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  1. Looking for a friend who scores 800 or more points in their Battle Score (and I DO specifically mean just the battle score, not the total score) in Allegiance Battles on a consistent basis. My current friend list consistently gives me two +8s and one +7 in friend bonuses.
  2. You know, considering how Byleth's whipsword is bronze colored instead of golden like most Plot Swords, it is kind of fitting for the TH color to be bronze as well.
  3. The male Corrin with a Nohrian background? Please don't give me false hope here, IS.
  4. Given how Gunnthra is currently the one single legendary hero that boosts RES, I'd say that it depends on whether IS are going to treat RES boosting legendary heroes the way they treat gray colored legendary heroes or not. By which I mean that it depends on whether they'll be avoiding releasing any like the plague or not. I mean, they did avoid making Hector into a RES boosting hero. Or, depending on how you look at it, they avoided releasing a RES boosting fire legendary hero for the sake of someone who could be a fire legendary hero while also being associated with a stat other than DEF or RES. Though, they'll have to release the RES boosting legendary heroes at some point but they still have they option of putting off releasing such legendary heroes for any of the elements other than wind until the very last of these four release cycles of legendary heroes. And the current cycle is only the third one rather than the fourth and last one. So, given that the hero will be red and either fire or earth elemental? If they decide to put off releasing a RES boosting legendary hero once again then I could see IS bucking the gender trend and making it so that the one for late August ends up beng a fire elemental speed boosting legendary Roy. Or maybe an earth elemental defense boosting legendary Xander or something. Perhaps some sort Marth or Alm? I'd say that those last two are far less likely, than even Xander, though. Though, Eirika might be it as a legendary fire (or maybe earth after all) elemental hero for either of the boosts. If IS does decide to finally release a second RES boosting legendary hero in late August, though? Then I'd say that the most likely candidate for that is a fire elemental legendary Celica. She is a tome user so IS shoving her of all people into the role of a RES boosting legendary hero, especially a fire elemental one and just to get the concept of "releasing another RES boosting legendary hero" over and done with for the time being, wouldn't surprise me.
  5. Didn't know where else to post this but since this is technically said to be a "Q&A" topic rather than a "gameplay related Q&A" topic...yeah. In any case, first of, I was wondering how complete is the Cipher wiki on the subject of various promos? Because if it has a bunch missing anyway then another one being missing is something that the wiki mods might actually be aware of and thus there is no need to point something like this out. However, if the wiki usually does try to list every single promo available then pointing out one that seemingly got overlooked seems entirely appropriate. Assuming the latter, I'd like to point out that the version of the cost 1 Alm from back in set 9 (a.k.a. "Ram Village Boy, Alm") that came as a promo with the OST discs for Shadows of Valentia is still not listed on the wiki after all this time. As in, there should be a total of six different variants of that card listed (at least as far as I am aware) rather than only five. On a more general note, and for future reference, which topic should one use to point out what seems to be mistakes in regards to the wiki, anyway? Back to the subject of rules, though, here's a question. Does flipping your main character face up at the start of the game count as deploying said character? Given what has been said about the cost 3/2 Clair for set 11 being able to tap herself as the cost for her own ability, I'm asking this due to one of the abilities of the cost 1 (gray) Marth from set 11. Once you flip him face up, would you then have the option to immediately move him to the backline, should you want to do so? And while we are on the subject, a unit that previously wasn't the main character becoming treated as a main character (or the other way around, one that was the main character losing said status) also doesn't count as that unit "being deployed", right?
  6. Say, does Azura get a Nohrian version of her promoted class as well? Probably not but I figured that I'd ask, just in case.
  7. Can units that have abilities like the first one of the Clair from set 11 use said abilities to tap themselves? As in, in this context, does "Tap 1 (X) ally" mean "Tap 1 untapped (X) unit that you have out" or "Tap 1 untapped (X) unit that you have out other than this card"? If the unit with such an ability itself fits the required criteria then can it apply said ability to itself or not?
  8. Yes, those are the trio of gen 2 mage sisters who serve the role of the "triangle attacking enemies" for said gen. Though, while they don't appear in the Choose Your Legends event and while their names are most commonly rendered as what LC42 mentioned, I think that it should be noted that their Japanese names are corruptions of the names Banba, Fodla and Eriu respectively. And names for plenty of the FE4 characters that did appear in the CYL event were rendered as the "proper" English names of the mythological figures that they are named after.
