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  1. All you have to do is copy my or dxstevex's Eir route runs and replace Myrrh with Vanessa. That takes care of 95% of the routing for you because the routes we came up with are very optimized.
  2. Some suggestions: Nerf the hell out of the pre-promotes in part 1 such as Tauroneo, Muarim, Tormod, Nailah, etc. Then when they re-join in part 4 they can be buffed back to appropriate stats for that point in the game. Give Micaiah 3 authority stats instead of 1. You need all the avoid you can get for earlygame Edward and 3-6 and 3-13. Make vantage and wrath (<50% hp) activate 100% of the time and resolve give 50% more strength like it did in POR. Make seige tomes weigh a lot less. Then suddenly a unit like Calill becomes dramatically more useful in 2-E and 3-9. Otherwise I really commend you for this undertaking. Radiant Dawn could really be an amazing game with proper balancing and you clearly put a lot of thought into this.
  3. She can't ORKO Jarod untransformed? What a useless unit!
  4. Well he can't possibly be better than Nailah since laguz royals have stronger fangs at SS strike, more skill capacity and of course no need to use laguz gems. And holy crap Vika. Those hitrates against her are hilarious.
  5. Before you edited your post, you were asking suggestions of what to do next. I would recommend Radiant Dawn low turns in some kind of challenge setting such as laguz only.
  6. Please find an excuse to make more LTC videos, I need to feed my LTC addiction
  7. It seems so wasteful to consume that many staves to recruit the likes of Roshea. I can only imagine how much easier this LTC challenge would be if you dropped the full recruitment requirement.
  8. Not that I blame you, but you totally manipulated Micaiah's level-ups with battle saves to get her capped speed. As for Volug, you are seriously underestimating him. At base level with the energy drop you gave him + SS strike, he has 45 atk. That's insanely high. Freaking Titania with a steel poleax has 40 atk. Even a 20/1 Titania has less (44 atk), while 20/1 steel poleax!Haar has roughly the same (46 atk). With that much attack, Volug is just a few hp short of ORKOing 4-4 warriors and halberdiers on HARD mode. What you're also forgetting is that laguz growths in everything except hp and luck should be treated as double what they are, since a gain in str/skl/spd/def/res doubles upon transformation. That means Volug's seemingly pathetic 25% str growth actually magnifies to 50%, which is rather impressive. Not only that, since Volug starts at such a low level for a laguz (lv 15), he has a whopping 26 levels he can potentially gain, as opposed to 12-13 levels for well established non-royals like Janaff & Ulki. In fact, if you got Volug to match Janaff's level, which won't be difficult at all if he has paragon in 3-6 and 3-13, he'll have a hilarious 51 atk. Even Tibarn only has 56 atk, and he's basically a walking cheat code. Now to really treat this argument with overkill, let's look at his BEXP ramming potential. At level 29 (same as base Janaff), he is 7 hp/4 str/3 mag/6 skl/0 spd/9 lck/4 def/4 res from capping each respective stat. Over 12 levels, he would be guaranteed 36 stat gains with BEXP, whereas he needs 37 stat gains to cap everything. So if you BEXPed him these 12 levels, he would be guaranteed to cap everything except luck, which he would fall 1 point short. I'm sure I don't really have to point out how godly it is to have 70 hp/59 atk/30 def/20 res/36 speed/121 avo (before supports and he has earth affinity!). At that point he's basically a lion without the overkill, as 59 atk can ORKO 4-E-1 generals on hard mode. Since easy mode gives +5 in all stats starting from 4-E-3 prep, his 36 spd isn't even a detriment against auras since it will be boosted up to 41 spd, meaning he can double them without Nasir's assistance. So yeah, Volug is godly and the only reason you might think otherwise is if you're doing a strict LTC on hard mode where he doesn't have the opportunity to reach SS strike and build a support.
  9. In all seriousness, I would love to see you finish your POR 0% growths run.
  10. Now do a mountless LTC of all the GBA games without using warp or rescue :) Bonus points for all recruitment and chests.
  11. Honestly the only scrolls that would matter for Carrion are ones that boost durability, which is primarily the Dain and Heim scroll (+30% def, +30% mag). Pair it with the baldo, neir and sety scrolls and you get a hefty 45% def and 40% mag growth boost, lifting his natural def growth from 25% to 70% and mag from 10% to 50%. At that rate, he will cap defence on average at 20/1 and have 11 mag at that level. Since enemies in the game are generally pathetic (and Sety scroll gives +30% spd anyway) and Carrion has good offensive bases & growths, he will have no trouble ORKOing enemies with generic weapons like iron swords, especially on enemy phase with the PCC of 4 as BrightBow mentioned. Then since magic in this game corresponds to both magic power and resistance, Carrion will have godly offence with elemental based swords. His capped defence will make him invincible to physical attacks while his high mag combined with a holy water / M Up make him invincible to magic attacks. Really, there's not much more you can ask of a fighting unit, and he can achieve this status in like 2 seconds because of the elite sword, only having to wait until chapter 12 for the final scroll (Dain) to be available. Now do the same scroll management I just described for a unit like Sara or Homer (magic users with elite) for extra ridiculousness. Just to give you an idea, 20/1 Homer ends up with 15 def at 20/1. That's just 2 points less than Xavier (a high level pre-promote general) and he's a freaking mage! Meanwhile, Sara gains 30-80 exp per staff use and has 12 def at 20/1, 1 less than base level Dean.
  12. 5 turn seems like a lot, how come no warp? Is it because you have to open a door to reach the throne room? Conserving it for later?
  13. Loved the run, you sure pulled off some fun exploits throughout. My favorite was constantly letting unarmed units be captured by enemies as a way of protecting fragile units while simultaneously slowing down the enemy who did the capturing. Some other observations: -This is probably the game best suited for 0% growths since stats just don't really matter that much. I mean base level Selfina and Ralph were getting kills in the final chapter. Rather, the key to winning are strong weapons (think Fin's hero lance, Othin's pugi, Dean's dragon lance) and intelligent staff usage (M Up + status staves = h3x). In fact, I don't feel like you ever lost any turns as a result of 0%ing. -Dean is a freaking god -It was nice to see low levelled units like Fin, Othin, Felgus, Homer, etc be so effective throughout the game off of nothing but a promotion stat-wise. In the same vein, was cool to see units like Glade actually seem useful. -Although rewarp + rescue is in the same vein as warping, it didn't really detract from the entertainment value of the run. -Did not know you could thief staff ballistae. -Berserk staffing Reinhart was endlessly entertaining. In fact, all of chapter 22 was glorious. Thief staffing all the boss' weapons and then capturing him without a fight with Eda? Yes please. -I kind of wished you didn't improvise so much in your videos. It gets annoying to watch at times, especially when the chapters start getting 40+ minutes long as a result. That's part of what makes PKL's videos so damn entertaining: Every move feels planned out in advance, even the contingencies.
  14. Just wanted to say this run has been a great pleasure to watch and I can't wait for more videos. I do hope you consider doing the challenge again from chapter 14 onwards warpless since warpskipping does take a little fun out of the challenge.
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