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  1. Banned for banning someone for something that you could attribute to the villain of Final Fantasy V.
  2. Writes dude the dude word "dude" as dude every dude second dude word dude in dude a dude sentence dude.
  3. I don't know what this "Ryoma" is, but it sounds like it sucks.
  4. Might not play it. If there are, I haven't seen any. So far, it seems like weakness overrides resistance in Mary Skelter, since everything I used Mortal Force on was weak to it, even bosses. Pretty useless outside of random encounters, sadly, since most bosses are immune to them. And within random encounters, unless you're really underlevelled, chances are you'll kill them outright before your status effect hits, especially if you have other AOE skills.
  5. Why do developers do this? You have this really cool boss fight with tons and tons of hype and then they just pull some kind of BS out of their ass that takes away all the enjoyment. It's f***ing infuriating. Stuff like this is the reason why Aurelia ended up being my most hated Trails character. Seriously, I can't stand that b****. That thing would fit really well into an SMT game, I agree. The other Nightmares that have appeared so far are the same way. And yeah, the big lips make it look goofy. Then you have the entire thing that just looks... wrong, somehow.
  6. Does not find multi-element attacks to be effective. It depends on the game, honestly. The game I'm currently playing, Mary Skelter, has a skill called Mortal Force that hits enemies with every element at once and it seems to always hit on weakness and it's A.O.E., so it's a minor gamebreaker. It would be a major one if it didn't cost 109 SP to use at a point in the game where you have to stack SP-boosting equipment to even reach 300+ SP.
  7. New chapter, new area, new playable character. This time we are joined by the heroine of the Japanese fairy tale "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter"; Princess Kaguya. She is basically a mix of Hilda and Bernadetta; lazy as hell and she refuses to leave her room even when the others ask her for help. Her reason for being this way is everything but funny, though: Another aspect of the game I haven't talked about yet is that it takes Etrian Odyssey's concept of enemies that chase you through the dungeons and takes it to its logical extreme: what if the F.O.E.'s were actually invincible? In Mary Skelter, creatures known as Nightmares roam the dungeons and their appearance is usually marked by a really unsettling noise, then everything goes dark and a truly hideous monster jump-scares you. Something like this. You can fight them, but these things will resurrect themselves constantly, so the game advises you to run away as soon as one appears. But the caviat is, these things move in real time AND the minimap vanishes when a chase begins. If you manage to put enough distance between you and the Nightmare, then everything goes back to normal, if it catches up to you, you can fight it and break its body parts to momentarily stun it, then run away, but they hit like a truck, so unless you want to risk one of the girls going all Blood Skelter on you due to the massive damage they take (if they can survive the damage in the first place, that is), it's better to just get the hell away. If you get in a battle during a chase, the Nightmare will not stop chasing you and can even attack you during the battle. And may some deity come to your aid when one of these catches you in a dead end. Paranoia fuel, indeed. The worst part about these things chasing you is all the terrifying noises they make while they do it. It's really freaking creepy. You can beat them up for real if you manage to find and destroy a dungeon's core, though. This is how chapters have ended so far. Fight a boss -> destroy the dungeon core -> Nightmare appears -> kill Nightmare.
  8. I tried to write an actual novel. I did write one or two fanfics in the past, but those never saw the light of day.
  9. If the Duke can handle his girlfriend being a bit... well, bloodthirsty as well as on the brink of going completely off-kilter, then this should be fine. I think. Maybe.
  10. I could have really used that during the time she was a party member... Damn you, CS3! *angrily shakes fist* Thanks!
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