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  1. It would be rather out of character for Tauroneo to say it, in my opinion. Regardless, found a vid of it and it’s still Ashnard saying the second line. It’s also interrupted by an elipses by Taur, which is just transcribed on the site as the beginning of the second piece of Ashnard dialogue. (Tauroneo convo is at 4:18)
  2. I think there’s a typo in the battle conversation between Ashnard and Tauroneo. It says, Ashnard: Is that you, Tauroneo? As I thought… You betrayed me after all. Tauroneo: …In my father’s time, there was a man who was one of the Four Steadfast Riders. That man grew old and useless, and retired from the front lines. How does his story end, you ask? Come, let us write it together. Im pretty sure the second person speaking should still be Ashnard. Not gonna lie, the conversation is cool enough to me that I’ve gone back to read it at least twice, and never thought to report it. Thanks.
  3. Que What the fuck what, did they decide that seeing a few Lebanese guys in traffic was too much or something?
  4. How hilariously short sighted And just because of Venezuelans? Seriously? When they're migrating across the whole damn continent? Lmao Whatever you say, tryhard
  5. You can't be serious ...I fuckin hate the bourgeois Is this @ yourself or someone else here or the entire site or what
  6. maybe but it's funnier if we say recently in related news stop fire emblem fans 2kEveryYear
  7. I made the mistake of looking at that comment thread and uh did he really go to Harvard?
  8. the dems have been known to screw over upstarts before tho, so who knows although she does a super easy district so hopefully that won't be an issue (unless people get complacent again lol)
  9. Maybe bold politicians tend to peter out pretty quickly though, Cory booker comes to mind on the other hand, she can probably maintain popularity solely by coasting on the fact that her existence makes conservatives very very angy
  10. You lived in sf? And ngl I had a moment for a second there and thought you meant like, an airport in Cali in Colombia for some reason
  11. Dear god can someone please stop Anglo-saxons
  12. Don't do this, you have so much to live for
  13. Welp, banner saga 2 is currently kicking my ass and resetting for different enemy layouts isn't helping I'm kinda frustrated
  14. It's almost as if Americans are uncultured or something but yeah my cousin said the dude was like "so how did you learn English?" like, super incredulously, and my cousin, who is usually not bothered by that sort of thing, got kind of offended, because the guy seemed to think that everybody in ecuador lived in huts or something
  15. ...they're just tryna do their jobs meng and at least they don't auto assume you're a terrorist or a drug runner or something damn pricks treated my cousin like a criminal when he visited us one time and another time one airport dude was shocked and confused upon learning that my cousin could speak English
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