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  1. Sure why not? I'll see what I can come up with. (I'm a random guy called Shep, and I approve of this thread.)
  2. Entry accepted. As this was an entry completed a couple days back, just not submitted due to computer issues from what I saw.
  3. Some cool entries. Just a reminder, deadline is this Friday!
  4. Cool. Seems like needs more movement perhaps from the body? But the spear animation and design are all pretty killer. (Fun fact: only after you mentioned it recently did I realize your initial Blue Lancer from ages ago was the guy from Fate:Stay/Night. I just hadn't seen the show at that point.)
  5. Sept. 28, 2015 actually. ;) Its a shame this went on so many hiatuses due to irl complications for some of the members... BUT its great seeing this done and released now! Big kudos to Alusq, Lt.Smirks, BlazeKing, Blue Druid, Eliwan, Toa, Teraspark and vilkalizer for all their personal spriting contributions to the project! Big thanks too to all the original members of SALVAGED and chat members who encouraged, advised, pushed, and celebrated when we actually got stuff done! ...to all those who enjoyed the animation, I hope you find it useful and enjoyable in your projects! To everyone on Team SALVAGED and in the SALVAGED chat, you guys are all fantastic! I'd be very hard pressed to find a more enjoyable group to hang out with, art with, and just have a great time with! Now we just have to make the next project not go on fifty billion hiatuses ;)
  6. Figured I would update the thread with this crosspost. (Yay, we finally finished something)
  7. Gratz on the release, Blaze! I know you worked hard on this. You deserve all the accolades you have been getting buddy! Looking forward to trying it out myself now.
  8. Once again its time for... the BIWEEKLY BATTLE SPRITE SHOWDOWN! Last round: Our winner was Yoshthethird with their villager trainee! ---- Current Theme: Lances! -Sprite a character that uses a lance. Rules Voting and Winners --- Any further questions or concerns can be PMed to the current host! (Errant) or posted either in the feedback thread or within this thread itself. DEADLINE: Friday, November 17th at 11:59pm PST. Hope you all enjoy and have some fun! Lets get spriting! :D --- PS: new to these? Check out the BBSS tag to see some cool sprites. :D PPS: ...wanting to sprite but don't know where to start, or just want some advice on how to improve? Check out the Spriters Resource thread
  9. From the Sprite Subforum Guidelines --- Update: Due to concerns of potential sprite theft, TitanTs' entry has been disqualified by the host. TitanTs is of course entitled to contest this with proof of work. In the meantime. ErrantDShepherd will thus place 2nd, with Horatio being bumped up to 3rd.
  10. But... but... you look alive to me? But then, how can we believe what we see, if our eyes aren't real? Extra thicc trim looks good.
  11. Holy crap, vilk lives! (Appropriate to raise the dead on Halloween I guess?) --- Anyways, Marty looks pretty clean. Midia the trim seems a little thin in somplaces, could perhaps be a little chunkier... she seems low in the hackbox as well. Neat swordyman, I like the poofy 80s hair best.
  12. Our winner, with 17 total votes... is Yoshthethird and their Villager trainee class! second place are TitanTs's Trainer with 12 votes, and third place is ErrantShepherd's Squire with 10 total. --- Congratulations to the winners and all the participants for some great entries! Seriously, some very fine works in here! Big thanks too, to all who entered and voted! (and especially thanks for those who liked my entry ;D ) We'll see you next, Biweekly Battle Sprite Showdown! :D
  13. Enjoying pretty much everything there... except the finishing strike pose. Crouching on both knees like that while using both hands to stab doesn't convey power or swordmastery imo? Like... that pose seems more appropriate for a trainee to end with? As it looks potentially overbalanced? Perhaps some of the previous animation strikes could utilized? Definitely fun to watch though. Once again great seeing you animating your stuff!
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