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  1. Is convinced that the story of Monty Python and the Holy Grail actually happened in real life.
  2. If you sneeze, you become a balloon. The ability to throw castles.
  3. Banned because that meme is pretty funny. And I like memes, too, but this is the ban thread, so...
  4. Post is: "How to make Draggy's heart melt with one gif".
  5. Something like this happened a few weeks ago for me. Phone call: "Hey, grandma, I'm going grocery shopping. Need anything?" "No, I'm good!" Next day: "Hey, grandma! How are you doing today?" "Pretty good. I was out buying groceries yesterday, and..." "..." That sounds really annoying.
  6. You don't remember any of them once you're done. The ability to eat whatever you like and however much you like without gaining weight.
  7. I think the cat would be a little less distracting when I'm doing exams, so the cat. WYR be a bee that can only fly backwards or a moonwalking crab?
  8. Banned for reasons beyond divine understanding.
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