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    fire emblem more like weeb emblem amirite fellas? xd

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    who uses skype loOOOOOL

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    Cooking, Playing games with a group of people, Sleeping, Eating and Soup.
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  1. i never even used her before, i honestly just let her die after she recruits gatrie. the only reason to save her is because of her knight ward rip
  2. i'm glad i'm not the only one who also got oscar-screwed, if he turns out badly switch to kieran. he's the literal chad of axe users. have fun trying to save astrid LOOOOOL
  3. bruh i goto sleep and work and there's 4 new pages to catch up on.
  4. he gets doubled by people or doubles people? either way rolf is not viable in hard mode, way too long to train him up and mia is a better option anyways. marcia also joins that chapter and she turns into an amazing flyer as well. stop worrying about the little boy and get the girls lmao
  5. wait bro he hasn't played FE9? sin against humanity, needs to be sent into the shadow realm smh
  6. ah lmao thought they were one of those 3DS era fanboys that talk shit about the older games and say they're bad because they don't have the modern mechanics. i never played 3H before rip
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