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Awakening is 10 Years Old!


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Thank you for making all of us feel old.

I think of Awakening today the same way I thought of it when I first played it: it's slightly-above average if a bit bland on its own, but works very well as a "Fire Emblem Greatest Hits". It was going to be the last Fire Emblem game if it didn't sell and, aware that it could be the last game, the dev team tossed out the stranger ideas they had come up with and decided to make a game that would be a "Fire Emblem Greatest Hits", and they succeeded in that regard.

It's not the best Fire Emblem game (Path of Radiance), but it's definitely not the worst (Fates). It's in-the-middle when considering it solely on its own and not as a celebration of the series as a whole up to that point, and I can respect that.

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Wooooow, happy tenth birthday!

Time has run so fast.

This also means happy tenth birthday to my 3DS since I own the Awakening edition.



It has taken the one or other scratch and lost the circle pad, but it still works!

Logically Awakening was my first 3DS game, and - despite not being my favourite Fire Emblem game - I had a fun time.

Again happy birthday! 🙂

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Man, time flies. 

While Awakening is my favourite FE game, as it introduced me to this series, I am not afraid to admit other games do certain aspects better (mainly the plot). While fun to break with Pair-Up, I turn to other games when I want a challenge. 

Happy birthday Awakening, thanks for making me a FE fan.

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Awakening is my favorite game, overtaking Sacred Stones (although it has some competition with Blazing Sword these days), and the game I've spent the most amount of time playing. I played it every day for a year straight when I first got it, and it reminded me of the love I had for the series after Shadow Dragon turned me off when that game came out. There was a time in my life where all I had was my 3DS and about five games, and I'd alternate between runs of Awakening and Revelation. I love it. 

Nowadays I don't play it much due to the fact that after 900+ hours, I'm pretty burnt out on the game - and my 3DS can't hold a charge for longer than 10 minutes without needing to be plugged in - but I'm almost ready to start a playthrough of the Project Thabes version of the game and see what's there. 

Now if only the Project Thabes version would let Lissa and Priam marry so that Owain can claim he descended from the Radiant Hero. It'd be great!

EDIT: I have found out that Lissa and Priam can indeed marry in Project Thabes, according to its support document. Let the ships sail!

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