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  1. Meruru sounds fun then. Will get the Dusk triology sometime in the future anyways. Tales of Xillia 2 was my first JRPG which included elements of an economic simulation, and this was something I really enjoyed.
  2. Population in Atelier!? Is this series meant to be an economic / life simulation partially? If so, that would be cool. I love games like The Sims.
  3. Voted for Leif today. Tomorrow will be Lysithea. After that I do not know yet.
  4. Super Mario Kart was played at work last year. The controls were so awkward for me, considering I have not touched a Super Nintendo controller in the past 20 years. All my workmates beat me.
  5. This thread reminds me how much I want and need a Lysithea plush. Please, make it happen!
  6. Rosalina

    Jeritza Plush

    It is cute, and not even that expensive.
  7. Aww, poor Largo You will never do a successful attack in time thanks to your inertia. I remember in my first Abyss playthrough in the fight against the Three God Generals, Natalia solo'd Arietta and him without issues because I did not know how to use life battles on the others. It was one of my most hilarious moments in videogaming.
  8. aha That means someone could become statscrewed. I saw screenshots of demons gaining stats everywhere, so that's why I was curious about.
  9. Most would agree. Anyways are level ups of the characters and demons fixed or luckbased in this game? Is it a patched version or regular FE6? If I ever would do such a thing, then only playing the redux hack since Gonzales is very usable there.
  10. Honestly I would recommend to train Hilda in bows instead of lances to give her +20 hit in sniper class (or which class gives this skill). This how I used mine. Fighter -> archer -> sniper -> wyvern knight -> wyvern lord Same I did with Edelgard.
  11. Randy Dandy Orlando is the best! When I saw him in the intro reading a playboy magazine, I knew already he'd be hilarious. Also Tokyo Mirage Session is fun so far. The opening question, if Tsubasa shall wear glasses, confused me.
  12. Dancer Marianne was the way to beat her paralogue in maddening because she had the speed to dodge and not to get doubled.
  13. Grabbed 20 orbs together to do another attempt on the FE4 banner (with resetted pityrate) because I wanted Shanan. First circle gave me only blue and colourless (got Robin). Second one gave me each red and green. Red gave me Shanan and green another Sety. SICK LUCK once more
  14. I do not know, but somehow I feel like I am shopaholic. Overall I invested more than 1500 € in games and consoles, a few of them were just a waste like my PSP. I have bought tons of games (for a realitive low price) in the past year, but I have not really played very most of them. By having a job and some others private duties I have not really the time and motivation to play them all. I really should being patient and work on my backlog list instead of making "random" buys just because a potential interesting game is on sale. The only upcoming games I definitely should and will buy are Xenoblade 1, Tales of Arise and Trails of Cold Steel III for Switch.
  15. This is truly great stuff. Never ever seen similar like that of this game.
  16. Amazon offers three games of a little selection for 111 € overall till 19th January. Among others: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Super Smash Bros Ultimate Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Pokémon Sword and Shield Dragon Quest Builders Ni No Kuni 1 and some more popular titles Since TMS costs about 60 €, it would a really good deal to get two games for a lower price in total.
  17. Interesting deal on Amazon for people who are interested in Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem. Purchased this, Ni No Kuni 1 and Mario Maker for 111 €.
  18. Which FE game is good to ironman? I watched someone's (failed) FE5 run which made me want to do one. I think FE5 is not a good start, though, due to its special hitrates. Aside of the Archanea games, Valentia and vanilla FE6 I could play any FE game.
  19. 30 is the amount of € I had to spend for both Tellius games each.
  20. Favors my most precious videogame in existence.
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