because why not (any potential newcomer you feel like):

-Crash Bandicoot (creations by a scientist that debuted in 1996; Cortex’s theme plays)


Where would this boss be in World of Light?

In a new sub-area in the Dark Realm, the Curien Mansion itself. It features Spirits primarily from the House of the Dead series, along with the occasional Luigi’s Mansion Spirits.

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Hmmm let's flesh out(or would it be metal out?) Racist Robo Boi/Metal Hitler. Yeah I was calling him that for a long time lol he's still an arsebutt. He's basically like someone torturing puppies. Without further ado:

Boss: Egil

Game of Origin: Xenoblade Chronicles

What does the boss do?

Swords: Sword items appear, he will pick them up and use them and throw them at you.

Lasers: Laser attacks, small beams mostly but they can be charged into bigger ones. Hit him to stop the charging.

Summon Help: At 50% health he'll start summoning mechon to help him. He can bring in small flying mechon that shoot lasers and are easy to defeat if you can catch them, or larger ones that stay on the ground and blade swipe and take more hits. One mechon is summoned at a time.

Apocrypha Activate: At 25% health he'll disable the player's specials (B moves) temporarily, like for a minute. He needs to charge for it though, so you can avoid it easily by hitting him until he loses focus. He'll attempt this a lot so keep whittling down his HP.


Agrinatha, the capital of Mechonis. Music is Obstacle In Our Path.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?


Mega Man


Newcomer: Rex

Where would this boss be in World of Light?

Is there a mechanical/factory area in Dark Realm? That.

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Boss: Duon

Game of Origin: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)

What does the boss do?

Mostly what it did in Brawl, but with new attacks as follows;

-Triple Slash Blast: Duon’s blue half slashes twice, and then releases a giant shockwave in the third slash as it uses both of its arms.

-Spiral Slash: Duon’s blue half readies its blades with yellow energy, and swings them out of the swords straight in front and back, like a boomerang.

-Flurry Spin: Duon soins between the background and the foreground until it gets to the other side of the bridge, and then it’s dizzy for a bit.

-Mine Circle: Duon’s blue half ejects Quark Mines from both of its shoulder exhaust pipes. They circle around as they move off towards the opposite side the blue half is facing. Duon switches to the pink side after this attack.

-Halberd Cannon: Duon jumps into the background, and its pink half takes over the cannon. It can either shoot four cannonballs at you or a giant laserafter a few seconds. Only the cannonballs can be eaten, reflected, or absorbed.



Setting: The Halberd bridge, where it was fought in the Subspace Emissary. Boss Battle Song 1 from Brawl plays during this fight.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?

-Ice Climbers (self-explanatory)

-Chrom (ALSO self-explanatory)

-Meta Knight (Halberd’s HIS turf)

-Corrin (design is almost black and white)

-Banjo-Kazooie (once again, pretty self-explanatory)

-Newcomer: Marx Yes I know he’s a boss shut up


Where would this boss be in World of Light?

In the Dark Realm’s Mysterious Dimension sub-area.

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Looks fun. Let's try it!

Boss: Moon Queen Malvasia

Game of Origin: Nights of Azure 2

What does the boss do?

Her main gimmick would be that she flies around on the stage and summons disembodied arms holding weapons that attack you and you have to dodge and attack them back to direct them at Malvasia, who is invincible otherwise during this phase. Do this at least four times and she'll unleash a stage-wide laser attack (like Lucario's Aura Storm, but omnidirectional and slowly moving), and you'd have to dodge out of the way, else it's death city. There are also pillars on the stage you can hide behind, though she can break them, so you have to be careful (the laser attack doesn't break them, her weapon arms, however, do). After avoiding the first laser attack, she'll pull out a sword and fight you one-on-one until half health, after which the pattern starts anew, only the weapon arms and lasers come out faster, until you finally defeat her.

Setting: Her arena is the same as her final battle in Nights of Azure 2: on top of the Castle of the New Moon.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?

Lucina and Corrin would be the most thematically fitting, considering neither Aluche nor Arnice are playable.

Because why not?

Arnice and Aluche, protagonists of Nights of Azure and Nights of Azure 2 respectively.

Where would this boss be in World of Light?

Considering she was a final boss in her own game, she'd be close to the end. I don't have Ultimate, so I can't precisely say where.

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Boss: Seath the Scaleless

Game of Origin: Dark Souls (2011)

What does the boss do?

-Crystal Breath: Seath fires a laser across the floor, and crystals spawn from it (22% from the laser; 10% from the crystals)

-Claw Swipe: Seath swipes with his left hand (12% damage)

-Grab: Seath grabs the player. If they don’t break free, Seath fires his laser at them (45% damage)

-Tail Slap: Seath attack’s with any of his two tails as you attack them (17% damage)

-Crystal Smash: Seath charges up his fists and slams them, and crystals skid across the ground from both sides of his hands.


Setting: The very depths of the Crystal Caves. Because of his massive size, Seath only attacks from the center. Although you’re mainly supposed to attacks his body, you can attack his tail for items, just like in the original game.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?

Essentially, I figured him as a hypothetical situation if Seath was a boss instead of Monster Hunter’s Rathalos. So here’s the characters who fight him:

-Dark Samus (Phazon-looking thing)

-Yoshi (Jurassic-looking thing)

-Zelda (Medieval monster)

-Marth (Dragon)

-Shulk (resemblance to a Telethia)

-Newcomer: Solaire

-Newcomer: Elma

-Newcomer: Noctis


Where would this boss be in World of Light?

