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  1. I can't believe I actually forgot to record my clear yesterday, dang it! Was an Archanea clear with Bantu, H!Tiki, Mininerva (HB4, Odd tempest and Galeforce), and Gordin. Once I've got some time I'll have to respond to everyone elses, and can repost some of the older ones I never posted.
  2. Hey all! Apologies I've been gone so long, been a busy and kinda tough last few months, and while I recorded clears for most of the LHB/MHBs that have happened, hadn't posted them or responded to anything since I haven't been on serenes in a bit. I'm gonna have to play catch up and go post some of my past ones, but for now, here's Otr! Twins theme team, with Lugh/Raigh and the brave versions of Eirika and Ephraim! Also showing a new build for Lugh that's just pure offense with a fox tome. @Sasori Very nice and glad to see your Raigh is +10 now! The BB Boys strike again? @Landmaster That gravity effect did great there, and I liked HS!Elise putting in some dual phase work. @Diovani Bressan Great use of the new brave units, that last kill on Marth was particularly satisfying. @BoaFerox That was clean, and hopefully with a refine coming up S!Tana will be able to participate herself a little more! I liked TA to get the kill on Otr too. @NSSKG151 Impressive as usual, you think you'll get OG Anna up to 20 flowers at some point? Nice to see her taking point on this one too. @GuiltyLove Some very close calls, but flier buffs still coming in clutch. Always fun to see the huge + numbers there on Lilith too (and see her get used). @Some Jerk Dancers still can't be stopped! Maybe we'll get lucky and smolzura will be the only dancer to get a refine. @Alexmender Otr's army stopped by the immovable force of two twins. Even unmerged those two + their support were great, even with some very close calls there. @SatsumaFSoysoy I like this team comp a lot, and always nice to see a recently upgraded unit like L!Lyn get some love. @Xenomata Well I can certainly say I believe in B!Marth now. Very nice +10!
  3. Glad to make it back again after I missed posting last month! I just moved, so it was pretty busy all over and still getting used to things, but I did manage to record a last minute clear on Ashera I'll post later. For now though, I actually ended up getting my first 1-turn clear, and with a very happy new +10 to boot! Definitely took support for the one turn, but really the problem was just getting Ewan to that spot while still having allies nearby to buff him, so Peony's and F!Nino's movement helped with that, and of course Tethys is always there to help her bro. @Jugdral Lover/iggy/Safer Very nice theme clear! Silvia did good tanking what she needed, and it's nice seeing people like Jamke put in work too. Hopefully he'll be getting a refine before too long. @Some Jerk It makes me really happy to see someone using Larum, and she put in quite the work! Seeing the Eldigan with that much speed was also surprising, and Silvia put in fantastic work as usual! @Diovani Bressan Both clears were impressive, I always forget just how much damage Claude reduces, and it was nice seeing Elincia in there too. @Alexmender Another pair of impressive clears. Eirika didn't even break a sweat here, so here's hoping she'll be able to still hold up at least every once in a while! @GuiltyLove I'm happy to see you got a few copies of Bride Catria! I ended up maxing Juno from that banner and someday I wanna use her and her husband for a clear. On the first clear I really liked seeing the Lilith, she didn't even need special to kill Byleth! @Sasori Man seeing the boys survive what looked like multiple onslaughts was impressive, good thing Raigh is boosted by them all huddling together! Morgan looked pretty helpful too, and that Astra from Raigh was pretty satisfying. Chad's a wall as usual too.
