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  1. Agreed to one, but not so much the other. The Alliance and Kingdom biting it so quickly definitely felt rushed, especially since El and the rest of the Eagles spent over five years beating their heads against both factions with minuscule gains only to steamroll both factions once Byleth woke up from their cosmic power nap. I get that in pseudo-late medieval/early modern warfare (only saying that because the ship models all have cannons, so there has to be gunpowder somewhere) the slightest shift in momentum in a war can be enough to push a faction to capitulation, but still, it feels way too quick compared to how long it takes to topple the Empire in the other routes. For the other point, I disagree. While I do concede that the battle in the ruins of the capitol definitely does capture the image and feel of “the final battle”, my thought process upon striking down that dragon was as follows: “Success! Dragon is dead and My character’s humanity has been restored. Now to give the Bear of Varley this ring and time to go deal with a faction that seems to have nukes. Let’s do it.... wait what?” They did a bit too good of a job setting up the Shadow War only to end it offscreen and it kinda leaves a sour taste in my mouth. As for the paralouge copy, I interpreted it as such: Almyra is invading, House Goneril is having trouble holding them back, they didn’t official support Claude and they have reason to be upset with their new overlords Plus, by defending the Throat, El can use that win to help bolster support across Fódlan by showing her commitment to defend the entire continent, not just her interests. (though it could just be the devs being lazy and copy/pasting the chapter)
  2. That is a hard negative, ghost-rider. Adding a "golden ending" will, in my view, run counter to the main themes presented by each route, ruin the development of each respective route's lord and from a gameplay perspective, cause the roster to become incredibly bloated. As people have said already, Revelations was supposed to be the "golden route" for Fates where everything is sunshine and rainbows, and people work together but all it did was make the already nonsensical plots of Conquest and Birthright even more absurd in retrospect. Alternate endings/routes for the other houses (since BE already have two) or having the routes expanded perhaps, but a "golden ending"? One that would almost certainly be paid DLC? No, absolutely not. If they do that, and pull it off, I would be impressed, and perhaps it is the situation to hope for, but you know what they say about hope...
  3. @wissenschaft put it far better than I could. Ultimately, the light that you view Edelgard in, like with historical figures like Napoleon or Caesar, will depend on your own ideals that you hold true to, and from whose perspective you view the events of Fódlan’s Great War from. Regrettably, I feel like we only saw one half of El’s story on her own route, and I am not talking about the perspective given from doing the church route. The game could have easily gone on for several more chapters detailing the early part of her reign as well as dealing with TWSITD. That would perhaps have provided the ultimate judgement for her character, rather than a piece of art and a text blurb.
  4. Yeah, authority is important, and I didn’t train it till endgame like a loon. I have all these high-tier battalions with lore background from being holy orders of various saints to the elite retinues of various houses across the Empire and aligned territories. But what does the elite BE Strike Force use? Motley collections of bandits and militia.
  5. No El route expansion? Well consider me thoroughly annoyed. They spend so much time hyping up the shadow war that I was more excited Criticisms aside, any speculation as to what side-stories they will add? We thinking more paralouges or chapters exploring the history of Fódlan?
  6. Church route is the same length as all the other routes. El's is slightly shorter for some reason I still don't understand. Definitely take your time though with whichever route you pick to do first. I feel like a lot of people here finish one route, read a few spoilers, and quickly leap to conclusions. Nothing about the plot of this game or it's characters is clear-cut or black-and-white.
  7. Though we certainly assist the actual monastery counselor a lot...
  8. To be honest, I feel like this is the first Fire Emblem where there are no characters I actually despise, so good on you writers. As for characters I like, I have a soft spot for cripples and the broken, people hurting who I would love to see develop and heal. Even more so if they actually do heal during the story. Naturally, I really enjoyed going through the arcs of characters like Bernadetta and Marianne. I also admire Raphael’s ability to keep his chin up despite all that has happened to him. Edelgard, contentious as she may be, also stands out, coming pretty close to becoming one of my favorite lords, thanks to her grey-gray nature. Gameplay wise, coincidently, those 4 were my MVPs on my first playthrough. I don’t think I’ve had an objectively bad character on my roster so far.
  9. @IzzyFresh While this is a trope I normally dislike invoking, with Edelgard, the idea that she “isn’t as bad” on her route compared to the other three is the classic “you were there to stop me”. This very much be my own bias talking, but how I played Byleth, it was as a teacher who while still pushing their students to their ultimate goals, they also were there to rein them in and guide them onto, if not the right path then a better path. The way El talks to Byleth during her later supports and on her route, it’s clear that this was how she views Byleth’s role; as someone who restrains her worst impulses and counsels her against poor choices. While we do not know if she held true to those ideals during the time skip, at least during her route, I would still call her actions one of a well-intentioned extremist but not one of a monster. Though depending on your view of her vision and especially of the actions she took, she may yet still be a monster and I can understand why you might hold that view. El isn’t (the term “wasn’t” a bit more appropriate for the other routes) a good person. Her goals may be noble, but we all know what the stones on the road to Hell are paved with.
