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  1. Sadly avoiding this site and the subreddit. I ended up spoiling myself on Fates and Shadows of Valentia, so its time to actually do a proper blind play-through. Thankfully, work keeps me more than busy, so I have no time to pause and speculate or be tempted. Oh, and fervently hoping that gamestop doesn't mess up the special edition pre-orders again.
  2. Flipping through this thread made me realize that I’m in the minority here, being currently in the clink/service. Jokes aside, For me at least, enlisting helped me to escape a pit in my life that as I had feared I was stuck in as little as two years ago. Yeah there are moments where I wish I was doing something else (whether in the service or not) but on the flip side I’ve seen and done so much more than I would have as an on-hold college student pushing a lawn mower around for pennies. Now I am stationed in a foreign country working in surgery (for pennies with benefits)! For the discipline aspect, honestly if you learn quick and work efficiently, then military “discipline” isn’t that bad. Really, those who complain the most about things being too strict are those who are busy f***ing things up for the rest of us. A good example from my experience is that I’m not allowed to have a toaster in the barracks, as people in the past have proven that they can’t be trusted with such items, but I’m trusted to work multi-million dollar equipment while trying to save someone’s life who is opened up on an OR table. It’s a strange dichotomy, but it isn’t that bad. However, you can listen to people say no or yes all day. Ultimately you need to decide for yourself if you want to enlist or not. I had my own reasons for not wanting to enlist when I did (political climate, borderline weight, wanting to restart my bachelors), but in the end, I did enlist and while I may regret things I have done career wise since I’ve been in, I don’t regret signing the line. Push comes to shove, enlistment contracts are not that long. Get in, do your 4-5 years, honorable discharge, enjoy your Post-9/11 GI bill. It’s not a bad deal, and the new Blended Retirement System works a bit better for the short enlistments. Though might I suggest the navy rather than the army? You at least get to pick your rate (MOS) from a pool rather than picking your top picks and fervently hoping the army doesn’t need you elsewhere. Though that may be my personal Corpsman biases talking.
  3. For me, it is almost a tradition to be eyeing up the special edition, waiting for the budget to be plump enough to justify that kind of discretionary spending, but by the time I have the cash, the special edition is all sold out. This time I was able to catch the gamestop online store while it was still in stock and much to my surprise, they ship to my isolated address. So I was actually able to pre-order the SE for once. While I am (cautiously) hyped for the game itself, I personally am looking forward to the artbook. Flipping through concept art and observing the process from concept art to in-game graphics has always been a fun past time for me. As for the CD, I've liked the music so far, and if what we have heard is indicative of the rest of the music, then I might have found my new music set for long hours in the OR. Some new pins for the med coat would be nice too...
  4. Now that I have reemerged from the pit that is the training pipeline and that I have finished PCSing, it's time to get back into Fire Emblem! (watches direct) While I'm pretty sure I'll end up playing all routes, definitely starting with Black Eagles to support Edelgrad and because I'm hoping that they will be more representative of the whole "Hegemonic Empire" trope than Nohr was.
  5. My problem (and it seems a lot of people's problem) with Peri is that the script seems to play her biggest flaw, her one-woman genocide against servants, for laughs. If we assume that I am actually role-playing as Corrin (a stretch, I know, but hear me out), and either I witness or are informed by witnesses that one of my brother's retainers has been trying to physically harm or murder my retainers/servants, who I see as pretty much a second family, I would immediately move to have Peri either sectioned, removed from the army, have an "accident" arranged for her, or at least get her moved as far away as possible from any of my people. And yet, that doesn't happen in the game. Rather, it seems that the opposite happens. Characters seem to repeatedly shrug off her murderous tendencies, seeing them as a boon to the army, rather than a ticking time bomb that could go offat any moment. And while there are a few supports where she does slowly learn to try and develop as a character, a lot of them just seem to ignore or worse, enable the worst aspect of her character. The S-support with Corrin is particularly vile, where Corrin promises to ensure that there will be "tough servants" who won't fall in one blow. Yeah, I am sure that Felicia, Flora and Jakob appreciate being locked into a house/castle/astral-acid-trip with a woman who would kill them for looking at her funny. I have nothing against a character being murder-happy, but for me at least, I want to see two things; I want to know why they are