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  1. I held first place in this longer than my parents held me through my life
  2. https://www.strawpoll.me/19320713/ This is a Poll to Start off Fire Emblem February for my channel This is Rom Hacks with More than 7 Chapters, Another list will be made for Fangames (As well as games transitioning into fangames)
  3. I do have a lot of the same issues with FE12, personally, as far as the story goes. This topic isn't about FE12, though, so I didn't think to bring it up
  4. Check the website before you ask a question.
  5. Let me go ahead and say my problems with both of them. In Awakening, the story seems rushed. While I'm still blind to the 3DS era, I can't give criticism on gameplay, I will say that the gameplay does seem to have a lot of the same issues Sacred Stones Has: it's too easy to grind and have a capped team way earlier than intended, and this tones the difficulty down A LOT. Take a look at Blazing Sword (FE7) compared to Sacred Stones in difficulty. unless you Arena abuse through everything, FE7 is harder than FE8. This is also true for the increased stat totals for Awakening and Fates. Every unit is viable, and while this certainly isn't a problem (Pick your team as YOU want to play), it also knocks difficulty down a bit. A lot of the criticism in Awakening is due to the Avatar character, though. The game revolves around them being a main character, as opposed to them being important. This can be done fairly, but the Avatar feels too important to older players, who enjoy watching the story, as opposed to heading it. In Fates, the story is horrible. It revolves around how important Corrin is, and every character depends on the idea that Corrin has to be flawless in every aspect. While they try to give some characterization, it's mostly a failed attempt (A good example being Peri and Xander's supports). The final piece that I have to say is the Casual/Classic Debate; the idea of Casual Mode teaches players to play more recklessly, and it turns a lot of people away from the older Fire Emblem Games. And while newer players may complain about Elitists bitching about deaths and restarting anyways, they learn to strategize better. In a lot of older Fire Emblem games, this trial and error method felt better to the player than a simple "Oh, Raven died. I'll get him next chapter." The idea of taking away a punishment that teaches the players to play smarter, especially to the players who learned and adapted, seems unfair to new players. In conclusion, both games aren't bad, but they are lackluster for Fire Emblem games, and that's why they get a lot of hate from "elitists." Some dislike the new mechanics, but overall, many of the ideas that made the games more popular are more punishing to newer players, and frustrating for older players.
  6. Fire Emblem Rom Hacking is a lot like OoT in that case. Once you pick up something, such as eventing, you tend to keep the general idea of how to do it.
  7. added to LP list. This looks really interesting, especially for a beginner Rom Hacker. The portraits could use some work. Edit: On second thought, there's only the prologue. It looks interesting, but I feel like you're using outdated tools
  8. Questions would be a better place to ask this, soley because it actually involves questions like this for people who know very little
  9. I'll just make the entire fangame for like $600 tbh. If you want me to make the animations though, I'd have to charge at least $40 per animation. Probably more since I'm gonna have to learn how to do it
  10. Higher bars = better for you lower bars = worse for you medium bars = You're using Jeigan in the mid game
  11. He meant to give it 1 use so that you don't start on a bad note Also nice Cassius fix, wonder who did that
  12. Chapter 1 Okay, so I really liked this chapter, though I had a few problems with the physical map, one being that the village you're meant to seize doesn't have a fence to the east; it has the roof tiles of the next house. Chapter Two will either be out Saturday or Tuesday
  13. @Nimbus Next time, edit your post instead of making two posts. Also, this wasn't meant to be a serious Rom Hack, so a game breaking item isn't that big of a deal. I think this was meant to be the creator's personal Joke hack and he decided to post it on a whim.
  14. Go one by one through the patches you used, slowly stacking them until you recreate the issue, find the last patch you applied, and decide whether it's important enough to keep in the Rom Hack and see which patch it conflicts with (Which is probably gonna be the convoy limit 200 patch). You can live without 200 items in the convoy, but in 2018, as a Rom Hack Developer, can you live without the skills system or the Str/Mag split? No? Can't live without 200 items? Find what the patch changes and see if you can repoint something to another spot in the rom.
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