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All skills, all class change, and infinite item codes


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Fire Emblem Awakening USA v1.0
[Have all skills learned by the first 2 characters v1.0]
604D1100 00000000
B04D1100 00000000
C0000000 00000001
2000001F 000000FE
00000020 FFFFFFFF
00000024 FFFFFFFF
00000028 7FFFFFFF
6000000C 00000000
B000000C 00000000
D2000000 00000000


This allows the first 2 characters in the selection order to have all skills, to give it to another just deselect 
the 2nd character in the battle prep screen so that the next character goes into the second slot, and they will learn the skills too. 
The value is set to 01 here because setting it higher
in the early game may cause a freeze, but as I said the workaround is to just put the character you want to learn all skills in 
character slot 2 on the battle prep screen.

Fire Emblem Awakening USA v1.0

[Able to All Class Changes at Master Seal & Second Seal v1.0]
001DD4F4 E3A01000
001DD4F8 EA000010
001DD53C E3A01028
002D044C E1A0400A
002D0450 E2845028
002D0454 E59F0008
002D0458 E5900000
002D045C E0800384
002D0460 EA000000
002D0464 004D0AF8
002D04D4 E1540005
*Master Seal:First half 40 types
*Second Seal:Second half 40 types


Fire Emblem Awakening USA v1.0

[Infinite Use Items v1.0]
002DFBBC E5D0101F
002DFBC0 E3510000
002DFBD4 E5C41002
002EBE2C E1A00000
00208618 E3A01000

codes made by:  ymyn


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