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Sad news about Billy Kametz (Ferdinand von Aegir)


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Someone on another topic (edit: it was user Fabulously Oliver) pointed out that Billy Kametz recently announced he is suffering from Stage 4 colon cancer. He posted a video describing his situation and I'm sharing it below.

It's amazing to me how much I've grown to love and appreciate the voice actors in 3H. This hits pretty hard, and I'm hoping he pulls through. I would encourage you to watch, though it may be difficult, especially if you have gone through something similar yourself or with loved ones.

Billy says he's had to stop working on various projects, and asked us to support the folks who are taking over for him in the meantime. He is also shutting down social for a while to focus on himself and family, so all we can do is send positive thoughts, and S-support Ferdinand on every route.

Get well soon Billy. We love you too.


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That sucks to hear, I hope he is able to fully recover, and that he, his friends, and his family can pull through this. Wishing him the best!

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I saw the title of the post and was worried for a moment that he died...

Aw man, that really sucks. But if anyone can pull through, he can. Decipher the laws of nature and heal thy target. Fast Heal!! I wonder if/how Shield Hero Season 2's dub will proceed while our lead actor is out of commission.

EDIT: Stephen Fu has taken over the role of Naofumi, at least for season 2.

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