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  1. You know, super shortly after you posted that last update was when I decided to take a quick skim through it and see how things were going, with the thoughts going through my head being "Man last time I did a quick skim he wasn't doing too badly and not many people had died!" And now I come in to see The Roger The Paladin has sadly fallen. Noooooo how could you! His name is my middle name and everything! And wow that sucks that you have to lose Mel too, and on such a tiny chance of it as well. At the very least, I'm glad to see Garo doing so well! You better not get him killed now too, you hear? Also I see Lee at least dead on a certain route too and man some of the people I wanted used aren't doing so hot are they? I still need to fully catch up and do a lot of the story reading, though I've done some brief skimming here and there and seen some of it at least, especially the OC scenes. I fully plan on catching up and reading stuff, so looking forward to diving back in once (if) I get some good time.
  2. Well a day or two turned into a week since I didn't finish before going out of town, but despite that delay, here's the update! And now, on to 12 Eirika! It's not the most exciting chapter, but we've got a handy share of promotions to come!
  3. Don't mind this yet! I'm working on the update and I guess I accidentally hit enter somewhere and it posted mid progress on me (my browser's been weird tonight too). Not gonna delete cause I don't wanna lose it, but the full update should be in the next day or two cause I'm not finishing the write up tonight. EDIT: Full update is in my next post further below!
  4. Jail break time! Had expected to get this out earlier, things are just rather rough on me right now. On a side note, I forgot to mention last update that I actually started playing heroes! Got a new phone with space for it and the FE6 banner was a nice excuse to try it out. I did get Lugh pretty quickly, got Idunn and Thea back to back (plus a few more Idunns), and before the end of the banner I dumped a lot of orbs trying to get Sue to no avail, but I did get 5 more Lughs (and 2 Surtrs) in the process so I'll take the +5 for my favorite character I guess. Haven't spend any money on it outside of getting the $4 starter pack thing and don't plan to spend much if any more. Still having fun with it for now. Alrighty, on to the update then!
  5. Okay, update time! Apologies for the wait, I really need to stop giving estimates of when I'll get the next update out cause life keeps going crazy and things have been kinda rough on me lately. However, I'm determined to see this through so even if some updates take a while, I'm definitely still keeping it going!
  6. Hey all! Should have posted this a little while ago, but just letting you know that, somewhat miraculously, all my stuff managed to get recovered! My momentum had been a bit shot through it all and I've still been crazy busy, but I'm hoping to get the next update and get properly rolling (again) this weekend.
  7. Well, worse news, turns out my computer might just be dead or dying now too, and I don't have a backup of this on another computer (cause I'm an idiot). Still have some things to try and recovery's a thing if it gets to that, but...there's a chance this could be another hiatus, cause if I've ended up losing all my stuff I don't really know what I'd do. Sorry to all you guys who read and reply, and I'll try to keep posted when I figure things out.
  8. Hi all, just a quick check in to let you know it'll be a little delayed on the next update. Just been insane at work including having to overtime a lot last week, in addition to some potential health/medical stuff going on for me lately and a bunch of busy weekends. Sorry I seem to delay a lot these days, but thank you all for the patience!
  9. Alrighty, 11 Ephraim time! I've had most of this chapter done for a while, just work got insane this past week and will be insane for another week or two unfortunately :( But alas, let's go! Chapter 11 time!
  10. Huh, that's odd. Might have been when I copied everything over once I missed yours somehow, cause I remember typing out responses! Thanks for letting me know though. Ah, sorry to disappoint, but I appreciate the critique. Always feel free to let me know what I could be doing better (either here or PMs or whatever), especially with that sort of stuff! I'll get to the rest of this reply on the next update!
