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I'm kinda old, and kinda uncool. I graduated college with an English degree, so I tend to be old-fashioned in regards to the internet's cavalier use of my mother tongue. I don't have as much free time as I used to, but I have a lovely wife and a reeeeeeeally cute kid, so I guess that balances out. I can say from firsthand experience that living abroad can cause a great deal of personal growth and self-awareness. I believe that knowing a lot about one specific thing and knowing a little bit about everything are not mutually exclusive. I firmly believe that unfettered capitalism is ruining America. I have made many mistakes in my life so far, and will make more. I can only hope that I will have the introspective capability to learn from them.

I currently have two role models, one fictional and one real person.

The fictional character is a man named Jean Tannen, of the Gentleman Bastards. Like me he'll never be skinny, but that hasn't stopped him from being the most physically capable person you'll ever meet, and he has a good head for numbers, and enjoys a good book.

My other big role model is President Barack Obama. We have almost nothing in common, but we were both born in Hawaii, so Island Pride! In spite of having the highest public office in the land, he has never stopped being a humble, kind, open-minded, and humorous person.

Um, I guess I should put something about Fire Emblem or videogames or something in here, so uh... I really enjoy 90s JRPGs, and I wish AAA publishers weren't trying so hard to kill single-player games.

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