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So just imagine any character you want getting into a future Fire Emblem Warriors game, with a kit akin to those of Three Hopes. 


Moveset - Describe their kit in broad strokes, alternatively which existing moveset they utilize.

Unique Action

Unique Tactical

Unique Support

Personal Weapon skills

Any notable learned skills you feel like mentioning


So I'll start things off with the long overdue Radiant Hero, Ike.


Moveset - A modified, heavy version of Chrom's moveset from the original Warriors. The Aether attack is notably massively buffed and multi-hit. 


Weapon - Ragnell - Like the Master Sword in Age of Calamity, this fires shockwaves on all attacks, though it triggers at below 33% health. It also comes with innate armorslayer.


Musou - Great Aether - A massive multi-hit aerial attack culminating in a ground slam that sends foes flying and ruptures the earth.


Unique Action - Biorhythm - Ike's stats will fluctuate from normal to 25% higher, to 50% higher, then back down to 25%  normal, and so on. Fluctuations happen every minute.


Unique Support - Laguz Friend - Ike gains increased stats while near a Laguz or other Beast/Dragon ally.


Unique Tactical - Mercenary's Strength - When ordered to seize, deal 30% more damage.


Notable - Ike's learned skills would contain Sol, Luna, and Wrath. 


Outfits - Ranger, Lord, Vanguard, Greil/Brave


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I intially wanted to branch out and cover characters from games I haven't played....and decided that I don't know what to do.

So, decided to go with the Awakening conqueror who would have been an alright "Lu Bu-esque" enemy. Emperor Walhart of Valm.


Moveset: Plays similar to a buffed up Great Knight (both Frederick/Three Hopes). However, some of his charges will have him use different weapons. Like Sol as his C2 or a Spear thrown as his C4.

Exclusive WeaponWolf Berg - Massively increases the range of Walhart's attack.

Musou: Valm's Glory - With Wolf Berg in one hand, and Sol (Sword) in another, Walhart slowly moves forward on his horse. He does two wide slashes, first with Sol lifting the enemy and another with Wolf Berg. He then thrust with Sol before charging up Wolf Berg for a massive throw into the ground, rupturing it.

Unique Action: Dominance - Attacking fills the Unique Ability Gauge. When the gauge is full, press ZR to temporarily buff Walhart's attacks, allowing him to ignore any weapon effectiveness against him.

Unique Support: Overpower - When HP is at 60%/70%/80% or below: has a 60%/70%/80% chance to break the enemy's guard with any attack.

Unique Tactical: Subjugation - When ordered to seize: reduces damage received from enemies by 30%.


  • Conqueror, his unique class, will have his exclusive Conquest skill. Negates the users' armor and beast weakness.
  • Everytime he uses Sol in one of his charge attacks or when it appears in his musou. He has a chance to recover HP based on the Sol skill.

Outfits: Alm's Overlord colors, Risen zombie form (alas Chrom's Risen King).

Trying to find the right balance was difficult, I accidently gave him a another Awakening gauge with his Unique Action so I tried to make it a bit more defensive although it is still a buff button. I have no idea for Unique Support, just anything that would allow him to break through guards was the idea.

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