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  1. I really liked the alchemy system as well. What I am most looking forward to, however, is simply the exploration and the areas, because Atelier Ryza's environments were downright gorgeous. I'm looking to get Persona 5 Strikers, as well, since it's a Musou-style game and I liked Persona 5 a lot. As far as gaming in 2021 goes otherwise, though, I'll probably be catching up on older games I've missed so far, just like last year. As far as I know, there aren't too many games coming out this year that interest me, either.
  2. Time really does fly. It feels like yesterday when the game was first announced. I'm very much looking forward to it!
  3. Oh right! It's that time already! Nice! And in the spirit of Atelier...
  4. *Fuhahahahahaha intensifies* Worship me and die Enuma Elish! Not very long. I got the Platinum trophy for Fate Extella Link and "only" took 50 hours to do so. I'd peg the main story at... maybe 20 hours if you play all the stages once? For the first game... I actually don't remember how long it took me to beat that one's main story, but it couldn't have been a lot, since it's only six or seven chapters/battles per route, and there's three routes total.
  5. Know the mercy of the King of Gods Indra, open your eyes! This single strike is extinction itself Burn it all down, Vasavi Shakti! If there's one good thing that came from Apocrypha, it's Karna. Also Mordred. And Siegfried. Also, Fate Extella Link 2 when? XD Musashi Miyamoto is in the wrong class, too, then. xD
  6. F indeed. XD Huh, interesting! I had thought it'd be more than that. Now I know what I can do over the weekend! ^^
  7. I still need to watch Madoka. It's not that she's a bad character or anything, but she kinda, well... (Danganronpa 1 spoilers) I need to watch Madoka XD Okay then!
  8. I see, I see! She seems nice! Also... character named Sayaka with blue hair, eh? Oh god. O.O Awesome!
  9. Exactly. XD Also, who is that character on the left of your signature?
  10. That is an excellent question. But yeah, every character you unlock, no matter at which point in the game you are, starts out at level 1. And predictably, characters at level 1 are... really, really weak. Like... the "you'll get one-shot when enemy characters use their specials" kind of weak... even in the very first stage of the game. And enemy characters have a nasty habit of spamming them. Granted, if it's a character from Dynasty Warriors, you can usually dodge, because those specials have a very specific tell when they happen. When it's a Samurai Warriors character, though... you're dead. Because those have little wind up, and this can hit you right the heck out of nowhere.
  11. Hehe, I see! That is definitely true, yeah. XD Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is a bit of an odd case in this regard, since it runs into a bit of an issue: it forces you to grind sometimes, if you want all the characters (and you have to get all of them to get the true ending and unlock chapter 5). Namely, there are some side missions where you unlock new characters, which you can only get by increasing friendship between specific characters, usually three at a time, which means you'll be replaying a lot of the earlier stages if you haven't been using any of them (and with the game having 140-something characters, the chances of that are pretty dang high). I say earlier stages, because a level 1 character cannot survive in any post-chapter 1 stage (chapter 2 if you're on easy). Which also means that, if you want to use a character you get in, say, Chapter 3, you'll have to replay a lot of the earlier stages to get them caught up to your current team, so you'll have to grind anyway. If you don't grind at all, you'll be using characters you get in chapter 1, MAYBE the beginning of chapter 2 and that's it. This is kinda why I criticise the game for its bloated roster, since you can't realistically use about 2/3rds of them, because after a while, enemies will be too strong to make using level 1 characters safe, even on normal difficulty. Although yes, you DO get something akin to Bonus EXP, but chances are you're using that on your main team. In this case, however, this was me wanting to max out Sterk. XD
  12. Oh! Now I remember! I feel ashamed that I forgot. XP XD Absorption would do the trick on its own, but I didn't have any other item to equip on him, because once you hit 999 in a stat, stat-increasing items don't do anything anymore. And the other non-stat increase items are kinda bad, so I slapped the Belt of Life on there. XD A little bit of both, honestly. You do have to grind quite a bit for all these abilities and to get everything maxed out, so it does feel rewarding that you can effortlessly tear through everything with a maxed out character like this even on the highest difficulty. On the other hand, it naturally kills off any semblance of challenge the game has, so if you want to keep the difficulty alive, this means not using your maxed out character(s) anymore. Sure, this means you can give someone else a shot, but... if you're like me and know your favorites, and max out your favorites, well... XD
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