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  1. I'm 100% going to regret this (me actually popping back up) but whatever. A few things to note if the US and Iran go to war: 1) The Gulf States will actually back the USA. Shocking, I know. But the USA, Israel and the Saudis have what used to be a real under-the-table alliance that is anything but that these days. Hell, I see positive things said about the Saudis in my local newspapers while they still fund terrorists that want us dead. 2) Since the Gulf States will back the USA, Europe will just putz around and claim how they are disappointed but won't do anything about it. 3) War in Iran is AWFUL because that means that I will probably die before I have kids.
  2. This and the following responses regarding Brazil shows a basic lack of Brazilian history. Brazilians like military dictators. This isn't actually surprising. What's more surprising is how shocked people are.
  3. I couldn't even bring myself to watch the game last night. Just listened to the radio broadcast instead. I miss watching football by just listening to the radio broadcast. Maybe I'll start doing that for the rest of the season because it hurts to watch this squad play.
  4. I've put this here because it qualifies as entertainment. Right, I'm a pretty big fan of watching competitive LoL. Been so ever since about 2012 and the first team that I latched onto (and still support for whatever reason) was Counter Logic Gaming, also known as CLG. But once I started watching Europe rather than North America, I moved my allegiance over to G2 Esports. The Koreans have always been the best at this game but this year, let's do the run-down. Because this has been ridiculous. So next week, IG (China) will face off against G2 Esports while the current projected favourite Fnatic (Europe) takes on Cloud 9. And the play so far has been absolutely stellar and just a joy to watch. Anyone else gonna watch semis next week and cheer on G2 with me?
  5. You do realize that Conservatives tried to give her the benefit of the doubt? What do you want them to do? Ruin the man's life based on an unfounded allegation? Because that is what this was. We aren't talking about all cases or the majority of them. We are talking about this specific case with these specific facts. Or lack thereof. And this is coming from someone who didn't want Kavanaugh as a justice (me). If Kavanaugh doesn't get the job, his professional life is now ruined without any proof being brought forward. This makes me want to teach my sisters to accuse men of sexual harassment and assault if they want anything because of the "believe all women even in the absence of evidence" narrative.
  6. You need to provide evidence of the accused committing a crime before locking them up in a cage? For the record, I'm almost directly quoting Jimmy Dore here.
  7. I do not know why I'm responding but here we go... 1. Let's face it. The whole thing was a political sham. Not a single person in there cared about Ford or Kavanaugh. The Democrats wanted Kavanaugh smeared at any cost (as he deserves to be but that's because the only thing he's raped is the 4th and 5th amendments) while the Republicans just want a conservative on the bench. And if you're willing to take a side and dig in, you're part of this. Any person with some sort of ethics should feel disgusted by every single party's actions regarding that hearing. 2. The Democrats have bigger faults than just "laying land-mines for questions". Doesn't mean that the Republican's don't have serious faults in character but don't pretend that the Democrats are morally better at any point. They're just not worse than the GOP. 3. I bet you a nickel that you'd never support the Republicans on anything because you'll never think that they're in the right. 4. Neither side is being principled. The American left wing generally has no principles (they care about expediency over consistency) while the American right are typically hypocrites regarding their own principles. However, it is incredibly short-sighted to claim that the left wing is not filled the brim with corruption and crimes. Accusing the right of those charges is quite literally the pot calling the kettle black. 5. Obama might have been denied a SCOTUS. OK. But you know what nobody ever accused Merrick Garland of doing? Raping a women without a shred of evidence. It's hilarious when I listen to Lindsey Graham and have to agree with what he says. Hell, he's made actual liberals say "holy shit, Graham is actually saying something intelligent". Like the time that a woman screamed at him that she had been raped and his answer was "I'm sorry, go to the police" (which is the absolute right thing to say). It feels like this is going to fall on deaf ears but the point is that both sides suck and whenever someone accuses the other of doing something, they're being completely self-unaware that they do the same exact thing. The way people have been treating Kanye should be evidence enough (I've seen people who claim to be for compassion and social justice call Kanye absolutely vile names like "house nigger").
  8. Not that I want to defend the man but this is important. Kamala Harris never asked if Kavanaugh would be OK with an FBI investigation. She specifically asked him to request an FBI investigation in order to clear his name. Check it out for yourself, there is a major difference between the two. Mostly because Kavanaugh answered the first question but did not request an investigation. Why would Kavanaugh need to request an FBI investigation if he is innocent until proven guilty? The only reason I can think of would be so that a full investigation would stall out the nomination until after midterms.
  9. That was a close game. And remember, Allen still had to pull off his first career game-winning drive to pull it off.
  10. Because of course we turn over the ball with 8 minutes left. What a Bills move. This team is KILLING me.
  11. This "roughing the QB" penalty stuff is starting to get ridiculous. Jerry Hughes actually had to pull up on an obvious sack because he was worried about taking the penalty.
  12. That was not a good throw, Ben. And Cleveland is going to make this division competitive. AFC North is fun this year.
  13. Why, what's happening? I'm paying attention to Bills/Titans (which is surprisingly competitive).
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