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  1. Skills will never stack this way in fe8u skill systems. You either have the skill or you don't. Sorry.
  2. I don't mean to hijack this thread any further, but yes you can follow the progress of pokemblem with the above link or by joining the discord. Personally I want the gameplay to feel like fire emblem, but with a sparse, comical story. If you'd like to provide suggestions or feedback for my hack specifically, you can find me with the aforementioned links. I am always open to ideas. :)
  3. Naturally unbiased. Glad you've been enjoying them. I look forward to your MAFC entry, then! Edit: 1h Blitz round one has wrapped up. Mafc5 is happening now, and eventually I hope for 1hB round two. Majority of the activity has happened over on feuniverse, so I've been only posting occasionally to this thread.
  4. @AnonymousSpeed Here's your entry, which is the final one for round 1 of 1h Blitz. The writing in this is solid! How much cheating went on, I wonder.. On the other hand, the gameplay lacked polish, true to 1h blitz, so you can't have cheated *that* much (on the combat, at least). I did have fun with it, but I would definitely suggest that you try a much smaller map next time! In a couple days I'll post the poll(s) to the thread over on feuniverse so we can vote on our favourite. If you missed any and want to skim over any of the videos, here's the full playlist. Thanks for the entries, everyone!
  5. Make A Fun Chapter ~~ V ~~ With the success of 15 entries for 1H Blitz, I’ve decided to take up this contest for now as well. I hope to alternate between the two every few months. History We can learn from what has worked well and build on this to create an awesome, positive contest. General Deadlines: January & July : MAFC April & October : 1H Blitz (Yes, 1H Blitz is awaiting further videos & a final poll, but MAFC takes longer to prepare! Deadlines may vary to avoid conflicts with FEE3.) Guidelines: Rule of Thirties Playable in 30 minutes or less I have a short attention span I may be slower than you! As the creator, you should be able to beat it in 20 minutes. 30 or fewer enemies I need 1 minute to kill each enemy This includes reinforcements! Max 30 lines of consecutive dialogue Split up dialogue with map cutscenes Highlighted 30 lines. Map size smaller than 30x30 No Vanilla fe7 / fe8 map exceeds 31 in a dimension. I generally prefer smaller maps. If it’s 30x30 I might still complain as I play it. Finally, Make it fun If you give me troll gameplay, I will probably just stop playing early. If you ignore these guidelines, I may not play your submission. Original Content? Nope! You can use a chapter from your hack. HOWEVER, it must make sense on its own. I won’t be reading up on your project, so we will have no context of your hack. If too many entries don’t seem to make sense as standalone chapters, I may stop accepting these. It should be a fairly chapter, or remade for this contest No chapters that I’ve previously made a video on (eg. “Preview a Hack”) No chapters that were previously submitted for a contest, please Is this Engine okay? I do prefer fe8, but I want to be inclusive. FE6, FE7, or FE8 (but really you should use FE8 - no reskins!) Lex Talionis SRPG Studio Other - probably (but ask me first) (If you aren’t using FEGBA as a base, please share instructions on how to load up your game.) Suggestions Clickbait, pls! We want these to be seen Include a gimmick to your gameplay and help me surpass 19 subs plz. Document your chapter! Share your experience of creating your entry Post screenshots/gifs of your chapter Describe the plot / gameplay Post the .UPS here I’m not inclined to play submissions that I know nothing about. Resources to use FE Map Creator (it can generate maps for you) Ultimate Graphics Repo Music (repo) Credits If you use someone’s to use asset, you must write their name in your credits. Rewards We can vote on our favourites People might like your post I hope to play and upload them to youtube Categories Most-liked reply Top-voted as favourite Fastest any% (and probably crappiest hack) The real reward was the friends chapter you made along the way. In summary: You make a short chapter, and I play it. Deadline: January 15th, 2021.
  6. Amazing. Sounds like you had a good time. I am looking forward to trying this one out. All in all there were 15 submissions. That's quite a few! I'd like to continue playing and recording them at some point. I think round 2 will start on Jan 1st.
  7. Still 2 more weeks for round 1. There's around 12 submissions so far, but they were all submitted on FEU.
  8. Here's my Let's Play of Mr. Green3339's submission. More videos to come. There are already 8 submissions!
  9. https://feuniverse.us/t/pokemblem-lets-beat-brock/8875
  10. Reserved. There are already 8 submissions! Wow. Playlist below: Let's Play of submissions (2 videos currently)
  11. One Hour Blitz - Round 1 Sister Thread on FEUniverse There are currently 8 submissions! (After 3 days.) Rules Start with vanilla fe8 Create a chapter You have 1 hour Use community to use assets (eg. graphics, music, asm hacks, etc. ) This means you can cheat! If you make and share an asset, it is fair game (eg. a portrait you shared on the repo thread) Honour System We won’t know if you spend over an hour, cheater You could remake a previously completed chapter if you want to be a lame-o If someone’s chapter is better than yours, they probably cheated anyway Suggestions map, characters, and dialogue Draft your chapter by 30 minutes Playtest it by 50 minutes and fast-forward Assets FE Map Creator (to generate a map for you) Maps (repo) Portraits (repo) Music (repo) You can pick out assets beforehand if you want to cheat but just a little bit Example video I made a crappy chapter in 14 mins with FE Builder. Therefore you can make something similarly dreadful in an hour. FEBuilder - Creating a chapter in 14 minutes Document your story Describe how the hour went Share pics/gifs/videos of it here Post the final .UPS if you want, or don’t Rewards We can vote on our favourites People might like your post I might play a few and upload them to youtube (anyone want to help with this?) Categories Most-liked reply Top-voted as favourite Fastest any% (and probably crappiest hack) The real reward was the friends chapter you made along the way. You could touch it up and re-use it as a chapter in your own hack, for example. Quick drafts are rough, but makes for a great starting place. Deadline ONE HOUR FROM READING THIS Sorry, not really. Oct. 31st, 2020 It’s 1 hour of your time, so don’t procrastinate plz. Ready? ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET Pick one tl;dr 1 hour hack. Vesly discovers emoji
  12. Yeah, idea was to try and make it ignore half of defense. Since I never figured that out I just gave it effective damage against enemies with high def. I think I learned a lot from this project and I hope to make better use of the ideas in my newer project, Pokemblem. It was a very tough decision to put this one on indefinite hiatus, but ultimately so many mechanics I wanted to use relate to pokemon, so it made sense to jump ship. Thank you to anyone who took an interest in my work.
  13. Vesly


    For anyone trying to use FEBuilder and having issues, I would suggest going onto feuniverse. The maker, 7743, usually responds to any questions on the thread or in feunuverse's discord #febuilder_help each day, and there are many other people willing to help too. The thread link follows: https://feuniverse.us/t/fe-builder-gba-if-you-have-any-questions-attach-report7z/2845 If you are looking only for the download, click below: https://github.com/FEBuilderGBA/FEBuilderGBA_Installer/releases/download/ver_20200130.17.1/FEBuilderGBA_Downloader.exe I'll ask Kirb to see if he can update the original post a little bit.
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