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My New Fire Emblem Hack! Fire Emblem 7 - Heroes


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Hello, people of Serenes Forest! My name is Garo, and I’m new to the rom hacking community. I have come today to post my completed FE7 reskin, Fire Emblem 7 - Heroes.

Have you ever wished you could recruit Ishtar or Eldigan? Have you ever wanted Hector, Lachesis, and Nephenee all on the same team? That is what this hack aims to do.

This hack takes characters from different FE games and makes them playable in one game while keeping their unique strengths and abilities intact. Lewyn with Forseti? Check. But what about Murdock with Wishblade? Also an option. Here are some features of the hack!

  • Playable characters from throughout the franchise: (Continent-# of playable characters) Jugdral-14, Elibe-8 , Magvel-6 , Tellius-10 , Fodlan-1
  • Personal weapons and legendary weapons, including Holy Weapons from Jugdral
  • Powerful player units, but also beefed up enemies
  • Unchanged map design, but enemy placement has been tweaked for more challenge/fun
  • Unchanged story, but simple, quick-building supports to keep character personality intact
  • Increased exp gain for unpromoted units
  • And more!

~!! Quick things to know before you start !!~

- This hack was made in Eliwood Hard Mode in mind, so make sure you play that mode for the intended experience! The game will quickly soft-lock on the other modes.

- Most every character is recruited using the Eliwood replacement, Lewyn. This is so you don't have to keep track of who replaces whom.

- You'll be getting a lot of strong units, so I recommend playing this game as an Iron-Man to anyone familiar with FE7.

- Because growth rates are so high and exp gain is increased for unpromoted units, I don't recommend promoting your best units too early, as you could kneecap yourself for those later chapters. Enemies stats get pretty high, especially in the last couple maps. But your call!

- You're bound to have some questions regarding the game's quirks, so *PLEASE* don't hesitate to check out the readme and the FAQ in the dropbox. I'm confident it can answer/solve all but your most obscure issues! Plus I tried to keep it as spoiler-free as I could.

Link to the dropbox. Download the patch!

Link to the discord. Let's chat about the hack!

For me, probably the coolest part of all of FE is the final Act of FE10, where the coolest, most powerful people in Tellius come together to kick some ass. That is what this hack is supposed to be, but with my favorite characters from my favorite games.

In addition, I've always loved how GBA Fire Emblems play, but my favorite characters come from Jugdral and Tellius. In this hack, you can use badasses from different games while keeping that perfectly snappy and streamlined gameplay of the GBA games.

Your team is going to be super strong, but the enemies will be too. This is meant to be a difficult, but straight-forward and rewarding hack.

I would like to think this hack speaks for itself. I'm not a super experienced hacker, but I've been working on and polishing this hack for a year now, and I'm proud of it.

I hope you give this project a try!







*Portrait credits* 
*Spoilers for playable units!*
Glaceo and x0_000 are twitter users who gave me their permission to use their art.
All other portraits were from the FEU repo and/or labeled free to use

Lewyn: Glaceo 
Nephenee: NICKT 
Hilda: x0_000 
Jill: NICKT 
Julia: melia 
Elincia: Imperial, Cardcafe 
Tailtiu: Glaceo 
Haar: NICKT 
Ishtar: TheBlindArcher 
Astrid: NICKT 
Finn: melia 
Lachesis: Glaceo 
Eldigan: Glaceo 
Altena: Vampire Elf 
Brigid: Glaceo 
Ashnard: Vampire Elf, Blackavar, Chalphy 
Travant: Vampire Elf 
Wario: ruherech 
Mia: NICKT, Pichu, Solum, Nih, Lenh 
Leanne: Vampire Elf 
Sigurd: x0_000 
Arvis: Glaceo 
Ilyana: NICKT 
Leif: melia
Ayra: Glaceo 

God Slayer.png

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Ah yes. I see this has my favourite Fire Emblem character.




I see you have Ashnard too, but taking a look through the battle animations it seems you only really added the Sentinel and Axe Wyverns. If you want to give some extra flare this Ashnard animation looks pretty good.




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