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  1. Anna: "Love doesn't concern itself with age. Hell, I was three years old the first time I fell in love with a wad of cash." Hanneman: "Please let me research your body!" Sylvain: "Hidden treasures are like a hot chick trapped in a tower, waiting for her shining knight to come and pounce her." Lysithea: "I don't want you to think I'm some frail waif who can't defend you. I won't let anyone defeat me." Dimitri: "Screw his reasons! I'll kill him!" Kostas: "Heh heh heh. I'm a low-level hoodlum. It's customary to encounter someone like me at this point." Micaiah: "And so, here we find our heroine in a spooky back alley, shrouded in darkness in the middle of the afternoon... Yeah, this isn't weird at all." Mercedes: "I will make sure you come to thoroughly understand that I am *not* a nice person. *smile*" Marianne: "Fine! Whatever you say, you... you big... Poopyhead!" Three Houses spoilers:
  2. The first benchmark is 5,000 people, actually. That's why I was like "okay, I need to focus that stuff right away!" Noted. Thank you!
  3. Also watched Mangs' Ironman attempts. I legit felt sorry for him in PoR, though. That Chapter he died on is bullshit of the highest order.
  4. That reminds me of the Druids in Echoes that for some reason were also very dangerous. But it's great that you're doing fine. After reading about @Rosalina's attempts and what Maddening actually does to deserve to be called that, I have given up on ever playing that mode. XD
  5. Wants to do an Iron Man run of an as of yet unspecified Fire Emblem game.
  6. Same. XD You're playing on Maddening, right? How's that been going for you so far?
  7. 31 is the age I'll be in roughly four-and-a-half years.
  8. "Greetings, Meruru... Sadly, I haven't gotten far enough to recruit her yet. But I am extremely happy that your starting trio doesn't suck at combat this time around. They can all pull their weight pretty well. Also, I absolutely LOVE how the world map looks. Probably the prettiest world map I've seen in an Atelier game so far. The game in general looks stunning for something that released nine years ago on an old system. Not to open old wounds, but... a certain other developer MIGHT want to take notes. And I'm two in-game months into the game and my population already sits at 2,500. I've been trying to prioritize quests and assignments that increase popularity and the population by a lot. Hey, you're not any worse than my "I'm not sold on it" when it comes to broken record-ness. XD And I do agree that it should be buyable on its own if it has to be bought. Right now, I'd be forking over money for half a game for this and the other stuff in the season pass (that is frankly not worth the purchase at all), and for that much money, it just doesn't look like it's worth it to me. Love how you don't even bother to call Lorenz by name. XD If I may make some recommendations: The Creepy Noble can actually pull off hybrid classes pretty well. He can make a decent Dark Knight if you're so inclined. But the bench is his true home. Warlock is sort of wasted on Lysithea, since she can't make use of Black Tomefaire and Black Magic Uses x2. Personally, I prefer to make her a Bishop for that sweet, sweet double Warp before going Gremory. I'd actually consider keeping Marianne as a Bishop, because aside from Movement, Holy Knight doesn't add too much (you lose on White Magic Uses x2 and the healing boost, both of which can come in handy). Gremory is always good, of course. She does make a great Mortal Savant, too. Just my two cents, of course. You do you. 😉
  9. Banned for thinking I'd be intimidated by a hissing cat. Now, a cat that's actually the devil in disguise. That's an entirely different story...
  10. I see, I see. Thank you very much! I'm already a fan of the music and characters. Glad to see Totori returned, too. As far as the Three Houses DLC goes, as I said earlier, I'm not sold on it yet. The four new characters aren't that interesting to me and I can't really imagine what the side story is supposed to add to the main one, if anything. I'd rather have stuff added to the main stories (Crimson Flower *cough*) in a free update than some disconnected side plot, honestly.
  11. My favorite theme in Three Houses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXiMj6T0dP4 Yes, I like this better than God Shattering Star. Sue me.
  12. This, basically. My first game was Path of Radiance and I distinctly remember taking an immediate liking to Mia. That, by the way, has not changed to this day. She's still one of my favorite characters in the franchise.
  13. Never heard that before, actually. This takes me back to my 5th grade English class. It was the first tongue-twister I learned in that language. Good times, good times... Hoes mad?
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