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  1. How about they survive with one or two arms/legs missing.
  2. Maybe you're Nurhaci's long lost relative.
  3. Dead lords be better than dead
  4. They might add the gaiden/x chapters to the remake, like you might see Eltoshan actually saves Chagall at the last minute of Augusty seize other than seeing him teleport away.
  5. Maybe Astra Bow for Ulir characters, and Double Astra Bow for Ichival. Or Life for Blagi and Recover for Valkyrie Staff. Or Half Luna for Dain and Full Luna for Gungnir.
  6. Oh, no, I don't care about she was a slut or not. But this is a defect Y Chromosome, so it can only came from a male carrier. It's more likely came from a male chief/rapist rather than a slut. Edit: About the transgender, I once heard about the term "trans les top", which means: He was born as a male. He wants transgender to female. This female is a lesbian. This lesbian is a top. So s/he is a trans, but wants to keep his penis for her girlfriend.
  7. I have a theory that Loptous is a female when s/he transform into Naga and is a male when s/he transform into Xane.
  8. Bad checksum means that the rom data had been altered. You can't have a patch without alter the rom so it's pretty normal.
  9. So he was created by the one above all in the future then put back into the past
  10. It's already difficult for us modern human to give up modern conveniences to save our environment for our future generations. You can't simply blame the dragons if you yourself don't want to give up the internet or smart phones.
  11. Well, this should be a exclusive skill of the Sniper class, they surely can Hit and Run.
  12. I think it is mostly because Julia was intended to be the only way you could defeat the final boss.
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