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  1. This is what the President did for a living before people elected him.
  2. I take the idea from 2 games, which are related to this game in a mysterious way. Radiant Dawn and Tearring Saga.
  3. There is a chance Loptyr is Naga's secret identity. And someday Julia's descendant can combine the power of both tomes.
  4. It is just a Human Rights Council, not something special. The Council was called "cesspool of political bias", "hypocritical", "makes a mockery of human rights". https://www.bbc.com/news/44537372
  5. Please take a look at the Chechnya, it's the future of Ukraine. Either being Russia's dogs, fight and die for Russia, or Russia will kill them all. Russia will not let Ukraine to be a potential threat in the future, no anti-Russia is allow to live another day.
  6. Yes, we have similar thing called the Recover Ring which is too OP so we don't see it anywhere other than the Prologue. A refillable 40/40 HP bottle is less OP, maybe they'll add it to the remake
  7. There are 2 Return Rings already in the game and you can cast Warp/Return Staff to more than 1 unit to the main castle. You're not alone defending the castle. Scipio and his Beige Ritter plus Verdane troops attack directly at Chalphy from Jungby. Sound great, isn't it?
  8. According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), US imported up to 100,000 barrels of Russian crude per day from March 19 to 25, 2022. https://www.eia.gov/petroleum/supply/weekly/pdf/wpsrall.pdf Russia’s own food and agricultural exports are not under sanction by the U.S. or allies and partners. https://www.state.gov/remarks-by-deputy-secretary-of-state-wendy-sherman-at-a-un-security-council-meeting-on-the-humanitarian-impact-of-russias-war-against-ukraine/ Meanwhile, Viktor Orban was elected again. https://edition.cnn.com/2022/04/03/europe/hungary-election-results-viktor-orban-intl/index.html
  9. Putin May Collect $321 Billion Windfall If Oil and Gas Keep Flowing https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-04-01/putin-may-collect-321-billion-windfall-if-oil-gas-keep-flowing Russia will not end the war soon because they get richer everyday.
  10. There was a thread about Blume being another version of Sigurd, a good soldier following orders from Grandbell throne. So if Sigurd was not branded traitor, he would face Ares the same way Blume faces Leif.
  11. I think Ovo was supposed to be Reinhardt or the other way around.
  12. I think they will get minor holy blood, class change and some additional skill and stats in the remake. Just think of it, until Chapter 5, the end of Gen 1, units with holy blood are Andrey, Reptor, Langbart and Trabant (except Eltoshan, he is special case), and if you see their stats, it's just the same stats with generic enemies and no extra personal skill, they are just generic enemies with extra holy blood. So I think that at this stage of the game development process, the holy characters were invented. The Alvis character in prologue was coded after this, that's why his ID is after those bosses. There are unused Reptor (Bloom's portrait), Alvis (Mage Fighter class) and Langbart units, which are all generic (no holy blood). And starting from this point, many bosses in Gen 2 have a few tweaks in stats and skills, instead of being generic with holy blood. Chagall and Lewyn's Uncles, they are Barons just because it is the only class can use Rank A magic, well, before the programmers invented minor blood can boost weapon rank. Edited: Well, not really unused units, the generic Reptor and Langbart appear at the end of Chapter 3.
  13. I think they better make him a Master Knight with 30 magic because his Gelben Ritter are mainly Mage Knights.
  14. The president is pretty good at playing piano
  15. I'd like to see how they remake Leif into a new Lance Jr Lord class.
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