such a blood knight, and I want to see some development either away from the trope or a further descent into madness. Henry gets away with it because of his shit childhood and we get to see how deep down, he is a caring man who hides behind his blood knight mask. Peri only gets that development in a few supports, and even then the only one that stands out to me is her support with Laslow. If Fates were more serious about not playing it's character's issues for laughs, I would be a lot less harsh to Peri. She has plenty of positive traits certainly, such as her steadfast loyalty to those she does consider to be a friend, like Xander and Laslow. Plus her skill in the kitchen means that you better hope that the RNG gods will bless you before a difficult chapter and place her in the mess hall so you can buff all your troops to heaven and back. Alas, we have what we got, and what we got is a distinctly average (in a game that demands specialization) caviler with a excellent personal skill, oddly-colored hair, heterochromia and the personality of a murderous child. The sad thing is that I wanted to like her. If they had just taken her character a bit more seriously and actually had her develop in more supports other than the one with Laslow, I would have really enjoyed using and learning about Peri. As a final aside, if nothing else, Peri offers a rare bit of world building into the world of Fates. Keep in mind that this is very much my opinion and is subject to how I interpreted Peri's supports and scripts. In my view, she gives us a window into how the nobility of Nohr view those beneath them in social status, as well as their willingness to rely on... less than honorable means to dispose of problem members of the family. We see that her father has the influence and wealth to cover up his daughter's repeated acts of murder against his household servants without causing a serf riot, as well as him possibly "washing his hands" of Peri by placing her in the tournament to determine who will be Xander's new retainers. Whether she wins and becomes a retainer, or is left on the ground and bleeding out in the arena, either one is a win for her father, who can now try to run his household without his mad daughter mauling every servant in sight and having to worry about a revolt cause by his daughter's actions. This interpretation of Nohrian society may really be reading in between the lines, but given the utter lack of world-building in Fates beyond Nohr=Vaguely Medieval Europe and Hoshido=Vaguely Edo-Period Japan, anything is welcome. If you are a fan of Peri, then by all means, keep being a fan of her. Don't let some idiot on the internet (i.e me) tell you what or who to like. That was just my view on why I personally don't like her, and why I consider her to be yet another prime example of Fates's wasted potential. I don't abjectly hate her, but I can't call myself a fan of the cotton-candy haired not!harley quinn.
  6. It is without a doubt the most... unique fire emblem I have played, but I am enjoying it all the way through so far. Here are a few thoughts from me: Good: The voice acting added a lot more than I thought it would, and I do hope that they continue giving all future games full VAs. The artwork feels a lot more toned down compared to the other 3ds titles. I like Kozaki's work, but his outlandish designs got a bit... annoying at times. While I do prefer fates's soundtrack, the modernized gaiden songs are still pretty awesome. No real complaints regarding the characters, except one (see Bad section). I do like how the game actually has some of the non-plot characters occasionally chime in (usually Tobin/Gray for Alm and Mae/Boey for Celica) with their two cents on the situation and will call out their leaders if they feel they are making a poor choice. Bad The grind can be tedious at times, but when is grind not tedious? The camera doesn't always cooperate in the dungeons, which makes it a bit difficult to find enemies unless they find you first. While it is clear that Faye isn't as bad as certain other stalkers tag-alongs, her personality begins and ends with Alm, which I consider to be a bit of a waste. Supports are a welcome addition, but I feel that some are a bit.. limited. I would like to know more about Silque beyond just her attempts to gossip with Faye and what she says in base conversations. Ugly: This game is ancient and it shows. While I do think that it is a good thing that they didn't mess too much with the core of Gaiden, that game remained obscure for a reason. Modern graphics and some new mechanics help to make it a bit more accessible, but it still took a bit for me to get into the swing of things. PSA: Keep an extra eye on your mages. While magic using HP to cast helps to compensate for its increased strength, it does mean that your mages can go from very healthy to almost dead in a single round of combat. A final aside, does anyone else think that clerics are a bit too strong compared to regular mages? In my playthrough both Silque and Genny are capable of one-shoting most bosses with nosferatu (assuming they hit, their hit chances are kinda low). It just means that I can flood the field with illusions and still keep my clerics healthy by attacking careless foes.
