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  1. I was taking a break from the game for a while, so I missed most of the older LHBs like this one. I managed to bust out the old guard to deal with an older map, though I used some modern seals like the Death Blow 3 one on Palla. I speed stacked so much on Grima that she hit about 60 speed, including the boost from her support with Camilla. Her Chill Spd allowed her to double the Phantom Spd Ninja o_O https://streamable.com/rlf0nj @XRay @mampfoid @Landmaster
  2. @Landmaster Wow, Elise is super powerful! I'm surprised the healer one does so much damage! Why Wings of Mercy 2 instead of 3 on Nowi? I love seeing Summer Elise. I managed to get her a long time ago and always enjoyed her lines. @XRay Her aura scares off everyone. He saw what Catria did to the last manakete, so he had to run away.
  3. @Some Jerk I clicked on your video because it had young Minerva there. I've got to say, I'm really impressed with how tanky Midori is! I was nervous for her during many of the fights! @XRay @mampfoid @Landmaster Here's my clear: https://streamable.com/7uygzz I really didn't want to use a dancer, but the map was a bit annoying to navigate otherwise. There were some parts where I had to separate units, so units with triangle attack couldn't work. So sad! It was fun finally unleashing Cherche after getting her to +10 recently.
  4. @Wanda Wow, cool! First time I've seen Sothe in action. I never used him before. @Diovani Bressan Nice clear! Looks like we all had similar approaches in the beginning with Brave Micaiah. @Maaka One turn clears are always impressive. I'm surprised you gave Altina Galeforce. I can't ever see myself replacing her unique special, haha. That was really good! Here's mine: https://streamable.com/3ze4vb
  5. I just used homeless Tiki and threw her into the middle of the map to solo everything. Even a -spd one doubles Oliver!
  6. Wow, you use Bartre! That's impressive. I always send him home immediately haha. Why does Bartre have Savage Blow 2 instead of 3? These Lunge strategies are so cool!
  7. Wrong reply! I edited. I was trying to reply to Landmaster but I clicked on the wrong post.
  8. edit: wrong reply lol @Landmaster: The power of lolis... I'm impressed you've been able to get all those skills for them!
  9. https://streamable.com/wlbujq I really tried to do this without fliers, but my other units are not good enough ;__; @XRay @mampfoid @Landmaster Is it ok if I tag you in my video clears now? 🙂
  10. So it was your first time using her in an Abyssal. I need to build mine up, but she's just at +0 with CC and Guard. I don't know if she counts as a loli like the other Elise alts do ,though :P The biggest problem I had was when I was backed in a corner, so it took me many tries. I'm glad that the red mage didn't have Bramimond's C skill because the Drives and Goad were necessary!
  11. Wow, that's really cool! I like Sophia a lot, so it's good to see someone using her. Did you watch mine? The map was indeed begging to be Galeforce'd. Good thing Clair had it.
  12. Me too. Shrek's Yune's Whispers and more debuffs are your friends!
  13. Wait, I'll re-upload. https://streamable.com/wg9c4 Re-uploaded! @XRay @mampfoid
  14. Here is my clear! @XRay @mampfoid This was for Abyssal. https://streamable.com/j43w6
  15. I definitely can't beat most Abyssal maps without a dancer, so I understand how you feel. The only one I beat without a dancer was Hector's.
  16. No, I mean it didn't count as a solo because I had to use a dancer, haha. I use dancers all the time in most maps, but I end up using all the units to attack, not just one unit. This was meant to be a challenge where only Catria killed everyone with no help. Then again, she did kill everyone, so I guess it's fine~ Here's the video: https://streamable.com/uakn4
  17. I kind of cheated by using a dancer... but there was nothing else I could do. I'll upload the video later.
  18. I'm unsure. It might be hard for her to fight Edelgard and Dimitri. SoV Catria could at least destroy Edelgard, but regular Catria won't have WTA against anyone except two units on that map ;_; @XRay It's the closest I can get...
  19. Here's my video! https://streamable.com/c3fj1 I did a lot of work to make Catria survive Dimitri. I cleared this in a normal way before doing this, obviously, but I wanted to try and find a way to get Catria to beat everyone.
  20. For some reason Mordecai looks like the worst one. Thanks! I'm glad that she is my highest 5* exclusive 🙂 She has 68 atk with summoner support. It's crazy! Are you saving for anything else?
  21. I'd give it to Reyson. Also, your avatars are weirder than the ones I saw the last time I was on this site...
  22. This is my first time in more than a year that I am under 100 orbs. I'm so close! It's hard to believe that I am close to +10'ing a 5* exclusive. I spent over 500 orbs on her. I was hoarding for months waiting for her or another favorite of mine to reappear, and she finally did reappear on the Aerobatics banner. I think I'll keep saving again until she appears on a legendary banner or something, then go for the last merge.
  23. Stats are too balanced. Poor Robin. Congrats though.
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