  4. Initial clear was Lugh/Idunn again, but I wanted to try something out and ended up spending a lot longer than I should have trying to get it down to 2 turns. Time for favorite redhead siblings again, showcasing a new build I've wanted to do on Ewan for a while. I still really wanna get 3 more copies to finish him, and then I may change his boon to +def. Newly refined Hinoka was mostly there for support, and helped get just enough stats to down everything on enemy phase of turn 2 (was coming 1 hp short on the blue cav). Mia was mostly there for just special denying and providing a tiny bit of chip. @Some Jerk Dancer clear is impressive once again! Seeing that +29 defense on Eldigan was fun. Could he not have finished the blue archer at 6 HP on the second to last turn? @Alexmender That second clear was kind of hilarious, I love it. First was also very nice and Tsubasa/Hilda had a lot of fun, I always like seeing mage Eirika too! @BoaFerox Impressive Tana clear, good showcase for new mini-Tana and happy summer got to hop in for a kill too. Also neat seeing a different special on Leif. Good luck hunting to finish the little one! @GuiltyLove The Catrias are always great together, and B!Miccy put in a lot of work too. Even if she didn't get in as much combat, at least Nino's also a really good support now too. @NSSKG151 I see your Anna clear and raise you an (almost) all redhead clear! I really like how the kills were distributed evenly between the 3 Annas, great 1-turn! @Sasori Hey, Lyon's not an orphan yet. Nice showing of him though, and as usual Chad the mad lad tanks like no tomorrow. I though about using Raigh to kill Sigurd, so glad someone else did it. He definitely put in work too, while it seems Lugh mostly played support. @Landmaster Elise Emblem still unstoppable so far. Good call on the odd recovery there. Two quick questions: What was the music you used, and did Summer Elise get either of the two recent seasonal green tomes added to her collection?
  5. Actually got two clears this time! First felt a little cheesy with Idunn using her new save skill, so I wanted to do another one and ended up with a cav team of Jagen, Wolt, S!Lilina and newly +10'd L'aRachel, and was more proud of this clear! In the first, Lugh also gets to try some new toys with Pulse Smoke and Amity Blossoms, I was trying to use Plegian Torch at first but Blossoms worked better here. And now here's the second with the cav team! Replies:
  6. Tiki decided to help the two younger brothers trying to protect their older dancer sisters! Really thought I'd have to use Tiki to hurt or kill Claude, but when things play out like this Ewan was able to just get the kill himself. Definitely helped that both he and his sister had enough res to dodge the sabotages, which was part of why I went with them in trying to figure this one out. Happy Nils got to see a little combat this time too! @Maaka Is it bad I got excited seeing OG Fir for a sec before she just repo'd? Also sheesh, Bartre just barely managing that kill on Claude. Good stuff as usual! @Diovani Bressan Man that's some nice thinking downgrading Freyja's weapon, very nice 1-turn. @Alexmender That's an interesting Norne build, especially with having Guard Bow. The snipe on Claude was quite satisfying, and I like seeing V!Silque too. The Eirika clear was also just fantastic and it's fun seeing the big numbers on her now. @GuiltyLove Maybe not the usual fun PP build, but seeing Catria tank all that stuff was a fun change of pace. Fly Nino's refine is really nice too, I need to use mine more. @Landmaster Man nothing can stop the Elises, and OG Elise always impresses me, especially since she can't get a damaging special. That near exact kill on Claude too! Now that seasonal refines are a thing I'm sure you're hoping S!Elise gets one at some point too eh? @Sasori Looking forward to seeing Lex/Azelle someday, I'm pairing my Azelle with Tailtiu and hoping to use them both in a clear sometime. She was my first +10 actually and I haven't used her for one of these yet. Happy to see you get a successful shot with the orphans and their new friend, your Raigh has the skills I wish mine had. Lugh's enjoying that new tome, mine's definitely liking his new Plegian Torch. Nice seeing Siegbert get some love too. @Flying Shogi Nino putting in good work as always, and I like seeing Reinhardt with the AOE special there. @SatsumaFSoysoy Certainly wouldn't want to run into that team in an arena run, great as usual! @Some Jerk Silviadoser indeed. I had similar problems getting Ewan to double (and survive) Claude, but all the pieces came together nicely after working on it a while. @NSSKG151 Very nice on both clears, another satisfying Deadeye snipe, and nice to see Raven there too!
