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[Release] Fire Editor Awakening - A new save editor for Fire Emblem Awakening


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Fire Emblem Awakening has had a couple of save editors over the years. I recently made a new save editor for this game, with many more features and quality of life changes than the original Fire Editor. This new save editor supports:

  • Editing save files from any region and modded save files.
  • Editing Chapter and Map save files.
  • Editing unit data, including enemy units.
  • Importing and exporting units between save files (including avatars, that are region-locked).
  • Editing the convoy items.
  • Editing the chapter difficulty and other records.
  • Unlocking and replaying any chapter or paralogue.
  • And unlocking SpotPass content

There is no need to use FEAST to decompress the save files anymore. Regarding the units, it supports editing most of the unit structure, including new features like editing supports, avatar/logbook data, parent data, items and flags. If you load a Map save file, it is also possible to recruit enemy units, or even make your own units fight on the enemy side. Have fun messing with the game!

For any bug report or questions, please join the Discord: https://discord.gg/ZqtwepC
(Or ask them here!)

Get the latest release: https://github.com/Dani88alv/fire-editor-awakening


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1 hour ago, Drakensberg said:

Hey I know this is dumb but I'm confused by this instruction "Run Fire-Editor-Awakening.jar from the Releases page" Lol where do I find the releases page?

Open up the github page, go to the "Releases" tab on the right, then when you're on the Releases page, scroll down to Assets to find the .jar file.

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This is fantastic! I utilized it to address one of my major annoyances in Fire Emblem history. The Marth obtained from the DLC is labeled as "Pr. Marth" when it really should just be "Marth." He should have had Rightful King like the Bonus Box King Marth. Now if only someone could mod out the other two Marths. Frankly, having three Marths and Lucina is excessive!

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