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  1. Thank you! That means a lot to me, especially right now when things mentally for me have been really hard. I'm hoping to actually have an update here in the next few weeks. I've had the chapter played for a good while now, but haven't gotten around to doing anything with text
  2. Hi! New to posting anything heroes related, but figured I'd share a few of my +10s that don't have any added yet on here. My series favorite, just barely got him +10'd off this latest tempest trial banner an hour before it ended. He's been a staple on my main team ever since I got my first copy; got him to +5 on his debut banner, and got the next 5 copies off the TT banner with some very good luck, a lot of grinding CC/squad assault, and the first two of the black friday deals. His B slot switches between Atk Feint and Quick Riposte, though I'm considering something like Guard or another skill to throw in there and I'd happily take any other ideas. C slot might also change at some point to a wave or something, but I'm unsure. Secondly, had to get his brother in here! Once his refine came around I'd wanted to build Raigh too, and ended up saccing an Owain to him to go for a bond build. Currently just getting a boost to all stats (+7 if next to one ally), but I'm really considering some switches to his build (Fury, more specialization in bonds, distant defense, etc.). His C slot is super placeholder atm as I need to find something better, but so far he's proven pretty dang useful for me! Need to get a pic, but I'll have to share my +10 Tailtiu as well, as she was actually my first +10.
  3. Seeing other people do it and this coming up on the finale, I'm gonna try and finally binge it this this week if I can get the time, maybe on my remote work day. Doubt I'll finish before next update, but oh well! I also feel like I need to bring back what I feel was my one important contribution to the whole thread. https://youtu.be/h5p5PvYGB4w
  4. Ugh, one of them was supposed to be Cammy but I guess I accidentally went with Cathy twice! I might go edit that now, if it lets me.
  5. Alrighty, so 13 Eirika time, a time much feared by me! So I'm probably not quite to the point of being able to do any sort of "regular" updates again yet, but vacation recently gave me a good bit of time and I wanted to progress on this at least a littlebit. I'm hoping I'll be able to do at least one more update relatively soonish, but no promises. EDIT: Turns out this'll be a partial update as I don't have time tonight to finish it, so I'll post the rest here in a few days, probably over the weekend! It'll still probably be a while for the update after that one, but again, I'll do what I can.
  6. Hey guys, just quickly checking in to let you know it may be a bit longer before the next update, though I have started the next chapter. In addition to just being super busy with work, I've also been struggling with both some physical and mental health stuff lately that's been taking a toll on me, and it's been hard to get much work done right now. I hope you guys will remain patient for me, as I still plan to see this thing through, I just feel bad that things are taking longer and longer as I'm just...not in the best place right now. Ya'll are still great and I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of this once I can take care of myself a bit more.
  7. You know, super shortly after you posted that last update was when I decided to take a quick skim through it and see how things were going, with the thoughts going through my head being "Man last time I did a quick skim he wasn't doing too badly and not many people had died!" And now I come in to see The Roger The Paladin has sadly fallen. Noooooo how could you! His name is my middle name and everything! And wow that sucks that you have to lose Mel too, and on such a tiny chance of it as well. At the very least, I'm glad to see Garo doing so well! You better not get him killed now too, you hear? Also I see Lee at least dead on a certain route too and man some of the people I wanted used aren't doing so hot are they? I still need to fully catch up and do a lot of the story reading, though I've done some brief skimming here and there and seen some of it at least, especially the OC scenes. I fully plan on catching up and reading stuff, so looking forward to diving back in once (if) I get some good time.
  8. Well a day or two turned into a week since I didn't finish before going out of town, but despite that delay, here's the update! And now, on to 12 Eirika! It's not the most exciting chapter, but we've got a handy share of promotions to come!
  9. Don't mind this yet! I'm working on the update and I guess I accidentally hit enter somewhere and it posted mid progress on me (my browser's been weird tonight too). Not gonna delete cause I don't wanna lose it, but the full update should be in the next day or two cause I'm not finishing the write up tonight. EDIT: Full update is in my next post further below!
  10. Jail break time! Had expected to get this out earlier, things are just rather rough on me right now. On a side note, I forgot to mention last update that I actually started playing heroes! Got a new phone with space for it and the FE6 banner was a nice excuse to try it out. I did get Lugh pretty quickly, got Idunn and Thea back to back (plus a few more Idunns), and before the end of the banner I dumped a lot of orbs trying to get Sue to no avail, but I did get 5 more Lughs (and 2 Surtrs) in the process so I'll take the +5 for my favorite character I guess. Haven't spend any money on it outside of getting the $4 starter pack thing and don't plan to spend much if any more. Still having fun with it for now. Alrighty, on to the update then!
  11. Okay, update time! Apologies for the wait, I really need to stop giving estimates of when I'll get the next update out cause life keeps going crazy and things have been kinda rough on me lately. However, I'm determined to see this through so even if some updates take a while, I'm definitely still keeping it going!
  12. Hey all! Should have posted this a little while ago, but just letting you know that, somewhat miraculously, all my stuff managed to get recovered! My momentum had been a bit shot through it all and I've still been crazy busy, but I'm hoping to get the next update and get properly rolling (again) this weekend.
  13. Well, worse news, turns out my computer might just be dead or dying now too, and I don't have a backup of this on another computer (cause I'm an idiot). Still have some things to try and recovery's a thing if it gets to that, but...there's a chance this could be another hiatus, cause if I've ended up losing all my stuff I don't really know what I'd do. Sorry to all you guys who read and reply, and I'll try to keep posted when I figure things out.
  14. Hi all, just a quick check in to let you know it'll be a little delayed on the next update. Just been insane at work including having to overtime a lot last week, in addition to some potential health/medical stuff going on for me lately and a bunch of busy weekends. Sorry I seem to delay a lot these days, but thank you all for the patience!
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