  7. Took a bit of time to figure out, but did this with a Jugdral theme team! New Asbel got to get taken for a spin, and L!Leif enjoyed all the fliers and the support from his parents. Initially tried with Growing Wind, but blazing ended up nicer for the damage, and flame was mostly to hit the horse bow so Leif could finish him. Given the map, people ended up lined up quite a bit anyways, so it worked out. I do wanna eventually fix D!Quan's atk bane, and D!Ethlyn has been very nice in general, plus I love her art. @Diovani Bressan I wasn't quite sure how you were gonna pull off a 1-turn with that team, but I forgot about two different duo skills. Very nice clear, with 3 blues too! @NSSKG151 Another nice Anna clear, it made me happy seeing OG Anna be the one to take out Seiros! @Alexmender Nice work from everyone there! Makes me wanna refine my horse Eirika too. Also hoping she nabs CYL this time! @SatsumaFSoysoy That Masked Marth is really something, nice seeing such an old TT unit be so effective. I actually started late enough I don't even have one. @GuiltyLove I gotta bite the bullet and get Myrrh DC and maybe a merge from the manual currently available, and also refine her. Maybe even Bownoka too, bet you're happy with that refine! @Some Jerk That Leanne is really something! Makes me wanna try some of this with Jagen tanking dragons that aren't Seiros. Silvia enjoying that new Katana too. @Landmaster I should have expected red Elise would have the bucket! Pretty great performance from all units like usual, a couple close calls there too. @Sasori Hooray for another Asbel use, and Roy really put in a lot of work here. I do need to build mine eventually. @Maaka Seems like there's no abyssal that trio can't handle. Hopefully one of these soon will get OG Fir get some action again. @SuperNova125 I need to remember I can use Brammimond outside of just AR-D and that he's amazing. Good team! @Jugdral Lover/iggy/Safer Nice mostly Jugdral clear! Seliph there just no selled that blue windsweep lance pretty hard. Cool seeing Jamke too.
  8. Meant to get this posted earlier, but here we go! Went with an FE6 clear team and got to take Guinevere and Melady for a spin! Also really happy I finally used Lugh+Idunn together in an abyssal, they're basically my oldest content clearing duo in this game. Lugh's also got some new toys to play around with for some new builds.
  9. Well, Lugh gets to go to town with some fancy new toys! Forgive the extra sound and feel free to mute, almost forgot to record this before it expired and there were other things going on when I did, I believe a friend playing RE: Umbrella Chronicles actually. @Flying Shogi I always like seeing more people go for this theme, the Nino family can always use more love. I was initially gonna try mirror matches as well, but decided to just make Lugh solo it after giving him a bunch of new skills. @Diovani Bressan I like the fairie clear, was curious to see who would get to keep dance. @Sasori I see your Chad solo and raise you this Lugh one! I first tried with the meme green egg + miracle build, but couldn't get that to do a solo, so went with this instead. @Maaka Nice to see Bartre also has fun new toys. I might be crazy, but I feel like the pink axe kinda works with his color scheme. @Landmaster Yeah, nice save with the gravity effect there. @GuiltyLove
  10. Finally getting around to posting mine. Peony and Mirabilis decided to hire a few dark mages to exorcise the Nightmares, and so Raigh and Rhajat team up and get to work. Comments below:
  11. I'm sympathetic to all the people who were looking forward to Resplendent Lucina and got that. Lugh's my favorite FE character and I pretty much hate his and Raigh's art, W!Fae is the only one I really like from that artist.
  12. Did this extremely last minute too, but it kind of turned into a Raigh + support...solo? @Sasori I always like seeing the Trio, and it's cool seeing Hexblade get good use. I need to get my Raigh a better C-Slot one of these days. @Flying Shogi Nice way to bait out the red mage. I just had to use Milla to Isolate him. I do have a single Xane I need to promote some time. @Maaka Man I'm just always impressed by the family 1-turn clears! @SatsumaFSoysoy I really wish I had some of that fodder for my Sophia, I've really gotta figure out something better to do with my +10 one. @Diovani Bressan I'm sad I never got a Y!Caeda while +10ing Y!Marth, she just looks so good and versatile. @LordFrigid Sheesh seeing Caeda just EP most of it is impressive.
