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  1. How dare you Nep-post without me? There. These are my contributions to the posting of Neps.
  2. On the topic of Trails and subtlety... I can't judge the older Trails games, but the twist villains in Falcom's games that I have seen are only surprising and not painfully obvious if you haven't played any JRPG/never watched any kind of (shounen) anime before. Falcom and sublety go together like water and oil, in this regard. That is to say, they aren't. At all. The only way their games "know" how to keep a secret is if they make the villains' motivations as nebulous and convoluted as possible... which also hides just how atrocious a lot of the villains *coughcoughOuroboroscoughunconvincingcough* are. (Maybe spoilerish stuff incoming. Also rant warning. Slightly). Suffice it to say, if I ever teach a writing class, I would use Ouroboros as an example of what NOT to do when writing antagonists. And I am still angry at Falcom for having the gall to be all smug about a certain trope the Cold Steel games singlehandedly managed to turn into a berserk button for me, namely early in FC, when Josette and her group escape for the umpteenth time and Schera is like "they got away AGAIN? This is getting old!" Trails is the absolute last series I want to see a line like that in, considering CS2 and 3 are just a constant agonizing string of this garbage. This was also the precise point I gave up on the game, and the series as a whole. Yes. XD
  3. I appreciate your kind words, guys... even if I'm a bit late in offering my gratitude... ... @Shrimp γ I was playing OJ with some friends last night, and during one game, while I was playing as Mio, my hand looked like this: This was shortly after I decided Mio would not be a lucky character for me the way Ellie is... apparently, she heard me and wanted to prove me wrong, haha
  4. Going to bed at 2 am Waking up at 5 am Feeling like complete garbage, because my heart and stomach have been giving me hell lately, and on top of that, my mind is trying its damndest to once again make me think I'm a total waste of space nobody should have the displeasure of interacting with Yep, just a normal day for Draggy Hooray
  5. The moment I knew "yep, I'm gonna love this series". xD
  6. Seems I missed out on some good stuff. XD
  7. I see! I'm not too fond of the overlimit stuff in general across the whole series, tbh. When enemies use it (and they do... quite frequently), they tend to become practically invulnerable and it turns every fight into a slog.
  8. Oh yeah, that part was a bit of an annoyance, it's true! Yup, yup! Hehe ^^
  9. I still get teary-eyed listening to this. ^^; First game that ever got me legitimately crying, and it will forever hold that distinction. Even if Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 and Blue Reflection managed to do the same.
  10. I liked playing Vesperia, when my dad got it on his 360, but as far as my favorite entries in the Tales series are concerned, few come close to how much enjoyment I got out of the Xillias, and Berseria. *Quietly hides a giant neon sign that says "I prefer Dawn of the New World to the original Tales of Symphonia!"* That's fair. I don't like it, I think it's bad music, and even worse music for a creature like Lugia (I'm particularly angry about this track, because while I was still into Pokémon, Lugia was far and away my favorite out of all of them, so it having a battle theme I'd consider one of the worst I've ever had the displeasure of listening to was... not pleasant, to say the least), but I won't say you should feel the same way 'bout it that I do. Not much for makin' others think the same way I do, haha! ^^ Sadly, no. But that would've been a good point to start. It's okay, no worries! ^^ Yeah, the gameplay in the Xillia games was really good! My personal fondness for them comes mainly from me just really liking the setting, story, characters, and music (this last one is best in the series across both games, imo), though. ^^; Why did my PS3 have to stop working...? *sniff*
  11. Can relate. xD My favorite non-video game music comes mostly from the 1970s and 80s. Thanks, Dad! Confession: neither did I, heh. I only heard 'em on the OST! Ye, I like 'em a lot. Was just riffing a bit on how I dislike Pokémon, yet one of my favorite games in the Atelier series is one the Atelier fanbase at large considers not great, heh. XD Seeing Xillia 2 in S makes me happy! ^^ I love that game! Aww... XD I do recognize the jank in Ys V, but I enjoyed it despite that, hehe. ^^ 🤝 *Shrimphug*
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