  11. Thank one of my friends for that one, actually. I hope you all enjoyed it! That I like magic boomy sparky things, aka elemental things with nice spell animations. I should look up the animation myself, but I hope it's better than some fliers in PoR. They start on the ground, take off, come swooping in...and then just land again in front of them, then swing. Rather than swinging past them with any momentum or anything. It looks awkward...at least to me. If she gets used more I'll continue to call it casual breath. It's just now I'm noticing this game has the 4 weapon 4 item inventory system like PoR does. I've found I both like and dislike it at times. That's...kind of awesome. Again, I'm looking forward to seeing some of the high ranking magic! Reminds me of a bunch of the higher level spells, especially dark, in the GBA games, but the characters can just sidestep, or barely twitch in some cases, and be perfectly fine. Well she got magic faster than Maruj did, didn't she? That whole inserted conversation gave me a good laugh, I love it. I also love when the AI decides not to attack the person in death range. Don't always understand it, but hey, take the small miracles where you can get em! RIP poor soldier dude. You tried, in your own way. And yet, you saved Ruben a lot of trouble, you deserved better. Luckilee he needed the luck. I mean, I feel like this is Plum in a nutshell at this point. Hmm, curious to see more on this, especially since I really like FE7 (though to be fair there's plenty of nostalgia to that). I always appreciate this in these games, where if you don't manage to get the NPC recruited they'll join you if they're alive, at least in the cases where it makes total sense that they would. With the way the pictures are, I just imagine him using that as a very long sword of lightning and dropping it on them from afar. Yeah uh...that's kind of horrible. I know some others mentioned it, but that's going a bit too far there Kaga. I mean every time I see his face on the level up screen it's a slightly entertaining "Oh yeah, you're playable, keep on bein cool Norton." Seems like she's doing pretty well so far. I get these all the time when trying to cap an impact in combat, so yeah they're definitely slow enough to reliably screenshot in the GBA FE's. Makes you wonder why they made the class in the first place. Runan's been earning some personal points here. I love it. Yeah this is the case where I don't think the two scenes flow into each other quite too well, as opposed to the one with Esther from before where it worked a lot better IMO. Unless they build on Sasha being oblivious to this at some point. I make no such promises of punctuality! (Though actually sorry I'm always so late to updates!) Also I did like the scene among all the OCs just portraying them as the sort of family they've become. As for the Flute, I'll go with...don't accept! Not much reason, but so far I like Esther more than Sharon I guess? Unless this just makes her be forever alone, in which case that's a little sad... Outta curiosity, do you get an extended scene at some point if you do either choice? Or will you not see that until the ending?
  12. Nah I'm just behind and been busy. I just finished playing through the next chapter last night though. And by last night I mean I stayed up till 2am cause I wanted to finish it. I should have the update tonight or tomorrow unless I get really busy!
  13. Oh gosh I missed responding to a billion updates! Huh, interesting. I just always use notepad or notepad++ and copy it from there, though I never really stay logged in so that's probably a reason why. Hooray, more to look forward to! True, hadn't realized that it hadn't been a single point yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5p5PvYGB4w For both of you. It's just weird seeing that portrait show up and going "Wait he's one of our guys!" Come to think of it, if you lose Sasha by this point do you get a major change to this conversation or do they just skip stuff? Unless I missed it and Sasha's plot immune. There's something I like in that this conversation happens after one that shows that Esther's already acclimated to the army, making jokes/roasts, kinda showing that she's right at home here. Seeing as it looks like Lee doesn't have any in-game conversation here, do any of the other choice units instead of him get anything here, if you know? Geez the bluntness of this man is something to behold. I like how there's both Fierce Breath and casual Breath, like she just doesn't wanna be fierce sometimes. Is it sad that when I first saw his portrait I thought he looked more playable than Norton. This game's so far doing a lot of things like this that are impressing me design wise, though I'd be annoyed at no xp but it makes sense. Bizarre, but okay then. Too bad her name's not Yulia, warrior of Yr, daughter of Yoda. Or even Juliya. Coming from the competitive side of it (SCIV was my first competitive fighter!), Yoda was actually really bad if you knew the matchup IIRC. He was short, but his movement was terrible, he had a weaker soul gauge than the rest of the cast, and got outranged hard. Course, that didn't stop someone from winning a tourney with him in Canada, but considering most tourneys banned him (and he was Xbox exclusive for a while) it's not surprising nobody would know how to fight him. And looks like I missed the voting, but ah well. I do think it's pretty cool how they handle the route-splitty bits, makes me wish Green let me pick my units on its route split. Granted, could be hard to program in a hack, but still. With the way this game's conversations work, I'm guessing there's some unique conversations for some characters on both routes? Meaning you'd have to re-play (or go read things) for all the possibilities.
  14. Update time! Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day (I'm in Canada at the moment) to all of you! This update took a bit longer than I expected it to. There was a lot more text than I thought there'd be, I had a few original scenes I wanted to do and changed some pre-existing ones up, did some hacking for Fee, and I was slow playing the chapter. Just so you guys know, anytime there's a scene that's not quite a copy-paste from vanilla SS or it involves a character or situation not from the original game, I'm doing at least some (if not entirely) original writing for it. Sometimes I'll throw what's there in google translate to get a vague idea and that can help, but it's not always entirely helpful, or all the original author did was name change and I wanna do more. It's fun this way just a little more work, and I hope when I do end up writing things it's at least okay enough to be passable and you guys enjoy it! Also two things regarding the last few chapters: 1. I completely forgot about the Shield Ring last chapter. You know, that handy item that boosts someone's defense by 5 when holding it? Yeah, that would have been helpful in what turned out to be a quite difficult and stressful chapter. 2. Karin's movement growth! It's 2%. With that, let's move on to the beginning of Ephraim's route! We'll be with him for the next four chapters before going back to Eirika!
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