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  1. Ganonchu > Sonichu. Wait, this isn't a Brawl joke is it? GOD DAMN IT
  2. At least you aren't the most paranoid person in this round. IT'S LIKE WHAT I'VE SAID CAN BE USED BY THE MAFIA. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK YOU'RE ALL IN ON THIS But really Lux is obvious.
  3. At least we know that Spoon won't make hints that obvious.
  4. I know But knowing CATS, he'd love to twist this one out of proportion. "Oh well its his fault that he got a villager killed". No it isn't. It's somebody else's interpretation that got a villager killed.
  5. Relevant to topic: Used to describe Luke. Dunno if it applies directly to him or not. It also appears that he was a townie. But I digress... Foul mouth. A day ago we also had a clue pertaining to a "large man". What is loud and very large?
  6. For the record, I didn't suggest AT ALL to lynch Luke. Either town made a mistake- again- or mafia has taken advantage of me. FUCK ME
  7. Maybe we're in DREAAAAAMLAAAAAND. Also, just a question to you all, I want to change my display name to Hakan, The Oil Wrestler but I don't know if this will completely collapse all of SF in a display of awesomeness. y/n?
  8. http://ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/35905/super-street-fighter-iv/videos/ssf4_trl_trailer_30810.html http://ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/35905/super-street-fighter-iv/videos/ssf4_trl_hakan_juri_30810.html LOOKS LIKE ITS TIME TO OIL UP
  9. It really IS a bird. He's only ever hawkhaired or bald.
  10. Fepic eail. I told you guys we should've gone for Lux. ...... How are we talking during night time anyway?
  11. I just hope a 3-13 has the brains to off him while he's alive. And I just KNOW I'm going to get picked by some dipshit 3-13.
  12. IMO it seems better today if we lynch Lux. At least LFF hasn't done anything GLARINGLY obvious to cast suspicion onto himself.
  13. Like I said, either noob scum or noob town. Oh my, it seems I have cornered your logic CATS. You know how you state earlier that: If what I am doing is considered nonconstructive, like outing a possible suspect (LFF), then what do you consider Lux's initial half-assed claim?
  14. His last game lasted quite a while and his hints were incredibly subtle. For the most part.
  15. So your argument isn't even a flaw in MY argument. Just throwing out terms like "over-analytical" doesn't mean it is. And being defensive is a BIG part of playing Mafia. It helps you defend yourself from an unjust lynch, assuming you aren't mafia. At any rate, I'm only being "analytical" because Lux did something incredibly stupid; cast a weird looking stone into a shallow lake. By that I mean he is RL'ing Freohr based on something that is completely irrelevant to what Spoon mentioned. I'm sorry CATS, I'll try not to help town more often next time.
  16. Pretty much. Spoon pretty much pointed out that he likes putting hints in the murder scenes; evidence from Round 2 supports that. Personally, Lux seems more scummy to me and I haven't truly been on anyone else's ass. Also, today's lynch tells us plenty of things depending on the outcome. But I don't CATS's panties in any more of a bunch then they are. All I can comment is that Lux is either nooby scum or nooby town. Either way...
  17. Oh and what are your theme ideas?
  18. Haar isn't blue. Shinon isn't blue. Reyson isn't blue. WAT
  19. Red October standing by. Red Baron standing by. The Amazing Red standing by. Red Eagle standing by. Red Ken standing by.
  20. This is completely unrelated to the game in any sort of way: Pride, your signature gif amuses me to no end.
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