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  1. As far as I can tell, I have the most recent version of Event Assembler. Edit: So apparently '_LOAD1' works, weird.
  2. Am i just being stupid or does Event Assembler not come with a command for loading units in FE8? The only tutorial I could find for FE8 eventing claims that it should be LOAD1, but that returns an error because that code apparently doesn't exist, and I've tried poking around in the EA standart library but found nothing(even the place where LOU1 is defined for FE 6 and 7 has no equivalent for FE8) I've been entertaining the idea of learning how to hack FE8, but eventing is pretty hard if you can't even load units on the map, and as far as I can find, nobody else seems to have had this problem, so, what gives?
  3. I thought of this too, but when I tried it at first it didn't work, but your response made me try again and, as it turns out, it does work if the ORG command is the first thing in the file. Thanks! I just don't know why none of the guides and tutorials and exemples I read mentioned it...
  4. I've been trying to insert a song to FE7 with event assembler, but I can't figure out how to make it work: Event Assembler doesn't even show an error when I run it at the end of the proccess, but when I try to open the rom the screen is just white. For the record what I did was place a midi over mid2agb, then take the resulting .s file and placing it over s2ea, then I opened Music Installer.event and added this: SongTable(8,Lussaria_Destiny,MapMusicGroup) #include "Lussaria_Destiny.event" and then I ran Event Assembler, which gave no errors. As far as I can tell, I followed all the instructions, but the resulting room doesn't start and is just a white screen.
  5. Project: Fire Emblem - The Blade's Legacy Format: FE7 Showing: Patch I'll send you the patch through a PM.
  6. So, is asking for the one week deadline extension still possible? My submission is like 90% done and it isn't impossible that I could finish it in a week, but I can't guarantee anything...
  7. I've been trying to get the 'QuintessenceEffect' command to work: all it seems to do is make a death sound and nothing more when I try to use it. Does anyone know how it works?
  8. So I've been trying for a while now, but I still can't for the life of me figure out how to insert custom music into the game. Every tutorial I seem to find is either full of broken images, videos and tags making them really hard to follow or they're just very confusing in general. So, can someone point me to the easiest method of inserting music into the game?
  9. Any idea where that pointer is? EDIT: Nevermind, just instantly realised there's a nightmare module for that. And it worked, thanks!
  10. The title says it all. Is there an easy way to change which song in the soundtrack plays when the requirements for "Victory Road" to play are met?
  11. I'm thinking of entering the contest, just for fun. People say my hack is difficult, if nothing else, so maybe it'll work out, but I don't really have high hopes about my chances.
  12. So I noticed that, while I've gotten a lot of feedback on chapter 3A, nobody I've seen has commented to chapter 3B, which got me curious to know whether no one actually went to 3B or if it's just not noteworthy or there are no complaints about it, so I've set up a poll to know how many people went to each route and what did they think about it. Feel free to share your thoughts on the routes too. It would be a lot of help.
  13. Thanks, the problems are still there and I'm still looking for a solution, but at I'm very happy that it seems most people aren't being affected and it's not keeping them from playing my game.
  14. Huh, that's weird... Maybe your VisualBoyAdvance is a different version or something...?
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