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  1. sounds like another typical day in California wish it would actually rain there for once and not have everything be on fire
  2. v neck t shirt w/short shorts when im lazy lol or just gym clothes if i'm less lazy then it's probably some random dress in my closet
  3. dang i used to order from yesstyle that was a few years ago tho it was kinda expensive D:
  4. we r all weebs except me Kappa VoHiYo
  5. calendars on a computer or phone (yuck) helped me. I don't really use planners but I'm usually on my computer so I check the calendar on my computer a lot you should probably keep ur papers and other stuff in separate binders and folders if u have room for them i suggest just prioritizing assignments when it comes to due dates. that helps me the most if possible, try to do your assignments ASAP when you get them. there's no room for fun in this world anyway
  6. Yeah, that case was really sad... I learned about that in a psychology class a long time ago.
  7. I'm not convinced this is true Do you have a source?
  8. Men's jeans are too big for me, even with the smallest size only pants i'll wear are sweatpants or yoga pants
  9. My thighs were pretty nice when I was able to exercise. Now I'm bedridden and haven't gone spin biking in three weeks :( My main problem with pants was that they were too uncomfortable with the material unless they were jeggings or something. Leggings and jeggings are much better than pants even though they also wrap around my legs like pants do
  10. If anything, pants are the uncomfortable type of clothes
  11. Don't want to injure the baby making rods though
  12. I bought a few during winter break. They're good but so expensive...
  13. what kinda skirts do u wear lol the ones i've worn have always been comfy
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