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If FEW had FE unit tropes

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Take classic FE tropes (like Jeigans, Christmas knights, Ests, etc.) and pair them as closely as possible to existing FEW units - as they perform and act in FEW, not their source games.


For example, I would consider Niles to be the closest thing to a Jeigan in FEW. Assuming you get the DLC (which you should, as it improves the whole game), you get him basically instantly. He is likely to outlevel almost everyone in your army extremely quickly, as he makes a good base defender and everyone wants to inherit his Lethality. He also has one of, if not the, easiest and quickest personal weapons to max out, giving him a huge early and midgame power boost. However, unlike other core skill units like Ryoma, Chrom, and Marth, his late game scaling is absolutely atrocious due to his low luck.

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I'd suggest Lyn as an Est as well. She is distinct from Navarre in that she is one of the last units you'll recruit (thus the Est status).


She and Navarre have one of the best endgame movesets in the game, but it's also an extremely unwieldy one to use early game. Their gauge reveal puts them airborne and is basically impossible to adequately follow up on until you get Astra, Critical Focus, and maxed out gauge duration. This makes them exceptionally bad at dueling without WTA until late game when you've met all of their conditions.

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