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What's the weirdest port of a video game that you've ever played?


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With all the video games that have been released over the years, there's always bound to be a few odd ports that nobody would have expected to end up on their favorite system. What takes the cake for me though has to be Manhunt 2 on the Nintendo Wii. 

There's a few reasons why Manhunt 2 for the Wii is the weirdest port of a video game that I've ever played:

  1. The Wii never got as many "Rated M" titles compared to the likes of the Xbox 360 and PS3 (its competitors at the time) due to the fact that it was marketed as a "family-friendly" game system, so seeing an M-title pop up for the Wii was always interesting to see. Especially since this particular port was released during the early years of the Wii. 
  2. The motion controls that were added made the game more... "Interactive" than the PS2 or PSP versions, with the Wii version making executions more complex by prompting the player to move the Wii remote and Nunchuck in various motions depending on the level of said execution. Unlike the PS2 and PSP versions, which were done automatically upon releasing the specific button.
  3. Manhunt 1 was never ported to a Nintendo system (which would've been the GameCube if it was ported), so seeing its sequel, Manhunt 2 pop up on the Wii without the first game being available outside of the PS2, PC and Xbox felt like an odd decision for Rockstar to make. 

Without a doubt, Manhunt 2's Wii port has got to be the oddest video game port that I've ever played. So, for those of you reading this topic, what is the weirdest port of a video game that you've ever played? The system in particular doesn't matter, and whether it's a half-baked third-party port or a shovelware title also won't matter. So long as it was a weird port that didn't quite match up to its other versions, it'll qualify.

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For me it would be Moero Chronicles. It was released for Vita and do to the bumper scratch system in the game where you had the touch screen so having a pc port was an odd experience as you really can’t replicate the touch screen very well. 

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Star Control 1 - AMSTRAD Version


The 14 Races have been boiled down into just 8 and


Why is Vux on the title screen?

Why are Mycon an Alliance Race?

Why is the 2nd most expensive Alliance ship now the Cheapest?

It's actually kind of entertaining trying to justifying the Chenjesu/Earthling/Mycon/Yehat vs Ur-Quan/Ilwrath/Androsynth/Umgah as a early-war conflict.

Other Weirdness

Earthling is OP beccause unlike the final game, it's pointdefense has no cooldown or energy cost.

Androsynth is hilarisouly bad, because when it impacts in comet mode it does 1 damage, is forcibly frozen in place, and does "super knockback" to the opponet. 

Ilwrath and Umgah are GODS because unlike in the final game or SC2, nothing can shoot through them (and speed is standarized for all ships) so they finally live up to their vacuum cleaner of death reputation.

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Mortal Kombat Advance. It was included in the ziploc bag of game cartridges my big bro randomly came home with. Hope he didn't steal them, because the majority weren't worth stealing. GBA had a lot of bad ports of 90s games that gave me a skewed perception of them. I didn't understand why people like Earthworm Jim for instance until I happened upon streams of the Genesis and SNES versions by chance. The GBA port looks and sounds like garbage by comparison, and is buggy to boot. It was the same for mortal kombat - I didn't have the opportunity to go to local arcades, and game magazines which were generally built around promoting and marketing console games had nothing nice to say about Mortal Kombat ever until the 3D era. Thankfully the modern era of Youtube has resurfaced my pain, assuring me that my memories aren't just false. That video actually arrives at the conclusion that the presenation is the high point for MKA. That is just sad. 

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