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  1. Probably not. Big corps like that usually scam people left and right, and tend to get away with it, too. Is there a word for aunts and uncles, like there is for mothers and fathers (parents)?
  2. Own the f***ers. Then throw out everyone who doesn't fit your moral compass or tries to be a corrupt bastard. [Insert Lenny Face here] WYR have only dirty thoughts for the rest of your life or think of nothing but kittens and puppies for the rest of your life?
  3. Like this: The proper way to grill cookies is...
  4. ... to yell at them really loudly when they are too slow. I know what it means, I just didn't expect that to be the continuation. XD The proper way to utilize euphemisms is...
  5. If she was flat, wouldn't she have laughed her chest off instead? If drifting only needlessly wears down your tires irl, why do so many videogames insist on pretending like it has any advantages in actual racing?
  6. 31,327 is the combination someone, somewhere used for their vault containing their secret naughty-naughty collection.
  7. The hardest boss fight in the series happens in Re;Birth 1, which is specifically the first fight against Black Heart. In this game, even the normal enemies gave me some trouble in the beginning. I did have to use a lot more healing items than in the Re;Birth games. Interesting. Then I just got unlucky, I suppose. Or maybe I didn't pay enough attention to the Remake System, as the items and equipment you could buy was good enough, and most changes to the gameplay were things I didn't feel were necessary in order to get through the games. The materials for unlocking dungeons and enemies were usually easy enough to get, and there was even a plan that improved drop rates that I used in Re;Birth 3. You could also find most enemy drops at gathering points if you used the "Change Items" plans, so I didn't have that much trouble getting those quests done in the Re;Birth games. Maybe my perspective is a bit off because of these factors. I mostly did quests to get money towards the end, though I also used the Colosseum for that. I didn't say those were the best songs and everything else isn't, now did I? ;D But you're right, "Providence" definitely deserves a mention. Funniest attacks in the series, definitely. XD I'm glad I got into the series, honestly! I have you and @Armagon to thank for that, actually.
  8. Because Google is dumb. On a scale from 1 to "Ohmygosh, I think I'll go kablooey!!!!", how high is your level of hype for the upcoming Three Houses?
  9. ... to write "Dear Sibling" and another secret message, then cast a spell on the paper to create a pocket dimension. Place a fully baked potato inside that pocket dimension and close it off. Don't forget to install a spring trap that activates once the letter is opened. Then, mail the letter to your sibling, who will open it, activating the spring trap, upon which the pocket dimension will open and throw the potato right into your sibling's face. The secret message will then reveal itself to be "You got mashed BY potatoes!" I won't apologize for that pun! wat? XD The proper way to piss off a sizeable number of people on the internet is...
  10. The latter, because no law firm worth a damn would make a simple intern do that. There'd be a LOT of legal issues with something like that, first and foremost because of the accused party's right to privacy and discretion. I'm not even sure courts or police are allowed to check for that stuff if a person is simply "accused" of possessing it. After all, it's "innocent until proven guilty", the most basic of basics for every kind of system trying to pretend to value justice. At least that's how it should be. Though I am no brief, so what the heck do I know? WYR have a third leg sticking out of your right or left elbow or have a third arm stick out of your right or left knee?
  11. Your friends and family, first and foremost. Why are we here?
  12. Is correct about a certain boss in Vesperia. While I agree that Vesperia is somewhat tougher than Symphonia, especially where bosses are concerned, I had a lot of trouble in my playthrough of Symphonia.
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