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  1. DragonFlames likes every single character in Neptunia. Especially Vert. I would never think he doesn't. Even though that is almost exactly the case.
  2. Well, since she's royalty, of course she's going to have a lot of assets. As the son of an accountant, proper asset management is something that interests me, hence my looking at them. Royals are rich, you know? Gotta make sure everything is in order.
  3. An Anti-Pokémon activist group.
  4. Noire is his favorite Neptunia character.
  5. Banned for not expecting it.
  6. Laguz. Being able to turn into an animal is fun, especially if it's a bird or a dragon. WYR have your hand stuck in the fridge or your foot stuck in the door?
  7. Because to me, he's a boring character, like nearly every Jeigan save Titania and Frederick. Poor, poor Marianne...
  8. Bold: That makes sense. Everything else: I dread My Neighbor Totori even more now. Oh, I know. I have already gotten much use out of the library in Rorona. My problem is that I haven't even found some of the materials I need for certain items. Didn't even realize I made that pun until you pointed it out. XD Re;Birth 1 Vert is best Vert. I found her a bit boring in SuperNep, actually. Her sister obsession does get... egregious at times, I agree; it gets especially bad in Re;Birth 3. Still, I can't not laugh at the scene from MegaNep VII's true ending where Vert shows Yaoi games to Rom and Ram. I like Noire, too, definitely my second favorite of the original CPUs. Then Uzume, Nepgear and Uni came along, but you know that already. What I will say, however, is that out of all the Next Forms introduced in MegaNep VII, Noire's is my absolute favorite by a wide margin, design-wise.
  9. That really sucks. Maybe your nose is just overactive in creating mucus?
  10. "The one most likely to get angry over small things." or "Can drink pure lemon juice without issue."
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