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  1. Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked before, but one of my friends connected to MyCastle and said he left me an accessory. I checked my inbox and I don't have anything, no feedback, accessories, nothing. All it says is "No data". I updated my game multiple times and checked to see if my Spotpass/Streetpass/etc were all activated and they all are. Has this happened to anyone else here or am I just missing something really silly? Edit: I think I figured it out! Just put your 3DS to sleep then the next day it SHOULD update itself. It might not do it right away but once the game alerts you to having new data, just Update from the crystal ball and then check your inbox, it SHOULD work then.
  2. In Awakening: FeMU with Chrom, ended up choosing him over Frederick cause he was more present in the story. MaMU with Emmeryn cause I think she's adorable and wanted to see how she played out since I never really touch the units with Avatar only supports. In Fates: ...I can't decide, I'm on the fence with Jakob, Silas, and Kaze so far. I'm slowly opening their supports and seeing how they are, otherwise I'll just pick Jakob as the tie breaker. Usually when I pick a unit in my first playthrough it's for the most part a gut reaction rather than "how useful are they?" then playthroughs after that I try making super soldiers.
  3. I'm gonna do a bunch of schoolwork and try to clear up some time to play it, also try and finish Shin Megami Tensei IV on Chaos route Also this, I'm actually really excited over the FFXIV patch XD
  4. The order I'm gonna play them is Conquest --> Birthright --> Revelation. I'll start off on Normal/Casual, then Normal/Classic and just slowly work my way up so I have a feel for the game. :3
  5. I think that's why it stresses me out, no formal word on what's up with this preorder fiasco. Well my Gamestop hasn't called me to say I no longer have it preordered so the best I'm gonna assume is it's fine and just pay it off when I have the chance to go back up to the store, I only owe maybe ten bucks left on it. Regardless, thank you for emailing them and sharing it with us!
  6. So wait, since I ordered on 11/17 my copy should be fine, right? Just checking cause I said I was gonna go to the store but I still haven't been able to yet. I still have all my receipts for it so I know I ordered on the 17th of November...Guh this topic stresses me out, I don't want to lose the Special Edtion D:
  7. This only makes me wonder, do amiibos give you exclusive items too? I don't know if the bear hat is exclusive or not, I understand that if you don't have the amiibo you can't fight the amiibo, which I think I'm okay if I never get to do that, but I'll be a little peeved if I miss in-game items from it. As for names, I wonder why they chose Mozu? I mean in Awakening they could've easily just had us refer to Donnel as Donny but they didn't, so why shorten her name? Niles doesn't look like it fits but that's just from me calling him Zero the whole time, I'm sure I'll get used to it.=)
  8. I just checked my receipt, I ordered mine Nov 17th, a little bit after the direct I think. I have it for the most part paid off, maybe ten dollars left to throw at it. Thanks for the heads up, it's a little bit of a drive but I think I'll swing by Gamestop tomorrow and see how things are looking (and if good, I'll just pay it off and not worry about the darn thing).
  9. I thought they all sounded pretty good except Elise. Elise's doesn't match her at all, delivery and personality-wise, but I'm just basing her voice with how she looks and not story stuff (two more months, UGH! D: ) Only issue I could raise with Xander's is his delivery, I think his voice matches him. We'll see how it all turns out in a few months but I'm not worried. :)
  10. Thank you for sharing this stuff, I love when he draws the downtime characters! Yespls, I'd love to see Ryouma and Elise as well
  11. I'm looking forward to the gameplay, OST, MyCastle (so many things you can do compared to the Barracks!), online multiplayer, voice actors, and even the story. I've avoided knowing story for so long so I'm excited for going through all three of them completely blind.
  12. You're probably right, I'll admit I don't know much on how the Japanese fanbase takes them and am just rolling on what I hear here and there on this forum for the most part (heck wouldn't be able to find polls like this without you guys posting them!) and the fact that I'm shutting my eyes and ears on any sort of story spoilers. I dunno, I guess if I was given a character poll to vote in I wouldn't even vote for either Kamui since it's supposed to be "me". I think other characters are more interesting and deserve the vote way more than "me" but that's just how I roll with polls.
  13. Nice thank you for sharing! Only thing I find strange about this poll is how high the Avatar got, given how much I've been hearing about them. Otherwise I'm not surprised with the results (especially Leon, he dethroned Takumi O.o)
  14. I have yet to play Fates so I wouldn't know how the storyline or mechanics are in comparison. I've played Awakening though and I thought it was pretty fun for my first game in the series. I think that if you want a feel for how the 3DS games are going (cause seeing some gameplay, Fates does look like it operates like Awakening) then try out Awakening. It's just one game, unlike Fates where if you want to see all routes that's three, so if you don't like it you're not out on much money.
  15. My best friend since I was eight passed away about 3 months ago now. I completely agree with you on how much that sucks, and it hurts a lot to watch your pet, your family member, leave. What I ended up doing to cope during his illness was to spend time with him and let him know I loved him. Just doing little things like letting him sit on my lap while I worked, let him sleep next to me, and making sure he at least attempted to eat something every day. During and after his death I felt a little lost as to how to deal with it, so I ended up getting a book to help guide me through the healing process ("Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals" is what I got, you can take whatever you want from it and agree/disagree to points they make. I still found it helpful in guiding why I felt the way I did. It gives you meditation questions that you could do if you want also) but you don't have to get a book if you don't want to. I found talking about your friend to people you trust helps also and writing in a journal when you're feeling down. You could write about anything, it really helped organize how I felt. The most important of all, do what you think feels right. If you don't want a new pet right away, that's okay. If you do,that's fine too. Everyone deals with loss differently. I'm really sorry that you lost your dog, it really hurts to lose a pet.
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