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A member/spriter named Ragnarok

Crimson Red

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Many, many years ago a hack was made, it ended up being called The Last Promise. A spriter named Ragnarok worked on it, I only have good memories of him, he was nice, did great work, and I'd really like to talk to him. He might've also gone by "Rag"? it's been eons and my memory's not good so I can't really remember 😞

Unfortunately, I don't know how to contact them, because I used to do so via YouTube and don't remember any other way to contact them. I tried searching the members here, but none of them gave any suggestion to me that they were him. He could've changed names, no idea.

Ragnarok, if you see this, please contact me! And if anyone knows how to contact him, please tell me. It's been years and it's bothered me for quite a long time that I don't know of any way to reach him now.

Thank you.

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