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  1. Last half of CH7. The game finally decided to throw everything on my face: Sapphirl Tower Forced Encounter / Monster Chests: Enforcer VII Luciola The Bewitching Bell: Amberl Altered Space Monster Chest Enforcer XV Renne The Angel of Slaughter & Pater Mater:
  2. Chapter 7 is here, with some interesting encounters to boot: Esmelas Altered Space Monster Chest: Enforcer X, Beaublac The Phantom Thief : Carnelia Altered Space Monster Chests: Enforcer VIII, Walter The Direwolf:
  3. Done with CH6. I promise CH7 will be exciting: Enhanced Jaegers (Silver Thorns method): The Glorious Monster Chest: Pale Apache: Brace yourselves, we're going full throttle here
  4. Alright, here we go: Secret Laboratory Forced Encounter: Grant, Carna & Anelance: Secret Laboratory Monster Chests: Doppelgangers: Again: I suggest popping these videos on youtube since I put in the description what's happening or why I choose certain party members
  5. Side-quests/Monster chest before CH6 kicks in: Nebel Valley & Amberl Tower Chest Monsters: Fate Spinner: Mine Invasion (Secret Sidequest): Stay sharp: We're going incognito
  6. Chapter 5 done. I'm surprised how fast I'm blow away this one: Rage Fang Ghost Epitaph Octobone Ragnard The Ancient Special mention to the last battle which I suggest to read the description to know what is happening...OR you could just see this image that encapsulate the whole deal with the respect it deserves:
  7. Finally back. After dealing with some issues (Frigging Tita I swear to god) I got all Ch4 out (Schera's route was my choice since it means Agate won't slug out in terms of levels a while longer and I need to focus on certain character). Alraunes: Zaqqum & Jubboko: Wisdoms: Giantfoot: Death Speculars & Picorns: Moukis & Pals: Milch Main Road & Rolent Sewers Monster Chests: Esmelas Robbers Trappers Chest: Thunder Quake:
  8. Okay everyone, normally I would just publish everything at once but this fight deserve a special mention: Optional: The Black Fang VS Vander I took my time to explain in detail why I didn't immediately got blown away in the description of this one. The rest of this chapter comes this weekend
  9. Ohhh, I wont tell Grancel Chest Monsters Agate: Schera: Mad Trees Agate: Schera: Gundolls Agate: Schera: Flame Velgrs Agate: Schera: BTW, we have finally reach the point where the routes converge, so if you wanna vote which route should be cannon, it's now or never. Agate's route: + He's a physical bruiser who can delete anything with the right setup + Can delay someone's turn, bypass defense and interrupt arts with some of his crafts + unlike most of the party doesn't need a lot in terms of quartz to work - Next chapter Schera will be forced in the party by taking his slot - If the enemy resist/repel physical damage, he's a sitting duck - We're expending a lot of sepith since Schera comes with all her slots at lvl 1 Schera's route: + She can play the elemental game (very important since the party is weaker than usual), move forward everyone's turn and interrupt enemy arts if needed + Next chapter she will be mandatory, meaning I don't need to plan ahead that much + Her orbment is on part with other casters, meaning I won't need to grind sepith as much later on - If the resist/reflect arts she won't be doing a lot outside of her S-crafts - Agate can secure a lot of kills with his S-craft while she's limited with a single target - Later on, she will be bench unless the story/rules demands her presence
  10. I had to repeat that battle THIRTY times between both versions before be done with it. Half of those attempts were me trying to not get an instant game over by losing the NPC as soon as the darn thing took an action. the other half was me screaming to my computer screen because it managed to land confusion on the one party member I needed to not get confused and everything spiraled out of control. So yeah....I hope it burn in hell (at least until the game toss me at it once again on a later chapter)
  11. Finally done with the boss rush Grancel Heist Agate: Schera: It has been a long while since anyone spoke here so I must ask: Are you enjoying this challenge?
  12. Going straight into finish CH3 since most optional stuff can be deal with after defeating the boss rush: Cronociders Agate: Schera: Cryon's Battle (The Missing Potrait sidequest) Port Seekers I will try to get to the end of CH3 before midnight but I don't make promises since shit finally started to hit the fan in terms of what I can do to avoid getting destroyed by the lvl difference
  13. Final sidequest before movng to Grancel and I just have one thing to say... I.REALLY.HATE.PENGUINS!!! Divine Penguin & Pals Agate: Schera:
  14. Finally done with CH2: Sky Sheep Ambush: Agate: Schera: Abyss Worms & Parasite Primas: Agate: Schera:
  15. And now...explanation time: I lied up there, there's another quest I must deal with and is quite the ordeal. Orbal Gun Testing is a quest in which we must fight 15 battle with Olivier at Tratt Plains in order to archieve max BP. The problem is we're gaining unwanted exp because of it After pondering this issue the whole week I decided this: the munchers can be fought all alone on the field and grant the least exp of the enemies found there (sadly Trails boost the exp gains if you're underleved but there's nothing I can do about that one). The results were as follow: I think this is the last time I got to deal with this kind of quests, so let's get ready for some A+ grade BS next time
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