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  1. Niime, cause she lives on a mountain? I'd be surprised if anyone recognizes my current profile/avatar.
  2. Glad to hear it! Yeah, some of the game's ones can be a little bit bland or short, but it was also the first game with supports, so I give it a little leeway with that, in addition to the localization thing you mentioned. Doesn't mean there's not some really good ones in there. One last thing before you switch games, do you ever post stats of your endgame teams? I always really enjoy seeing how people's units turn out compared to averages, and where RNG blessings/screwings happen.
  3. Oh, meant to add one more thought regarding the endings and lack of paired endings. Since they hadn't really invented them yet for anyone outside of Roy's wives, I just tend to head-canon a bunch of them, since there are some support chains that make no sense that there wouldn't be a paired ending. Maybe they wanted to play it safe in case a unit died or something, or perhaps the idea just hadn't popped up yet? Again, outside of Roy's potential wives.
  4. I'd forgotten about this one entirely, and re-reading it also reminds me of Hugh x Raigh.
  5. Congrats on the finish! I meant to be posting a bit more for the last few chapters, but it just kinda got away from me. Glad to see you overall seem to have enjoyed the game though. Was gonna say one thing back on Chapter 21; while it's got some questionable decisions with the reinforcements and I'm not sure what the heck happened regarding Gale's wonky and unpredictable AI, I've always really loved the chapter. Just something about the feel of it. I like the huge map, the tons of reinforcements make it feel like Bern's throwing everything of their main force at you to stop you here, with General Murdock/Murdoch waiting for you at the end, you get a ton of deployment slots, I'm partial to the music here, etc. It just hits a lot of notes that make me both love it and look back on it with fondness, while at the same time dreading any potential resets while playing it. Regarding Fae, if I haven't used her at all prior I'll usually feed her enough Manaketes in the final chapter room crawl to max her out, since her super effectiveness makes it pretty easy to get her some kills. Like I mentioned earlier, I strongly suggest checking out at least a few of the supports for the game you didn't see. Lugh x Miledy is nice for both characters (and Chad x Ellen hits a similar vibe), most of Raigh and Niime's are good, you'd probably enjoy Fae's, and while you didn't use them, Igrene x Astore is usually considered one of the better support chains in the series.
  6. Have a Lugh, to support with Elen or Hugh and give you a little more leeway early game! I thought about doing Juno but I feel she'd just be too much to trouble to be able to accomplish anything fun in HM without pouring stat boosters in to her. Still, if I get a second choice might go her or Dorothy. Not too far off from having a whole squad of people who can at least get some support partner. Fir has the most options with Bartre, Shin and Rutger. Even if you aren't doung a lets play on this, are you gonna update at all with progress on how our choices are doing?
  7. Nice clear, cool seeing Seliph get some good use and seeing someone else use Wolt. Pent put in some nice work too! Glad mine was able to help you out some. I've been really happy with fox tome Ewan so far, and Lugh's been a mainstay since I started this game about a year ago, though his usual support partner of Idunn didn't make it in for this one. Speaking of, the two of them got some great use as I went back and beat Julia's Abyssal as well, with Lugh even barely tanking Julia for me, twice. Took a little help from Distant Guard, but still.
  8. So this is actually my first lhb abyssal clear. I don't usually try them, but felt like this one would be possible after a sorta mishmash team worked in infernal, just had to make one substitution to bring in Wolt, and switch Nils' seal to distant guard. This is making me want to try to clear some if the others now!
  9. Sorry for the extra post, it wasn't letting me edit to add in my little bit of replies to past posts. Apologies to mods if I shouldn't do this!
  10. While I really like their A support and the two are two of my favorite characters (Lugh being my favorite in the series), I'd check out a few of their other supports as well, especially Lugh x Miledy/Milady. Poor Garret, never got a chance. Don't kill off Hugh too! Curious to hear how you handle good ol' Dougy come next chapter. On a site note, haven't really been commenting much but I've been enjoying reading through this so far! FE6 is my favorite in the series, partly due to a few characters, probably partly due to some of the effort it took to get it all those years ago, as I actually imported a cartridge and played it on my GBA.
  11. There should have been a Flux tome in one of the chests this chapter, did you end up getting that one?
  12. Thank you! That means a lot to me, especially right now when things mentally for me have been really hard. I'm hoping to actually have an update here in the next few weeks. I've had the chapter played for a good while now, but haven't gotten around to doing anything with text
  13. Hi! New to posting anything heroes related, but figured I'd share a few of my +10s that don't have any added yet on here. My series favorite, just barely got him +10'd off this latest tempest trial banner an hour before it ended. He's been a staple on my main team ever since I got my first copy; got him to +5 on his debut banner, and got the next 5 copies off the TT banner with some very good luck, a lot of grinding CC/squad assault, and the first two of the black friday deals. His B slot switches between Atk Feint and Quick Riposte, though I'm considering something like Guard or another skill to throw in there and I'd happily take any other ideas. C slot might also change at some point to a wave or something, but I'm unsure. Secondly, had to get his brother in here! Once his refine came around I'd wanted to build Raigh too, and ended up saccing an Owain to him to go for a bond build. Currently just getting a boost to all stats (+7 if next to one ally), but I'm really considering some switches to his build (Fury, more specialization in bonds, distant defense, etc.). His C slot is super placeholder atm as I need to find something better, but so far he's proven pretty dang useful for me! Need to get a pic, but I'll have to share my +10 Tailtiu as well, as she was actually my first +10.
  14. Seeing other people do it and this coming up on the finale, I'm gonna try and finally binge it this this week if I can get the time, maybe on my remote work day. Doubt I'll finish before next update, but oh well! I also feel like I need to bring back what I feel was my one important contribution to the whole thread. https://youtu.be/h5p5PvYGB4w
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