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Fire Emblem Warriors: Engage

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I thought it would be fun to theorycraft a revised Warriors 2 concept based on the ideas in Engage. This would essentially be a "greatest hits" of FEW1 and 3 Hopes, along with highly demanded characters from across the franchise, with mechanics and story beats inspired by Engage.



The opening of an outrealm portal in Elyos caused the barrier between worlds to weaken. Alear and a cadre of their closest allies cross the portal into the lands of Fire Emblem games past to seal the portals from the other side. But they will need to rely on legendary heroes from other worlds again, because (in a massive twist of irony) it turns out that the denizens of Elyos become Emblems in other worlds, and they've been scattered across the realms. Alear's ring ends up in Archanea and is found by Marth, beginning their journey.



Emblems - replaces the Rage/Awakening meter and Pair Up. While Synced, your Emblem will perform chain attacks with you, much like adjutants in 3 Hopes, and will also grant you skills. When your Engage meter is full, Engage to become supercharged with additional skills for a duration, and your Musou attack will be replaced with an Engage Attack.

Style Swap - Reclassing has been removed. Instead, every character possesses two movesets. These can either be mounted/dismounted, fighting style changes, or a combination of weapon movesets. For example, Ike possesses both Sword and Axe Hero movesets. Marth possesses both Lord and Swordmaster movesets. Lyn possesses both Swordmaster and Bow Knight movesets. And so on.

Personal, Support, and Tactical skills unique to every character, just as in 3 Hopes.

World Map - the world map has been redesigned. It will work like the Engage world map with your character walking between stages, and taking the portal to different World Maps based on Tellius, Elibe, and more. Go off the beaten path to play Paralogues. And Skirmishes will appear on cleared stages to replay them with new combinations of foes, scaled to your level, and even changed objectives. You can swap maps to reset Skirmishes.

War Camp - Every world map has its own war camp where you can socialize with allies, gear up, and train. Services will be unlocked and upgraded by donating resources and gold to that world.


Emblem Rings

Alear - Emblem of Fire - functions similarly to Emblem Corrin in Engage.

Veyle - Emblem of Redemption - functions similarly to Emblem Tiki.

Clanne & Framme - Emblem of the Twin Stewards - functions similarly to Emblem Eirika & Ephraim.

Alfred - Emblem of Building - functions similarly to Emblem Sigurd.

Celine - Emblem of Flowers - functions similarly to Emblem Celica.

Diamante - Emblem of Burning - functions similarly to Emblem Roy.

Alcryst - Emblem of Support - functions similarly to Emblem Lucina

Ivy - Emblem of Faith - functions similarly to Emblem Camilla

Hortensia - Emblem of Rebellion - functions similarly to Emblem Micaiah

Timerra - Emblem of Jubilation - functions similarly to Emblem Ike

Fogado - Emblem of Freedom - functions similarly to Emblem Lyn


DLC Rings

Kirin - Emblem of Legacy - functions similarly to Emblem Byleth

Alphonse - Emblem of Courage - functions similarly to Emblem Marth

Sharena - Emblem of Friendship - a speedy lancer Emblem that supports adjacent allies.

Anna - Emblem of Many - functions similarly to Emblem Leif

Veronica - Emblem of Heroes - functions as she does in Engage.


Playable Roster

1. Marth

2. Caeda

3. Minerva

4. Tiki

5. Camus

6. Navarre

7. Linde

8. Alm

9. Celica

10. Sigurd

11. Leif

12. Lewyn

13. Reinhardt

14. Roy

15. Lilina

16. Elphin

17. Hector

18. Lyn

19. Jaffar

20. Eirika

21. Ephraim

22. Innes

23. L'Arachel

24. Ike

25. Elincia

26. Soren

27. Titania

28. Micaiah

29. Sothe

30. Lethe

31. Naesala

32. Chrom

33. Lucina

34. Robin

35. Frederick

36. Lissa

37. Ryoma

38. Xander

39. Camilla

40. Hinoka

41. Leo

42. Takumi

43. Edelgard

44. Hubert

45. Dimitri

46. Dedue

47. Claude

48. Hilda

49. Corrin

50. Byleth

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Don't get me wrong, I loved Three Hopes, but I do hope the next Warriors game lets us play as old characters. That was my favorite part of Warriors, was the mix match character list. 

Plus they can add Leif and the others now that American fans know them better.

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I think Engage would legitimately be a better Warriors game than a regular Fire Emblem (though I don’t like engage in general). Even the story sounds almost like Hyrule Warriors 1.


Ever since my first Warriors game- SamWar2, Empires- I’ve wanted to play Ephraim as a warrior. Please give me that opportunity was cheated in the first one and he didn’t even get to speak in Engage.


I’d say give 2-3 people from each universe, plus like one or two from each Elyos nation.


Since they already have models it shouldn’t be (as) hard, and a lot of move sets could be shared, even if I don’t like that, to help the bloated roster.

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