  9. So, first, I see that Tiki finally got her first promotion. That's nice. Second, those overclassed versions of Alm and Celica are usually going to be brought out for a cost of six. Six. Good grief...
  10. So when I try to log in it tells me to update the game via the GPS. But the GPS page doesn't have an update button, only an "open" one. And clicking on the "open" button just opens the 1.8.0 version without updating while, once again, bringing up the prompt to go to the same GPS page (that doesn't have an update button). And when I try to go to the page from where I can download updates "manually" it says that there are no updates available. Not even when I refresh said page. Anyone else having this sort of issue? And is there a chance of it getting fixed in some shape or form?
  11. What about your previous game data that got saved via My Nintendo? If you uninstall, install the 2.0.0 version and then link the same My Nintendo account your data gets carried over, right?
  12. Does anyone know how to actually download the update? Opening the game sends me to the games Google Play Store page but clicking open on that page tries to open the previous version of the game without updating it, thus prompting a pop-up that tells me to go to that same GPS page once again.
  13. ...Well I'll be. Today's reveal isn't Tana after all? And (assuming that there is only one representative for each of the overclasses) Clive is the Skogul? Though, I only now noticed that signed overclasses are going to have the background of their "characteristic" symbols turn from black to gold. That's nice, I suppose. Can't believe I didn't notice it when Delthea's card was revealed.
  14. Asked something similar in the S13 thread but said point applies here as well. Has it been confirmed which portion of the set is going to be the "main" focus, like how SoV, Thracia and Sacred Stones were for sets 9, 10 and 11? From the way things look right now it seems like it is going to be the Tellius portion but I figured I'd ask just to be sure.
  15. By the way, has it been confirmed which portion of the set is going to be the "main" focus, like how SoV, Thracia and Sacred Stones were for sets 9, 10 and 11?
  16. Again, got posted some two hours or more ago on the twitter. Check it out if you want to.
  17. Say what you will but that red-gold-and-white color scheme is absolutely amazing.
  18. Once again, today's daily reveal has been posted on the English Cipher twitter some 40 minutes ago or so.
  19. For those that still haven't noticed it after all this time, there was a daily reveal today and it was a 4/5 Enchantress Delthea. The wiki and/or the English Cipher twitter have all the details readily available.
  20. Oh, right. I completely forgot about those. Thanks. I see. Thank you. I'm well aware that this would be a long shot. I'm just saying that it would be cool if it were to happen. I happen to have a soft for that sort of art.
  21. Given that the Archanea portion of this set is supposed to actually focus more on FE11 then FE1 (or so I heard) we might actually see Frey and Norne in here. Or at least those two, anyway. Maybe Nagi as well.
  22. Well, guess that signed Harrier Faye answers my previous question. Signed overclass units simply have the number of their regular deployment cost turn gold and leave it at that. Additionally, looks like non-OC characters who appeared in Warriors really are going to have gray versions of themselves. The DLC characters are probably not going to get cards here, sadly. Would have liked to see Minerva get a modern version of herself here. Oh well, there's always S13, at least. Also, gray cards are actually going to have promotions this time around. Speaking of "OCs", looks like my guess about how since Shade and Yuzu were their SoV selves in S9 while Yuzu and Randall joined the other factions of that set this set is going to have Yuzu and Randall as their SoV selves while Shade and Yuzu will be in other factions. Or "faction", actually, since I doubt that they would actually end up being gray. Well, I say that I was correct but all that has actually been confirmed is that Yuzu is going to be red. Her art is too blurry to really make out if she is actually her Priestess self or not. I also wonder how Alice and Valjean will be handled here. Neither appeared in SoV but would they really get gray promotions this time around? Because if both of them will end up neither red nor gray then four of the six Cipher OCs will end up purple in this set. Which would be an odd distribution, to say the least. Or if at least one of them does end up gray then maybe at least one of either Shade or Emma will be gray instead of purple as well? We'll see, I guess. By the way, is Myrrh the first card to feature that sort of gap (due to being weaponless) among her "characteristic" icons? And I see that the 5/4 Ephraim and Eirika have been based around the 5/4 Alm and Celica from S9, what with the costs, the joined art, Duma and Fomortiis in the background and everything else. Also, given that all three of the games that are getting featured in this set have the "dual protagonist" thing in them (though Alm and Celica aren't twins or even blood related at all), it makes me wonder if the card designers will go all the way and also have the 4/5 Conqueror Alm and Rigain Celica as well as the promoted, Great Lord versions of Rowan and Lianna have joined art with mini-Grima and Velezark in the background respectively.
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