  7. Your points are valid, and, baring any drastic changes in translations (unlikely, given that the damn game is going to be fully voiced, you can't do really change things last minute), you probably will not have to eat your words with a dash of Worcester sauce. If nothing else, your thoughts help to propagate the viewpoint that Faye is just as you describe; an immature young lady shaped by the worst aspects of her culture thrown into an unenviable position. If nothing else, the writers at least managed to a bit of subtle world-building if your analysis is correct, which is more than they did for Fates. Unfortunately, I don't pity Faye. Even though her situation demands some sympathy, her actions quickly earn my scorn. Whether its in her base conversations or in her supports, she, as you say, comes off being a selfish, immature brat only concerned with her perceived image of what her crush wants (without actually checking with him first as to what he wants). A result of the culture she grew up in, perhaps, but completely inexcusable regardless. My problem mostly stems from how no one calls her out on her shit. Giving how she hovers around Alm constantly, I would expect Alm to say something a lot sooner about his unwelcome satellite. Given Alm's assertiveness, why didn't he shoot down Faye's generally creepy advances (I've been in Alm's position here, it is fucking creepy) sooner? Why didn't any of the other villagers who have spent several years growing up together, or Mycen, the mentor-like figure for all of them, say anything? Why isn't any of this addressed? Faye does represent stagnation, as you say. But why does she stay stagnated? As you brought up, Alm and Celicia are in many ways polar opposites yet they still come together for the good of the continent. They work through their differences, and it can be assumed that their partnership will help to slowly mitigate/fix the worst of both their respective cultures. So why doesn't that affect Faye? Faye's development through base convos and supports (and there should have been at least one more) should focus on how her stagnation, selfishness and apathy harms her and those around her. Maybe have her support with Alm end with her determining to try and fix this part of her personality, to learn how to be less selfish in this regard. Perhaps even represent that in game with her other supports being either A) locked off pre-A!Support with Alm or B) different post-support. Perhaps if she A supports Alm, she can learn to move on, and her epilogue would be one where she learned to embrace the positive aspects of her culture, otherwise she continues to wallow in her self-induced misery. Gah, so many ways to improve Faye's character, so little time! I got to get some sleep! At the end of the day, she isn't Tharja at least. So I'm not as pre-disposed to engineer any battlefield "accidents" ("I swear officer, I do not know why that person got caught in the trebuchet's firing mechanism. No I don't know why they dove in head first"). If nothing else, what worries me the most about Faye is the people who wrote her character. She had a lot of potential, as your analysis shows, and if they brought more of it to light, or shifted more focus on it as opposed to seemingly prioritizing her yandere tendencies, Faye could have been an amazing addition to Alm's army and could have been a more overt foil to Alm and Celica, representing the very cultural element that led to conflict (and the conflict the duo are trying to prevent from continuing) in the first place. She could have been that and so much more. Either the writers were planning for this contingency or something similar, but either decided that they couldn't hack it, and just left Faye unrefined, or they are just so bad at developing character's like Faye, they trigger discussions regarding a character from a game that has yet to even come out in its home country, let alone abroad. It's making me really worried regarding their ability to storycraft/develop-characters/craft-lore for the Switch game if an addition to a twenty five year old game causes this much ruckus... Who knows, we might all be wrong. If that is the case, I will happily eat my words with Worcester sauce. Though given what we know from the data mine, pre-release stuff, and from FE Heroes, I think I can save my sauce for my Easter steak. Oh happy Easter by the way for those of you who celebrate it.
  8. In my opinion, Fates is made far more decent and enjoyable through the judicious application of headcanons. Just look at how many threads in the Fates sub-forum involve people's headcanons.
  9. It's as worse as we feared. It has been a pleasure serving with you all. God-Emperor preserve our souls.... You know what? You are right. There needs to be at least one character like that. Part of the reason why I have always liked Fire Emblem as a series is because they at least attempt to deliver those kinds of characters to add in more gray/grey morality. Unfortunately... (Note: Subjective opinion incoming. Get your pitchforks ready) ...the problem is, they assigned that role to a design which 1) doesn't scream yandere psycho to me, and 2) had the potential to be a lot more... I don't know, involved? When I read through her various supports before her one with Alm, the only (slightly) optimistic part of my mind wondered if Faye was going to act as a bit of a foil to Alm's plans to explore the world (don't know as much as I would like to about the Gaiden characters, so sorry if I screw up some characterizations) and she would represent that ever-smaller part of him that did want to return to his old life. Their A support should be bleak, given how he has a greater fate (and better waifu) ahead of him than being a plebeian scrub on a farm (and Faye's desire to be said-scrub's companion) It should be a moment of revelation to both characters, with Alm realizing that he doesn't want to go back to his old life, and Faye realizing that her childish dreams are but that, dreams, but she has a chance to move past her dreams and live her life for herself. Perhaps Faye's ending would be brighter if she did achieve an A support with Alm, as she could move past him and learn to be happy with her life, and if that support level was not obtained, we would get the current ending. Yeah, Faye is fated by canon to be surpassed and cast aside, and her development as a character should focus on how she does not desire this path, and her support with Alm should be centered around her learning to move on.But there just wasn't any of that, not in the support or in the ending. There was potential for Faye beyond just being another poorly-written yandere/yandere-lite, archetype 24c, sub-section 91a: The Childhood friend, a common, and usually boring/infuriating addition to any medium. Either IS had no idea what they wanted to do with Faye's character and simply slotted her into a standard-issue paradigm, or they had everything lined up to make her... different, but decided that more ratfucking with the Gaiden canon was not worth the risk of alienating the veteran portion of the fanbase, and in their rush to leave, left her character an unrefined (and poorly done) yandere!Catria. That's why I am disappointed. Faye represents wasted potential, and few things wreck my morale more than that. The inner cynic in me is beginning to dread what lore content might come up for the Switch Fire Emblem given IS's track record for new characters/lore/mythoses post-Awakening, and that is not a good thing. At least, this has been my impression from the data-mine and from her script in Heroes. 8-4 might be able to do something to mitigate this, but all things considered, I'm not taking that bet. (End subjective opinion. You are clear to engage)
  10. Probably a design choice. The scar is a nice fan theory, but it is only that. A damn shame, as it would have made for an interesting bit of world building if Camilla did have a scar there from some prior conflict, like say, the cutthroat politics of Nohr's "concubine war"?
