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  1. There were negative class rates in Shadow Dragon and New Mystery, but those made more sense because of Reclassing being a thing.
  2. That map was always lokwey disappointing since he was a promoted unit and since he was alone and so far away I thought his stats would all be fucking jacked to compensate, but alas.
  3. Celica: "Alm, you're a megalomaniacal ass that's high on ego. You're being ruthless, xenophobic, and an all-around cunt for declaring war on Rigel and further defying the sacred pact between Mila and Duma." Alm: "Celicaaaaa that's meaaaannnnn, you're a bully,,, I'm telling Gramps on youuuu" I love Alm but I gotta pick on him at least a little for his lack of a comeback game.
  4. I had forgotten that Saber had the same VA as Dio and that took me off guard. I started expecting a WRYYYYYYYY or a HINJAKU HINJAKU
  5. This goes for Gaiden as well, I guess, but how do spells work if they are learned at a very late level, such as Silque's Invoke? Is it based on an internal level or would she need to make it to Lv.18 Saint if she promoted too early?
  6. On paper, Kliff and Fae will be the best simply because Kliff's growths on top of his awesome spell cache make him an amazing Mage, and he's the only one until Luthier shows up, so he has a bit of a monopoly on wizardry. Fae will be default amazing because she can be either a Falcon Knight/10 or she can get excellent White Magic (such as Fortify) as a Cleric.
  7. Oh really? And how are they toxic? We like Atlas for various reasons, and we want to use him in game. I'm sorry that it's so "Toxic" to want to use a well-designed character and for wanting to maximize their usefulness in Echoes. If you don't want to see "Toxic MAGA discussions", then maybe you shouldn't open a thread specifically for the discussion of making Atlas usable, and you most certainly shouldn't comment in it if you find it so abhorrent. I'm certain you don't want to be associated with this "Toxic" topic in any way. So your contributions to this topic are unfounded and therefore worthless. Thank you for admitting it.
  8. Eh, we still don't know how late Conrad joins, Cav!Atlas could still be good as a backup unit, one that can travel really far and do that extra bit of damage in a pinch.
  9. Voted for Luthier and Mathilda for Alm and Leon and Sonia for Celica.
  10. Yeah, that's just the issue with Atlas, Mercenary is the best class for him as it helps with his Speed but there are already plenty of frankly better Mercenaries in Celica's route and they would all be fighting over the good Swords. Mage could be interesting, as he would be a total nuke, but again there are so many Mages in Celica's party... I think that perhaps the best class for him would be Cavalier or Soldier, as neither are plentiful and both have a Third Tier promotion. With his huge Str stat, he wouldn't need Weapons as much as others, and could maybe get away with running the Speed Ring to patch his atrocious Spd up?
  11. Ever since his new design was revealed, everybody has become increasingly hype to see Atlas's stats in the hopes that this awesomely designed badass would have the stats to back up his formidable appearance. Unfortunately, he seems to be very similar to Gaiden Atlas, which is... Not too good. His growths are all reeeeeaaally low except for Strength and HP, and those will only take you so far, unfortunately. So, I pose the question implied by the title of the topic: How do you plan to make Atlas great again usable in Echoes?
  12. Yeah, Warp is bonkers in this game, and I remember my Barons, particularly Forsythe, being absolute monsters. Forsythe was great because he actually had enough Speed to double most things, and those he couldn't double weren't a threat since he was taking 1 damage from everything.
  13. Oh, really?? I never noticed, I remember seeing Bow Knight but I don't remember Gold Knight or Baron or Dread Fighter or anything.
  14. A bit of a request, but could we see map sprites of the classes? I'm interested in what they will do for Dread Fighter and other Tier Threes.
  15. Me @ Half these portraits: "Bitch who the fuck" Also holy shit were growth rates buffed
  16. So you're telling me that I can hand Valbar a fucking fork and he will shed his armor and become a common villager I like this idea
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