  13. Finally got around to doing this one very late, but here's the clear! This team just kinda managed to come together cause I wanted Bantu + new Tiki and is mostly not finished people. Bantu is freshly +10'd, I literally pulled Tiki the last day of this LHB, and I have no idea what build I'm doing long term for Cecilia and her Atk+3 is super filler. @Some Jerk I love this, it's awesome seeing a full dancer clear and watching them all pull their weight. Your Sylvia especially is really something. That ICBN is great on the first one too, I need to pull out my own Nino more. @Sasori Now that staff refines are a thing, we've gotta get a Lucius + Orphans clear once he gets his. That Abyssal clear was sweet too, Titania barely surviving Dimitri and very methodically building up Lilina's special! @LordFrigid That one turn was impressive, even Seth got to contribute in combat and of course Winter Sothis can rather easily take care of Dimitri! @GuiltyLove Sheesh that V!Catria is just so powerful. Feel like I've said it before but it's still true, especially with nuking the 99 HP Armor without much support. @Landmaster And the Elises strike again! How often do you think you'll see yourself using her refine, or do you think you'll stick with Palm Staff mostly? @SatsumaFSoysoy Interesting mixup seeing Brave Celica going EP. On another note, that's a Macross Frontier song right? @Maaka Seeing Bartre just utterly punk Dimitri like that was very satisfying, I'd been more expecting Fir to be the one to kill him for some reason. @NSSKG151 I'd be okay with a magic Anna alt, and I'm also okay with Jill being an honorary Anna. What's the song BTW? @Diovani Bressan I was actually trying to avoid using my Y!Merric or Ewan this time again just to mix it up a little, but was definitely considering him to deal with Dimitri. I like seeing Nowi with Water Breath too, and I'd considered it for Bantu, who's build I really need to finalize. @Flying Shogi It's cool seeing just how much Nino can accomplish even with fairly simple/non-premium builds. I feel like I always underestimate AOE specials.
  14. This one didn't take too too long, mostly just had to figure out how to deal with the first turn or two and go from there. I wanted to bait out Plumeria turn 1, and my answer to that turned out to be my newly +10'd...Jagen! He might just be the mvp on this one. I don't think these two pairs have been used together yet, but was happy to get to use the redhead siblings again as well, and Y!Marth is always very helpful. Ewan (along with Cecilia, who I need to figure out a build for) is now rocking a summoner support as well, finally using up my other two feh pass slots until I unsub at some point. @GuiltyLove The fact that you just left Plumeria to her own devices really surprises me, I thought she'd be the scariest thing here and wanted to get rid of her asap. Nice job! @Landmaster I really liked the enemies kinda roadblocking themselves and even getting into a small reposition loop there. There's also just something about summer Elise taking a hit to the face and responding with "This is fun!" as she shoots out a wolf head. @daisy jane That squad is just so powerful, and again I'm jealous of these spendthrift Nornes! @Some Jerk I really like the squad you've got for this, and nice to see new dance Eldigan get some nice use. @Flying Shogi This is definitely making me wanna finally make my own AOE mage, only person I've really got set up for any of that is Igrene, and that's her default anyways. @LordFrigid Those Caeda one turns just never cease to be impressive, nice one as usual! @Maaka Same to you and the Bartres! Also nice to see flying Axezura there too. @NSSKG151 While she didn't see too much combat this time, I'm glad to see OG Anna has all 15 flowers and that fancy new C-slot now. @Sasori
  15. @GuiltyLove @Flying Shogi H!Hector was mostly useful in that initial clear of stuff on the right side, and his duo skill was used at the beginning there to make the healer heal Corrin instead of attacking Thea (who would leave the healer with 1 HP 😑), so that the red dagger would go after her instead of moving right. Mini Merric definitely pulled out the clutch, while new Thea was a lot of fun. She's not as physically tanky as she was before (had Vanguard and Steady Stance 4), but inflicting potentially up to -16 (I think) attack is pretty fun, and she can definitely be a bit more offensive now too.
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