A...Dark Souls themed level in the Light Realm? Idk

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Boss: Petey Piranha

Game of Origin: Super Mario Sunshine

What does the boss do?

-Cage Swing (from Brawl): Petey attacks the player with a cage (13%) using either of his hands.

-Cage Trap (Original): Petey jumps around for a few seconds, pretending to be blissfully unaware of his surroundings. When a fighter (or both of them) is (are) trapped, Petey twirls those cages around and then breathes fire on them (27%) and slams the cages on the ground (19%).

-Head Bash (from Super Mario Sunshine): Petey bashes his head in either direction (11%), leaving him vulnerable for a half-second.

-Ground Pound (from New Super Mario Bros.): Petey puts his cages down and flaps his leaf hands and floats in the air for a few second, and then lands on the ground (14%), which can ground anyone who gets too close (28%).

-Nipper Buddies (from Super Princess Peach): Petey spits out four Nipper Plants that continuously nip and hop (4%), but never cling to the player.

-Cage Keeper (from Super Mario Sunshine): Petey steps into the background and spits out two brown-white Gatekeeper Plants on either side of the arena, who both send out Swoopin’ Stus who attack you by charging (6%). The Gatekeepers can be defeated in about two or three hits.

-Goop Shot (from Super Mario Sunshine): While the Gatekeepers are active, Petey himself will fire brown-white goop that works as a variation of ink; the amount of damage the Stus do to you depends on how inked you are.

-Bomb Spit (from Super Mario Bros. 2): Petey puts his cages down, sucks in Bob-Omb plants in the background, and flies towards it to spit them out, some faster than others (11% black [faster ones]; 13% red).


After taking enough damage, Petey will tip over and try to get back up, leaving him vulnerable for a few seconds. This can be achieved more quickly when certain projectiles are thrown into his mouth during the first part of Bomb Spit. Here’s what can go into his mouth during this part:


-Yoshi’s Eggs

-Stone Kirby (you’ll be spit out instead, though, and take 9% damage, so be warned.)

-Peach and Daisy’s Turnips (but not the Bob-Ombs or anything of the like, you’re just giving him more ammo.)

-Dr. Mario’s Megavitamins

-Diddy Kong’s Peanuts

-King Dedede’s Gordos

-PAC-MAN’s Bonus Fruit

-Inkling’s Spalt Bomb (but this only turns the Bob-Ombs into Gooped Bob-Ombs.)

-Piranha Plant’s Ptooie

-Kazooie’s Eggs


Setting: A Piranha Plant-themed temple with several baby Piranha Plant breeds blooming in the background. Petey floats to his cages in front of the temple, grabs them, and then roars. The theme is: 



Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?

-Peach (wants revenge from Subspace Emissary)

-Daisy (both plant-themed)

-Olimar (predatory plant monster)

-Villager (“Were my plants ALWAYS this messy?”)

-Bowser Jr. (“Mama Peach, is that you in that cage?”)*

-Cloud (being in the cages will make him sick)

-Banjo (giant humanoid Snarebear)

-Newcomer: Viridi (KI:U Boss 1)

-Newcomer: Cuphead


Where would this boss be in World of Light?

Petey resides in a new section of the Power Plant sub-area covered in luscious plant life. This destroyed section is a part 2 of the Power Plant (get it? Power? Plant?)


*Note 1: for this fight, the theme is: 

Note 2: Bowser Jr. would fight Petey in Round 6, and then face against Mario and Peach in Round 7.

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Boss: Behemoth

Game of Origin: Final Fantasy II (1988)


What does the boss do?

-Swipe: Behemoth swipes its claws aggressively towards the player (16%).

-Heave!: Behemoth Rams the player with its horns (19%) and tosses them into the air.

-Tail Swipe: Behemoth jumps and attacks with its tail (17%).

-Firaga Breath: Behemoth breathes Firaga for 3 seconds (27%) that even leaves fire trails and the ground (7%).

-Crystal Rain: Behemoth slams its front feet and the ground, causing a group of crystal stalactites fall down from the ceiling in different sizes (12% small, 18% medium, 24% large).

-Charybdis: Behemoth casts a devastating wind spell that has a likelihood of launching you into a Star K.O. (34%).

-Ecliptic Meteor: When defeated, Behemoth casts a giant meteor on itself that unleashes an enormous shockwave (37%); unlike other bosses, if this attack K.O.’s you, can’t continue on the continue screen. Luckily, the shockwave is enough of a size to where you can dodge it or jump over it.



Setting/Intro: The Palamecian Coliseum, where it is originally fought in Final Fantasy II, with Crystal stalactites hanging from the ceiling. As the cage opens, the Behemoth slowly walks out of it and approaches the player. As it completely comes out, it faces the player and roars.


Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?

-Mr. Game and Watch (80’s Boss whose game was on the NES; plays the 8-bot version of Death Mountain)

-Pit (Giant demon)

-Wario (Big brute)

-Lucas (Resembles the Ultimate Chimera; plays Smashing Song of Praise)

-Shulk (Rare JRPG monster)

-Cloud (Iconic Final Fantasy enemy)

-Ridley (Behemoth hide is presumably worth a lot of coin)


Where would this boss be in World of Light?

In the Light Realm’s Molten Fortesss, guarding Princess Peach.


Music: Fight On! (Final Fantasy VII)

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