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Weapons and Forging

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I know it has only been a day since the game has dropped for most of us however I was wondering if anyone has any idea about the weapon and forging mechanics in the game. 

I'm assuming 5-star weapons are the best of their type and maxing out their mt/durability is the way to go however I'm confused in regard to the restoring weapon function and also the attribute system. Can I remove these attributes from weapons like I can in other nintendo warriors games or are they permanent? I've been looking at the in-game tutorials but they just confuse me more lol.

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When you reforge a weapon it increases the stars of it. I have seen you can get to /21 so I think you might have a hard cap of either /49 or /50 for a cap of +98/100 to your weapon.

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3 hours ago, Randomman2021 said:

Ok, but how to remove those attributes? Like, I've looked through every part, but still couldn't find an option for that... is it just really not possible to remove attributes?

No. You have to find a weapon with the right attributes to build on. (All the special weapons have set, unique attributes that you can unlock late into the game).

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