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  1. Did you reduce avatar's stat/growth so no one bother to use the avatar?
  2. I think it can easily fixed by increasing the repair price for forged weapon.
  3. Fury x Claud = Long range healing pegasus Edin x Azel = B rank Fire tome Hi Priest
  4. He has 3 convos with 3 daughters in Chapter 7, you should add Finn to their mothers list.
  5. Any minor holy blood can use Blagi Sword. Dragon Lance requires minor Nova or Dain. Staff requires minor Blagi. Minor Holsety can use Holsety.
  6. You should report this and send your save file to the patch creators to check if it's their fault or something.
  7. If you never reset/restart/reload the game, only use save states then there are chance that when Gen 1 finishes and Gen 2 starts, the ram get overflow with too much data so glitch might occur.
  8. 1. Yes, they still gain their default love growths, but without the extra +5 like adjacent units. 2. When the next turn start, in other word, when you can save.
  9. As I check https://lparchive.org/Fire-Emblem-4-Binary/Update 05/ Zyne has Critical. The Horseslayer/Knightkiller gives +15 or maybe +20 atk against horse unit, with Critical triple the damage, it would be +45/+60 so surely he can kill Cuan.
  10. Yes, they are safe to edit for your project. But all the classes need to be keep in ascending order, same class data need to stick together. Then change class magic from 0 to 3.
  11. 1. If the boss is generic, you can't add skill, you need to change to holy first. 2. character stats cap is always 15, add up with class stats. What do you want to change? Stats cap at 20 or 40?
  12. https://www.npr.org/2020/05/15/856293764/french-drug-giant-sanofi-takes-heat-after-suggesting-u-s-may-get-1st-vaccine-acc It's time to ignore about free market.
  13. If you use Project Naga patch as base then you should ask the patch author. He would know more than anyone else.
  14. It's where you're wrong, Japan is not that good at dealing with Covid19 like you think.
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