  11. Just buy Echoes. Gameplay is mediocre compared to Conquest, plot goes nowhere (though it is the least bad), I didn't find the characters as interesting or engaging, e.c.t. I suppose if you enjoy grinding you may get some enjoyment out of it, but really, you have Revelations for that. I guess you can mess around with the refined Awakening mechanics in maps that are similar to Awakening without worrying about any non-standard objectives (escape, prevent breakthrough, e.c.t) you would have fun. Otherwise I would say pass by this one. Better use of money. The Paradox sale is still going on right now on steam. Go get Hearts of Iron 4/Stellaris/Europa Universallis IV. Much better games, if you like Grand Strategy.
  12. Faye getting shafted in the manner that she is kinda sucks, though for reasons stated above, it seems that was the inevitable conclusion, given her desire to remain a rural villager when her crush proceeds to become a continent-ruling Emperor King. I wish there was an option to create an "alternate canon" where Alm does return with her, just to see how that would screw up the main canon, as well as making Faye more than just your usual childhood-friend/unrequited-crush trope bearer. While I am at it, I would also like to go to Mars and would like GW to restore Warhammer Fantasy. But hey, shit into one hand and hope into another and tell me which one fills up first... Faye aside, I actually don't mind the endings too much. Speaking as someone who hasn't really played the older games, I do like how certain characters dying does have an affect on those who were close to them. It helps to make them seem like actual characters rather than faceless mooks, though as AzureSen said, it is a little melodramatic. If nothing else, it will make those classic playthroughs all the more interesting. Can't wait for this game to come out and hopefully I won't be deployed then so I can play it!
  13. I have little to no problem with this development. Truthfully, if this is done right, it is a neat little bit of worldbuilding for the whole Archanea/Valentia meta. If nothing else, it will be interesting, and this little bit makes me even more eager to play the game for myself.
  14. You can, but if you want to properly utilize them all, your better off playing Conquest. One of Revelation's shortcomings is character overload once you add both casts and their children, and it shows. Why would I use character x when character y joins sooner, fills a similar role, and joins at a higher level with better stats? Plus by endgame, you will only be using the royals, corrin, corrin's retainer, and maybe one or two other characters, even though you have a pool of 40+ to choose from.
  15. Fates has a bit of a reputation on this forum as being "wasted potential", and it earns that reputation fully. Before release (the first release in Japan), a lot of people, myself included, were eagerly awaiting what had the potential to be a return to form for the series. More challenging gameplay, refined mechanics, and the possibility for a more political, nuanced and engaging story/world. Needless to say, some of us got a bit over-hyped. I'm not really in a ranty mood, so I won't go overboard about why the story fails, why certain characters piss me off to no end, why the world-building sucks, e.c.t. Nor will I incessantly praise the gameplay, how it is actually engaging, the challenges in some routes, e.c.t. What I will say is that for me, I still hold Conquest as the current pinnacle of gameplay in the series and the reason why it is important to have a team of secondary writers there to make sure the story makes sense. Birthright will remain an adequate, if somewhat boring Fire Emblem. And to conclude I will regret the money I spent on Revelation, as it combines the worst aspects of both Conquest (shit story) and Birthright (stupid gameplay gimmicks/repetitive nature).
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