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  1. The Buffalo Bills are 8-3 for the first time since 1996. I don't know what to do with myself.
  2. To be entirely fair, the woman who wrote that sonnet (Emma Lazerus) was also rich as shit and could afford to say things such as "sure, we must take in everyone". It's like Hollywood actors saying the same thing but not willing to house those same people in their own gated neighbourhoods. She was also mostly referring to Russian Jews who were fleeing pogroms and worked almost exclusively for Jewish immigrants to America. Maybe if she had been working class, she would have had a different opinion.
  3. You are going to have to explain how British Imperialism did more harm than good to Botswana rather than say "holy shit".
  4. Imperialism isn't this terrible thing that only harmed people. That's a serious historical mistake you're making. For example, compare modern day Zimbabwe to Botswana, both countries where the British came in and colonized the shit out of them. One of the two countries threw off the entire yoke of Western civilization... and spawned one of the most infamous despots of the last century. Meanwhile, the other is probably the single most stable African nation of the last fifty years and that was all thanks to British Imperialism.
  5. Why can't Buffalo just win with a blowout at least once this season? 23-14 at halftime is scary.
  6. I have to agree with Ana for the most part on this one. I wouldn't have an issue with Rudolph getting a 1 game suspension for his actions like Pouncey but that was well after Garrett hit him late after the play.
  7. My dad and I were talking about the Myles Garrett helmet swing today. I think Garrett should be suspended until 2021 at least (season and a half). My dad thinks lifetime ban is a better punishment. And there are morons on cable television arguing that the rest of the season is too harsh of a punishment. Myles Garrett did irreparable harm to the sport last night. Rich Eisen's take is spot on when he says that Garrett was lucky that he didn't hit Mason Rudolph with the crown of the helmet instead of the base because Garrett could have actually killed the Steelers QB on the field, no exaggeration.
  8. Cleveland was 8th and Goal from the 1 and still couldn't punch the ball in. Damn.
  9. We will be going back to elections again. That, I can promise. I personally love it. The more times we have to go and vote, the less of a chance that Shas gets to enforce more religious laws on the rest of the country or The New Right (specifically Ayelet Shaked) can decide how next they want to break our already fragile system for opportunistic gain.
  10. The PPC did exactly as I expected them to do, even though it was less than I hoped. They were set up less than a year before the elections, were shut out of any media attention by both the gov't and Canadian national media working together and still put candidates in every riding. It'll take them 10 years before they become a credible party as long as they keep pushing and campaigning.
  11. Fuck the Dolphins. I hate this team more than I hate the Jets. Finally put them away but but goddamn, that was terrifying. Josh Allen is a monster.
  12. Excuse me but I'm old enough to remember that it was a precursor to being part of the American left-wing to be against ALL military intervention in the Middle East. Why are people now arguing FOR military intervention in the Middle East? Is it because it's Trump doing it rather than someone else? Because that's what it seems like.
  13. Looks like Miami has won the Tank Bowl! 10-6 is becoming more realistic as the weeks pass on. Dolphins twice, Redskins and Broncos at home, Browns and Steelers make it 9 and then we need to snag one more win from somewhere and Jets at home is probably the most likely.
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