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  1. I think it is mostly because Julia was intended to be the only way you could defeat the final boss.
  2. How about you add the stats or skill requirement for promotion to any class? I think it's easier than adding multi-layer branching promotion.
  3. If they seized and defended 1 Isaac castle, they don't need to hide anywhere.
  4. You should also count the amount of time they need to kill the Gruenen Ritter, every last one of them.
  5. Not sure if Azel|Tinny + Bolganon can beat Fin|Tinny + Elwind or Alec|Tinny + Prayer Sword. Charge skill will be a waste of slot if they fight in arena style.
  6. If you're trying to make a canon story, then Fin Nanna + Beowolf Delmudd + Lex Lester should be considered. Other than that: Levin Rana Holin Lakche Holin Skasaher Beowolf Delmud Mideel Lester Alec Fee Levin Arthur Noish Patty Noish Nanna Holin Leen Lex Tinny Jamuka Faval Levin Sety Levin Corpul If you're trying to turn them into enemies, Lex's kids should get some compensation for the disadvantage of the Elite skill at LV30.
  7. It was never mean for protection against tyrannical government, it's all about profit and money for the arm dealers. If they can sell guns and sells armors, it's about double profit.
  8. If it is a daily warzone, you'll need it.
  9. https://darktwilkitri.thegreatbeyond.net/fehack/data/themap.txt
  10. I think you can use that Army Editor to reduce the number of enemies spawning.
  11. Honesty, if you don't have any important thing to afraid to be spied, go for Chinese phones. I would suggest you buy a Redmi Note 7 Pro.
  12. All I can say is that you should find some phones with Snapdragon inside, the Adreno GPU is better than Samsung's Exynos Mali GPU at playing game. Other than that, if you like Samsung, you should find the Galaxy Note or S series, their flagship, the other lower Samsung brands are much worse and not worth the price. Talking about privacy, Google and Facebook are much higher level than Huawei at spying their customer. They know everything you say even when your phone is in sleeping mode.
  13. iirc, you should search for Alvis ID + Sigurd ID + Silver Sword ID in hex editor
  14. After you guys fully complete polish the script, I just hope you would public the whole package so if anyone want the game to be translated into their language might have something to base on.
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