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  1. Continuing with the pain train that is The 3rd's Lategame: The Looking Glass Forced Battle: Grant: Carna: Kurt: The Second Guardian:
  2. Chapter 6 it's finally here and before getting into it, first I must show these if only because I'm being quite lazy this year: The Status: Now, here's the main event: Chapter 6 Forced Battles: The Ravens Redux 2.0 - Revengeance: The First Guardian:
  3. Finally done with Chapter 5. This one was quite the issue (And by that I mean I was getting my ass handed to me a whole weekend) Fifth Plane Forced Battle The Arachne Sisters & Arachne Zigma
  4. Chapter 4 it's right out of the furnace: Le Locle Forced Battle Doppel Anelance Saint Crox Forest Forced Rescue Doppel Scherazard Doppel Agate Astarte
  5. Chapter 3 is done, and ohh boy the game is not joking around with the hate against me: Golden & Silver Road Forced Battles Doppel Ries Doppel Kevin:
  6. Hey there everyone!!! A long time ago I said I would eventually cover all the games of The Legend of Heroes VI and dammit I'm not quitting on this one so here we go: I'm done all the way up to chapter 2 and I'm upload Ch3's bosses and stuff, get ready because this one I'm pretty sure will break my knees at some point.
  7. Hey, a game I'm quite familiar with. You're still taking names? I call dibs on the leper, since Gawain was my best damage dealer back when I didn't know deep the rabbit hole goes. BTW, you're doing this on Darkest difficulty I assume?
  8. To put it quite bluntly: SUPER THRACIA LOVING HATES YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR. If you made past CH7 I'm amazed you haven't get it yet XD
  9. I wanna be on it (especially since I got a whole LP which I left just before the final chapter, but I don't have the strength to suffer through the whole deal since I lost my save).
  10. *A patch with a menu translation from the hellish game I decided to LP long ago* OHH SH*T, HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!
  11. OK EVERYONE, VERSION 2.0 IS OUT Do take note however, that this is just Part I of the whole package since in order to fully ensure the whole game doesn't become a slugfest I need to balance CH4 and CH5 apart in order to upgrade exp gains and enemy bases
  12. My fault there: I didn't exactly put it quite clearly in the initial post (will do now) Speaking of this: I'm didnt put it on "complete" because I tried to learn how to edit portraits in order to improve them but other than that, it's playable. Although, If you're willing to wait I'm actually playing once again and tweaking everything to balance stuff around (for example, since everyone just default to easy mode, I decided to just bump the exp gains to a middle ground and also completely change the bases of all classes so things like Luka destroying CH1 with an early promotion while being arguably better than Force since that 16 base strength as armor is just ludicrous )
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