  10. This is a classic case of “no, but technically yes” and also serves to highlight one of the many questionable moves Edelgard has made on her road to the end. Throughout her route, it is pretty clear that she had a tenuous control over TWSITD at best and at its worst, the shadow conflict would spill over into the actual war, even on her route with severe collateral damage, like at Remire or at the Fortress City. The aftermath of the Battle of the Ruined Chapel is yet another example of the consequences of her choice to side with TWSITD, causing the deaths of multiple students and of someone that is really important to someone who (in her own route at least) is incredibly important to her. El’s speech at the end of that chapter felt just as much as a speech to herself as it was to Byleth, asking herself what is she going to do about this rouge group that she is forced to depend upon for support but at the same time is working counter to her goals. So is Edelgard to blame? She is in the sense that she is permitting TWSITD to operate with a high degree of autonomy, collateral damage be damned. She may not directly order or even sanctioned the group to carry out their experiments but the blood they shed technically goes on her hands as well. Is she personally to blame? Ultimately that depends on how Byleth (and by extension, the player) views El’s actions, if they feel fault lies with TWSITD alone or if they feel the one who unleashed this shadow group is responsible. Like for many things about Edelgard, I feel like everyone’s (including my own) opinion will be slanted based on which route you played first. I played her route first, and I find myself often leaping to a (hopefully nuanced and non-rambling) defense of her actions or acknowledgement of her questionable yet not completely unreasonable choices. For those who played other routes, I see the opposite. I’m glad we can have conversations like this as opposed to the ones we had post-Fates.
  11. I’m on mobile, so I can’t say too much now, but here is a short version of my view on her. Probably will expand on it later. Edelgard is one of the many well done grey-morality characters for a well done grey-grey morality story. Her back story is compelling, her motivations engaging, and her means-to-the-end as controversial as you would expect. Broadly she is motivated by the following four things: 1. Her hatred for Crests, as the power they represent cost her entire family and who knows how many others. 2. Her hatred for the nobility. Or perhaps more specifically, the power the Crest-bearing nobles wield over those without; non-crest nobles and commoners alike. 3. Her revanchist desire to restore both Fódlan to Adrestrian rule, and also to undo the restraints imposed on her ability to rule by the nobility of the Empire. 4. Ultimately to destroy that what she sees as the root cause of her Empire’s, her continent’s, and her own personal suffering; the corrupt Church of Serios. Honestly, she reminds me a lot of many controversial figures from history. Individuals who’s actions brought great progress but also great suffering, and which one is highlighted the most is based on whether the figure won or lost their struggle. Overall, I admire her. I feel that she isn’t motivated by some blind list for power, that she has some idea of what her ultimate end goal is going to be. But in the process of trying to realize her dream, she makes plenty of poor or otherwise evil choices. Ranging from the allies she keeps in TWSITD to assassinating potential allies because she views them rivals. And like so many of those historical figures, she can (and will) be consumed by her desires in all but one route. I honestly thought that IS was not capable of writing characters like this any more. I am happy to have been proven wrong.
  12. I'm a surgical tech Corpsman with the US Navy. In a nutshell, I'm the one who maintains sterile fields and assists a scrubbed surgeon as needed with whatever case we are doing. Needless to say, all of my job stories are filled with plenty of blood, organs and other bodily fluids and structures, so I won't share unless people ask.
  13. Warchief has been my online handle for a while. As for the Bretonnia motif everywhere else, well got to honor my old Warhammer Fantasy Army somehow, especially since they were unceremoniously axed in Age of Sigmar.
  14. To be completely honest, so long as your support with Edelgard is high enough (both C levels) and you talk to her every month in the BE route, it is impossible to miss the conditions for her route. But otherwise, just make visit Jeralt's office when prompted to, as for paralouges, the pre-timeskip ones can be done even if you have only one character if it is a paired one, but the post-timeskip ones will need both of them. That's all I got for right now. Still trying to dig up more details.
  15. What I expect: The usual slew of grind maps, along with a few extra fan-service features added; like new costumes, the sauna and probably a beach episode or two. Anna decides to stop hanging around the marketplace and goes off to the field with you. What I would prefer: One-off or mini campaigns (2-3 chapters) focused on historical events ranging from the war between Serios and Nemesis, the War of the Eagle and Lion to What would be perfect: A mixture of the above along with
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