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  1. I think part of the reason they did that was to even out the evil and good characters more- I believe original BG2 has 7 good party members and only 3 evil ones. The unfortunate side effect of trying to kill two birds with one stone (alignment and sexuality imbalance) was that all the gay romance options are evil.
  2. So people are rumoring Joe Flacco to the Jags (although mostly just La Canfora who is wrong most of the time). I really don't like this idea, they've been pretty much the same statistically the past two years or so, except Flacco is older and more injury prone. Ravens also probably wouldn't have any interest in Bortles, so we'd have to pay both which we really don't have the cap space for atm. It reminds me of when people kept saying we'd get Eli Manning the past few offseasons. Yeah we have a QB problem, but the solution is not QBs playing at a below average level nearing retirement.
  3. Well at least this season is over. I can't fully blame the offense for looking like shit, you can't expect much when you line up a 4th string tackle against JJ Watt with a 3rd string tackle on the other side. The Steelers could probably do better coaching wise than Tomlin, but they could also do significantly worse and I wouldn't expect drastic moves based on how their ownership has acted in the past. The team looks to be heading towards decline soon regardless as Big Ben's retirement looms.
  4. Our defense looked like Swiss Cheese against a previously pretty shitty Cowboys offense and our offense predictably sucked as usual. We're still tied for the division lead but damn we gotta turn it around.
  5. I had a lot more fun watching the Bills win than whatever the Jaguars were doing this week at least.
  6. I don't necessarily disagree with the notion that the Steelers should move on from Tomlin if this season goes poorly enough. Andy Reid was a great coach for the Eagles, but I don't think it was in their best interest to keep him on indefinitely for a similar example (Reid>Tomlin IMO but close enough). However, I think their problems extend beyond coaching. Their defense is pretty bad and probably just isn't as talented as some Steelers fans think it is, coaching aside. Ben is getting older and his retirement is probably 1-2 years away, if not at the end of this season. There's also the whole Le'veon Bell mess. The franchise has an inevitable rebuilding process ahead and maybe a fresh face is the better option for that.
  7. As loath as I am to admit, the Titans are pretty good. I think a lot of people (including myself) are waiting for some more decisive victories though, as discussed previously in this thread winning by a small margin every game is generally not sustainable. Nice win over the Jets this week, Chiefs should be an interesting matchup. How often do we have a big AFC game that doesn't involve the Pats or Steelers?
  8. True, I don't think the Patriots defense is that strong of a unit overall. But they still made the Super Bowl which I would prefer not to see happen again. Also first win for the Browns in over a year! Good for them, it was getting sad.
  9. It was nice to finally beat Tom Brady and the fucking Patriots for once, and fairly decisively at that. But I will note that this is pretty common for the Patriots, the Chiefs had a great game against them in the opener last year and look what happened.
  10. A whole year without a win, play your most hated rival week 1 the next season and...tie? I think as a Browns fan I would be confused.
  11. Well that wasn't pretty, but I'll take it. Defense still looks great outside of allowing that big run, but the offense needs work across the board. I really hope we have Fournette back next week we can't punt seven straight times against the Pats.
  12. I think the Texans do have some solid reasons to expect a return to relevance with Watson and their defensive starters coming back+ some good additions in the secondary. They have a lot of questions though- is Watson as good as he looked in that 6 game stretch, will JJ Watt be able to return to top performance after so many injuries, will their O-line hold up etc. I don't think the Colts will be very good even if Luck comes back 100%, I just don't think they have the roster pieces right now. Not a position for the Jaguars I'm used to- on paper we're a top contender with pretty much the same team from last year. Some overall improvements on offense while only losing some rotational players on defense. Nothing is certain, but Pythagorean wins(11.9) suggest the Jags were not a flash in the pan. We had good injury luck on defense last year though.
  13. Awesome to have you back, will be interesting to see what you come up with.
  14. Still in with all four PCs.
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