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Why does the offer always go to Erk?

James Marshall

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Somethings puzzling me about The Endings of some characters in Game 7. Can you help

Why does the offer always to replace Pent as The Mage General of Ethuria only given to Erk when every other Magic User has the potential to be a far better replacement?

What makes it even stranger is that a lot of senior Ethurian Nobles value 1's wealth and social status more then 1's ability and the only playable user of Anima Magic User that isn't confirmed as having more wealth and Social Status then Erk is Nino

Saying that though since you can be a powerful user of Anima Magic User without having wealth and social status it is possible that Nino's Family had more wealth and social status that Erk does, its just not known if they did or didn't

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Its possible that Etruria's court isn't yet as extremely corrupt as it would later become, and that Erk's background matters less. Its also possible that being the adopted son of count Reglay is considered to be a very strong sign of Erk's status. 

They also seek a replacement for Pent in particular and the endings suggest the court isn't amused at all by his absence. Replacing him by someone who trained under Pent might be their way of getting someone who's a lot like Pent into office. 

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Nepotism. Erk is Pent's adoptive son and apprentice, former orphanhood or not that counts for a lot. Plus all the other playable mages are either non-Etrurian in origin or not the type to be interested in the position.

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Others have said this already, but it's all about connections. In that way, it's actually very true to real life.

Erk being Pent's ward and protégé puts him on Etruria's radar in a way none of the other magic-users your recruit are, save obviously for Pent himself. "It's not what you know, but who you know," as they say.

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2 hours ago, Wolfgang said:

I think it is because Erk was trained by Pent himself, thus giving Etruria's court confidence on his magical abilities. Also being the adopted son of Pent might have some importance on the matter as well.

If you're right and 1 of the main reasons Erk was offered the chance to replace Pent as The Mage General of Ethuria was because he was the adopted son of Pent does that mean that if during the events of Game 6 Clarine is both used enough and becomes powerful that when Ceclia dies or retires 1 of the reasons that she/Clarine has a very high chance of becoming The Mage General is because she is Pents actual daughter?

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Erk was Pent's apprentice and adopted son, and was likely endorsed by Pent to receive the position. I know you're saying why can't any other magic user become Mage General instead, but who else would want/qualify that position? Let's look at the other magic users.

  • Serra isn't Etrurian nor has expressed an extreme desire to work/live in Etruria.
  • Lucius is Etrurian, but I don't think he would want that position. He would rather do clergy work and that's exactly what he did. Plus, he no noble lineage either.
  • Priscilla has the lineage and connections, but I don't think she would be interested in the position. She's not particularly ambitious, and is more of a supporter than a leader.
  • Canas has the power, but I don't think he's Etrurian (Ilian?). He can become friends with Pent though. Canas is more of a scholar than a fighter though. I think he would be better in a different role, but he could make a decent Mage General.
  • Nino has no known lineage, no connections, and can't even read.
  • Renault is not a noble, but is considered powerful by the Church. But he's not ambitious, and seems to only want to seek atonement. If he were to take the position of Mage General, I'm not sure how healthy his mental health would be. I could see him stepping down from the position out of guilt.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Erk's unpaired ending says that he didn't succeed Lord Pent as Mage General.


Erk returned to Etruria and was asked to succeed the retiring Lord Pent. He refused and devoted his life to the study of magic.

None of his paired endings say he took the position either.

As for why he was offered the position, the Etruscans seem to place a lot of stock in social class, whether by birth or adoption. Erk is also the only one of Priscilla's possible paired-ending partners who is allowed to marry her, for example.

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