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  1. Light magic/magic triangle A better base system More victory objectives Better maps Tellius skill system/third tier classes Radiant Dawn's climbing ledge/higher ground thing Breaking doors rather than being restricted to thieves or keys Animations that explain how bows shoot through solid walls
  2. My guess is that's just what they wanted the sprites to look like.
  3. 1. Completely random. 2. Unlucky. 3. Judging by Lucina's fighting skill, it would improve sight if anything. 4. Either just the only one mentioner or his other children were in the same boat as Lissa. 5. Genes carried over, it doesn't mean it won't appear.
  4. Congratulations to all the admins. I'm still pretty new but this community is totally amazing. I would've been a little kid when this started, it feels so bizarre to think that. Anyway, happy birthday to the site and may it have many birthdays to come.
  5. I'm just going to start right now. The dancer has the same headband as Olivia.
  6. 1st thought: IT'S TIKI! 2nd thought: Manakete dancer... op. 3rd thought after reading this: The dragon is a symbol for the avatar. The dancer falls in love with the avatar, hence, no retaliation. The avatar is not in love with the dancer and is supporting the Eastern army (I think) while it seems pretty clear that the dancer is affiliated with the Western army or at least happens to be associated with them in some point of the game. Seeing as we seem to be rooting for the Eastern army in which case, the avatar is doing something good. Unless we get to choose which side we play for, in which case I have no flippin' idea what's going on.
  7. Map creator sounds excellent. Not seeing this happen though.
  8. Summoners, mounted units that specialised in certain melee weapons (sword paladin, lance paladin, etc), falcon knights that use swords rather than lances, light magic classes, rogues re-replacing tricksters... playable monsters? probably forgetting some but that's all I can think of for now.
  9. I guess fog of war can be pretty annoying. I personally don't remember any chapters with fog of war in the desert unless there was some kind of... sandstorm? In my experiences with fog of war, I've never in my life used a torch. I also make a point of training my thieves because you know... free items from steal! The only time fog of war really annoyed me was in Radiant Dawn, namely the chapter when you're preventing the laguz from crossing the Ribahn River. For me, this is always a really tricky stage since I think I'm the only person who finds it impossible to make the Dawn Brigade usable. I also love the chapter in Episode 2 when you're trying to advance through a cave with Leanne and SURPRISE a random warrior with a crossbow comes out of bloody nowhere. Aside from those two stages, I enjoyed fog of war in Sacred Stones. I think it was more suitable in that game given the whole demonic monster situation and the battlefield goes all foggy and spooky... yeah.
  10. Marx has a whole 'Western Prince' look going on so in that one quote in the trailer, I wouldn't be surprised if he was referring to the king of the Western nation seeing as the whole East vs West thing seems to be the case. That king/monarch/dance observer guy seems to be royalty and of Western culture to boot since he's sitting in a coliseum-like building. So in summary... yes, I think that's exactly who he is.
  11. Awakening's customisation was alright but I would definitely love to see it built upon. I think I saw someone say different clothes/armour and I think that would be so cool. Even so, I wouldn't mind if they didn't touch the appearance and gave you more options for customising dialogue and personality. The avatar in Awakening was pretty great but it didn't really feel like you had any control over their personality or decisions. Different personality options would make the whole avatar thing so much more personal. All that being said, I really wouldn't mind if they just gave a simple male/female option since in my opinion, Kamui already looks pretty great.
  12. THIS IS AMAZING! Great job guy, you've managed to hype me up even more.
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