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  1. Goodbye

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    2. Sooks


      Goodbye Draggy! I wish you the best, and hope everything is okay. You were a great friend, and I think we’ll all miss you.

      And I echo Benice’s sentiment as well, of course.

    3. lightcosmo


      Draggy, you helped get me into the Neptunia series, and for that, I'm grateful! I wouldnt have had such a blast without you introducing me! 

      Thanks for alot of amazing times and support!

    4. The Roger The Paladin

      The Roger The Paladin

      I've been gone a while. I noticed your absence and discovered the changes. Wherever you are, I hope you're doing well. I don't know if you'll see this, but it feels like the only way to give myself closure.

  2. Just dropping by to say thank you all for the good times.
  3. Yes. XD Teehee So this is what unit creation in SRPG studio looks like? Neat! Worth noting is that Musse is basically what people meme'd Edelgard to be like when Byleth was announced to have the role of a teacher. Which of course, I used to my advantage and made this: No regrets. That they truly are. I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't entirely fond of the lategame.
  4. Oh, that's nice! Thank you! ^^ That is indeed already better than Conquest in that case. Though... I'd consider pretty much anything better than Conquest, to be honest.
  5. It's your favorite game. It happens! I could write walls of text about Nights of Azure, too. If people cared, that is Oh! Well, in that case, I will retract that statement about it!
  6. Discredit Cold Steel all you want: This never gets old. xD --- Ah, yes. Playing Berwick Saga. That thing I gave up on because PS2 emulation is complete horseplop on my system. Come to think of it... A lot of games and game series that are beloved around here, I'm... not exactly fond of Xenoblade 2 wasn't for me, neither in its gameplay, nor entirely in its story (it was good until Chapter 6, then it just lost me completely for some reason) The Trails series didn't grab me at all in the end, and not even Sky FC saved it for me. I still haven't finished it, and I confess, I don't really feel like doing so, either. Fates Conquest is by far my least favorite game of all time. At least with Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Redux or Persona 4 Golden, two other candidates for my least favorite game bracket, I can still at least say that the combat, music and partially the story were good/interesting enough, even if the dungeons (in Strange Journey) and characters for the most part (in Persona 4 Golden) were complete garbage. With Fates Conquest, aside from a few very minor things, such as neat skill ideas (although those do not apply solely to Conquest, but Fates in its entirety, and while I absolutely do not like the characters, which turns me off from ever playing it again, Birthright, at least, I found kind of fun to play), I struggle to find a single good thing to say about it. Then again, this also applies to the mainline Pokémon games. But those didn't nearly frustrate me as much as Conquest did. In fact, there was a time when I liked these, but nowadays, I'm like "Why?" And Berwick Saga is one of those games where reading about it made me go "yeah, this won't be for me in all likelyhood." After dropping FE4 and FE5, the name Kaga alone makes me anxious about it, but the final nail in the coffin for me was that it was compared to Fates Conquest, gameplay-wise. The comparison "like Fates Conquest", even when it's meant as praise, is about as foreboding a sentence to me as someone saying "hey, is your nuclear reactor supposed to be making that noise?"
  7. Is incorrect. She's just one of my favorite characters.
  8. Also, random music post of the day: I want to play Dynasty Warriors 7 for the music alone... but my stupid PS3 doesn't work anymore, and the PS4 has no backwards compatibility, which is a huge Richard Relocation on Sony's part.
  9. Banned for chugging Mega Potions. That stuff is rare! ... until you can buy them, anyway.
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