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  1. That might be true, but even in video games, seeing the things makes me squeamish. *shudders* --- Vaccination, eh? I haven't had mine yet. Because I quite literally CAN'T. I was at the doctor's a few days ago because of a stomach thing (again), and they said that I am someone who is at risk for severe side effects to the vaccine, so now I am proud owner of a certificate that marks me as someone who cannot be vaccinated under any circumstance, due to health concerns. How very ironic, isn't it? I am at risk of severe effects from the virus, and I can't be vaccinated against it. Beautiful. Maybe I'll say hello to my grandpa again soon. Would not be the worst thing ever, in all honesty.
  2. Sad that she leaves right after that dungeon. Though on the other hand... it might have been for the best, considering I was seriously thinking about just using her from now on. XD
  3. Probably. XD "This game's plot is garbage, anyway. Might as well make it weird!" XD Oooh, Falcom needs more than just cold water for THAT burn! Speaking of Falcom doing shitty things that are shit, here's something good they did! Ayy, that rhymes! xD Best girl! Without having seen all the characters yet, haha! Also, she is very, VERY strong. See this incredibly terrifying thing that set off my phobia of wasps and hornets (spoilers in case someone else here feels the same way, because this thing... *shudder*)? No damage clear, because Karna is based! *insert Vasavi Shakti joke here* But seriously, gameplay-wise she's like a fast Hummel from Ys 8 fused with Wang Yuanji from Dynasty Warriors 8. Who thought that was a good idea? Because I want to give them an award! xD
  4. Happy 21st birthday, @Armagon! Hope it'll be a good one for ya! Let's just hope her personality holds up to that promise! And she isn't relegated to non-important side character role. xD --- Also, I got around to actually finishing Ys V yesterday, so the only games I have yet to see/play in that series are IX, Seven, and Celceta (the latter of which I will be getting back to next). And what do I think of it? Well... Atelier Sophie, Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World, and Fate/Extra (kinda, in this game's case) are all considered to be not great, even black sheep of their respective series, but I enjoyed them all, so to almost no surprise, this game that was so badly received it almost killed its own franchise (alongside internal problems at Falcom at the time, afaik) is one that I actually enjoyed playing. It does have some glaring flaws, which I already went over in my impressions (wonky to useless magic, weird combat that lacks fluidity), and the difficulty is all over the place (the final few bosses are, like, earlygame Ys VIII tier in difficulty, whereas there's an early-midgame boss that is much harder), however, but those didn't exactly cause me to throw the controller in rage or quit the game. Heck, I finished the game, which should tell you something. Granted, it's only 8 hours long, but I have quit games for incredibly petty reasons before, so... yeah. xD Also, something I found quite hilarious is the Isios Sword, that thing that appears for all of one fight in Ys VIII and is then chucked into the ocean, never to be seen again. Here, you find it in a treasure chest without fanfare in the final dungeon, and the description reads "strongest sword ever"... which is very blatantly untrue, as Ys VIII shows (there are plenty of swords that are stronger than the Isios Sword in Ys VIII). Still, I think it's overall a pretty solid experiece, and certainly not the worst thing in the world. Story was pretty good, gameplay was enjoyable, if odd. I also liked the music quite a lot, even if it is different in style compared to the other games in the series. Different does not mean bad, however, and I feel like the bad rep this game gets is... vastly overblown. It had some neat ideas that I would not mind returning to the series someday, especially the "craft your own magic" part. Balance out the elements you get better, don't make everything need Fire, and make magic actually worth using and we're good! Make a remake of this game, Falcom! It needs one!
  5. I imagine their faces might range from utter shock to bemusement. But the whole enter a word to create a spell thing does sound like an interesting concept nonethless! So... first Ubisoft, now Activision-Blizzard. I am surprised by how not surprised I am. I mean, why stop at tax evasion, right? They've been on my list of companies I would never buy games from for years now due to their shady and predatory business practices, but even if they weren't already, now they would be. Ubisoft did the same shit. But yeah, I agree. Hopefully. I'm not holding out much enthusiasm, due to precedents where it was just quietly swept under the rug by the time their next big game came out (Ubisoft), but hope dies last, as they say. Anyway, this gif is funny! Also, that girl's design is neat!
  6. Especially early on, where you can only stab with the sword. Though the hitbox on that... has its own will, so to speak. xD It gets slightly better later when Adol actually swings his sword (though you need a different sword to do that), but it's definitely a far cry from the gameplay later Ys games have. Not bad, like I said, just different! Yep. Some magic looks impressive for the time the game was made in, but the range and/or damage output is actually pretty pathetic on most of it. xD
  7. It is! xD --- Also, @Shrimperor: I did the thing. Out of sheer... I don't even really know the reason... I started playing Ys V yesterday! The SNES version, even. xD Almost 6 hours and I think I might be at the end, or close to it. And I gotta say, this game is... different! Very, very different from every other Ys game I've seen. It's almost a Zelda 1 gameplay meets Final Fantasy 1 story (with the crystals and everything) kinda deal. And the magic system needs some SERIOUS work; most magic is utterly useless, and the animations take about as long as your average FE9 enemy phase to go off (Disclaimer: exaggerated for comedic purposes), but I do like the underlying concept of crafting your own magic out of different combinations of elemental stones. It's just a damn shame you are not allowed to use any magic during boss fights, the one time you might actually want to use it... But the story is interesting and the gameplay is kinda fun (once you get a different sword, that is), so I wouldn't call the game 'bad' by any stretch of the imagination. I have most definitely played worse!
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. If there's anything I can do to help, or if you just need someone to talk to, I'm here.
  9. This looks promising! That Shiho character seems nice, too! Though... I see Hinako in those screenshots. Why in the name of heck is Hinako here?!? That is my most burning question about this game atm. xD I mean, I'm happy she is, if Arnice didn't exist, she'd be my favorite protag, but still! Also, thanks for the notification, Shrimpy! ^^
  10. Oh? :intriguedDraggy: Playable Pikkard would be legit amazing. Just have five or so really awesome characters for a lot of the game, and then the sixth one is just one of these little creatures. xD
  11. Draggy's Ys dream (meme?) team: Avalodragil, Io... and that drunk Pikkard from Celceta. xD
  12. I'm prolly just gonna be wacky and ship Adol with the first girl that joins the party in Celceta or something. XD
  13. Oh yeah, Celceta mentioned that in one dialogue, I think! Oooh! That's gonna be interesting to see, for sure! ^^
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