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  1. Received new joycons yesterday. They're splendid for made by third party. Finally I can play Super Mario 64 for real. Made a bit more progress. Beaten second Bowser and having 40 stars right now; means halfday done in regular story. I won't be able to get all 120 stars since there a few which are incredibly hard to get without good precession like eight red coins in Dire Dire Docks. I guess I'm the only one who dislike the water stages. The music is good, but the controls are awkward. Jumping on the sea monster from the water in the Hazy Maze was painful as glitchy.
  2. Reading Sakura makes me smile for just having started with the Sakura Wars series. If I hadn't played Project X Zone, I never would have heared of it. This says how popular she is for me...... not that I would mind having her in Smash since I love the Sakura Wars series.
  3. Final chapter is a good test how to use supports, special tiles and dragons efficiently against Ashera's five authority stars. Anyways you have Caineghis, right? He can oneround an inside aura with one red dragon and Nasir next to him. He also can take a hit by Ashera as Nasir can. You have to worry about Ena and Gareth, but at least until turn two you can easily destroy two inside auras with this strategy (even four by using a heron and using take and drop on them after dancing).
  4. Yeah, must be it because he already would have 48 HP fixed after promotion.
  5. How can Ike have 46 HP at the endgame? Did you do a non Ike run? What units did you bring and which weapons did you bless. (screenshots of the units would be best) I could give you a strategy then.
  6. Good morning from a 5* hotel. I literally slept like a king in an overlarge bed. Nah, to be serious, having internet and decent food are the only things I need. ;> Thankfully I don't have to wear a mask whilst the meetings, so one heavy burden was taken off from me. I must check out the Atlus sale for 3DS when I am back home. Maybe some other games like SMTIV Apocalypse are on sale too. Devil Survivor 2 is still my favorite 3DS game. I would like to get a copy of 1 because the hard copy I owned, was buggy, so had to sell it.
  7. Started next round earlier since I have internet outside against my expectations. Can't update the table though. Finn, Kiria, Tiki and Lachesis won. Round 2 has started.
  8. I'll head off for business trip. The more than five hours travel will be pain for sure, especially by wearing a mask. I just can hope that I don't have to wear one for the meeting. Otherwise it would have been twelve hours which would be unbearable due to my asthma. I have zero desire for this. Even free food can't save it.
  9. Noticed polls were missing when people already voted meanwhile, so please vote again for the others!
  10. New round is up. I made a mistake with closing date of former poll, but I closed it since there have been 20 votes anyways. Current round will last for 48 hours since I won't be able to update tomorrow.
  11. Decided to restart Tokyo Mirage Sessions since it's actually a Shin Megami Tensei I totally forgot. The first boss on easy was by far scarier than the first boss in Persona 5 on normal. Though I rather should compare it to a regular Shin Megami Tensei games which tend to be way harder; at least SMTIV was really hard. Enemies in TMS deal real damage, even on lowest difficulty. Won't be an easy project likely.
  12. New round is up. Had to short up the voting time period below 24 hours because tomorrow early morning would be the only chance for me to update before I'll be off for three days.
  13. Are there any games recommendable which are a cross of RPG and visual novel? Sakura Wars really caught my interest in this genre. Even if a part of the game might be called a "dating simulator", all the characters and dialogues are extremely well written. They can be heartwarming, sad but also cause me some laughs. The gameplay is superfun. It's not even that much of a RPG but rather an action game, maybe a bit similar to Tokyo Xanadu even with platforming elements where masses of enemies have to be destroyed. I don't know if it can be compared with Fire Emblem Warriors since I have no experience with Warriors. Though for someone who has not played these genres, this game is surprisingly fun. I'm really glad that I played Project X Zone because otherwise I never would have been introduced into this series. Unfortunately only one part has made it for the west yet, but still it happened, so there is a good chance to see more releases of this series outside of Japan in the future.
  14. I wouldn't weigh Gheb's lines on a good scale. After all he still has duty to defend Grado and his words are rather empty words just scare Tana. It's not an uncommon rhetoric strategy how to deal with imprisoners.
  15. I accidently deleted the tags. I didn't know it's possible to do aside in the OP. If someone told me the tags, I would add them back.
  16. Flame Lance racist and Rajaion's dinner Petrine has her voiceactor.
  17. I just noticed that Sae Nijima made it in the Fire Emblem gacha as dinner for Rajaion. It should. If not, then my console would be defective......... which would be.............. REALLY BAD.
  18. It is the case in the hack, but not in the original game he is from. I find Gheb an actual decent villain in FE8 because authentic. And I even one of the very few people who enjoyed GhebFE to some extent, more than most of the latest main parts.
  19. I decided to buy a new joycon since I saw one by third party with excellent ratings on Amazon for 32 €. Since I don't know how long my Switch will be absent and if the repair will be free, I took this "conservative" solution. Just received the notification that the conviction will take place on next weekend against all my expectations. I'm really lucky because I accidently deleted the mail with the tickets, but since new tickets were displayed, I still could visit it.........if I decide to do it. The pandemy robbed all my interest, but I paid 40 € for two days, so I should visit it for one day at least. Maybe I can grab some accesoires and figures there. I still need more Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei in my room.
  20. Contacted Nintendo. They say it looks like the known drift issue. I shall send both joycons to let them check, if it's the case, they would send me a new replacement. Problem: It might take multiple weeks. I don't know if I really should do it...
  21. General question: Is it wished that votes may be switched, or not? I was asked that switching votes should not be permitted. Though the problem is to prove someone's changing their vote. People have to check out it over and over, and I don't really have the time to do it. I can add this rule to the OP, but it's up to you to check any irregularities. Of course if you see one, you can notify me and I will take the accurate measures.
  22. I mean it doesn't bother me, if people switch their vote(s). My vote to abstention already means that I (dis)like both people equally. So if there's a chance for a tie, then I would take the opportunity what I did (wanted to do since I resetted my switch). If it's requested, I can ask people to keep their vote (or vote very close to the end), but I can't keep controlling all the votes since I'm not here all the time. If people care so much about it, they must do it on their own. Of course if they see irregularities, they can inform me and I will react. But that's the only one thing I can do
  23. How to do it? How to check out if someone switched votes without taking screenshots of all the voters over and over? Anyways I have taken back my switch to Sephiran and kept my abstention not to "manipulate" the result; means Sephiran is out.
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