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Would you be interested in combat arts/spell lists?

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This suggested change to the combat loop for a sequel would play somewhat akin to Persona 5 Strikers and would represent one of the most tangible, and perhaps efficient ways of changing up clones.


Each character would have a pool of Spells and Combat Arts they could learn, and you can equip up to 4 at a given time. They'd activate with one of the bumper keys plus A, B, X, or Y. Unlike P5S, they wouldn't freeze the game for targeting, so combat would remain seemless. You could even use some of the faster ones for animation canceling at the end of combos.


Combat Arts would be powerful physical weapon attacks on a cooldown. They would deal damage based on Strength and Skill. Some specialized combat arts would deal damage based on Spd, Def, or Res.


Spells would be powerful magic attacks or support skills with an MP cost that deal damage/healing based on Magic and Skill. Spells would also be elemental in nature, and different characters could have different levels of resistance to Wind, Fire, Lightning, Dark, and Light. Striking a weakness would cause their stun gauge to appear and do lots of damage.


To illustrate how characters with the same moveset could be different:


Ryoma could learn Wind and Lightning spells plus combat arts including Astra and Shockwave. Owain could learn Fire and Dark spells plus eccentrically named combat arts like RADIAANT DAWN!


Elise's spell list would include buffing and healing spells, plus some Light damage spells. Leo would have some Sword combat arts and his spell list would include a wide array of Dark and Lightning spells.


Chrom would have Sword and Lance combat arts that are aggressive, mobile, and heavy hitting. Lucina would mix fast sword and long range bow combat arts.


Lyn would pack sword and bow combat arts, along with Wind spells. Navarre would have no magical affinity, but would have a wide array of sword and axe combat arts to choose from.

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