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  1. Not my first 5*+10, but the one I've been meaning to build the most! Moonbow is her default special -- unless I run her on an Infantry Pulse team -- but the only Wrath I had at hand was an Owain :3 Next project is most likely Odin, as long as I'm able to get a spare Def/Rest Link on the "upcoming" Bridal rerun (or whenever it's added to the regular pool). If not then maybe Saizo whenever he gets a Prf.
  2. Got Ishtar - too bad she's -Atk... Gotta give my thanks to the recent Arena changes actually giving me a chance to use her still whenever she's a bonus, though.
  3. Reds - Ryoma or Ike (only infantry red swords I have are Marth/M!Marth who mostly play the role of combat medics) - Elincia - Katarina - Xander (missed out on his GHB, looking forward to having to wait months till we get a rerun ) Blues - Tana (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) - Hinoka (Hone Fliers fodder unless +Atk/+Spd) - Ephraim - Delthea or Linde (only blue mage I have is M!Robin) - Azura - Camus and Ursula (see Xander ) Greens - Julia or Sonya - Minerva - Beruka (with better IVs than the ones I've sent home) Colorless - Innes (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *cough* big SS fan) - Kagero (actually wasted orbs on the Crimean banner summoning greys with hopes of getting a random 4* Kagero, sigh) - Elise - Genny (Wrathful Staff fodder for Elise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  4. I'm sorry if this has been answered already, but what skills do you get out of completing these last three parts?
  5. I'm guessing that was you, Integrity? If so, thanks! Otherwise, thanks to whoever did it.
  6. *sigh* What bothers me the most about this is how there was money, time AND effort poured into this feature - all of which could've been used to work on some other aspects of the game - and half this game's playerbase will be getting the short end of the stick because of this. I'm not particularly surprised, but still...
  7. http://kotaku.com/the-english-version-of-fire-emblem-fates-wont-have-the-1755121353 RIP EDIT: Okay, before people start stressing out for no reason, I want to point one thing out: KOTAKU IS NOT THE MOST RELIABLE OF SOURCES. Again, this doesn't mean that the feature hasn't been removed but it does mean that I'd wait until further confirmation is given out. I'm sorry for being late on editting this.
  8. Nohr: - Hero - Adventurer - Revenant Knight - Maid/Butler Hoshido: - Puppeteer - Shura - Holy Lancer - Mountain Priest - Nine-tailed Fox Neutral: - Dread Fighter - Witch - Grandmaster
  9. Hoshido: Rinkah. Gonna be playing through Hoshido first and, by making Kamui's secondary Fighter, this will give Rinkah access to Axefaire, Sol and Roundhouse for a potential minmaxing playthrough, which is pretty dank. She also has one of my favorite designs in the game and her laugh is hnnnng. Nohr: Flora. "My heart burns with desire for Flora's hot body and searing gaze. The flames of passion within me... I will kindle a spark between us that will never be put out" b Same principle as Rinkah's, really. Probably making my Kamui a Ninja, which will give her access to Kunaifaire and Copycat Puppet but I 'unno if there's a better class to optimize Flora with. IK: Hinoka!Matoi or Anna. Red-haired baes + every kid available.
  10. Can Shinonome, Kisaragi, Siegbert and Foleo equip their father's Prf weapons? I'm guessing the answer is no, but it's still worth asking.
  11. Since we're in the topic of pairings, I'll go ahead and post what I've planned so far: Most of those have been talked about alot and I do feel like they're fairly optimal (the only one I haven't seen much on is AsamaxOboro, but both mods and classes seems to compliment Mitama well). I'd like to hear some input on what to do with the remaining characters (IK pairings allowed, obviously), mostly in order to optimize Deere, Siegbert, Kisaragi, Shigure, Lutz and Kinu, since they're some of my favourite child units, design-wise anyway. I might end up marrying my Avatar to Flora, so I'd rather you didn't include him but any opinions are appreciated! EDIT: Also, stirring away from this, what would you do with Rinkah, Flora and Anna in order to make the best out of them? I'm babying them for a while, even if multiple playthroughs are needed (for skills through the Logbook). I feel as if either Shura or Blacksmith (basically an Oni Savage promotion) for Rinkah, either Maid or Hero for Flora and Adventurer for Anna are the classes I'd like to go with.
  12. IIRC, Charlotte!Velour should be able to reclass into Fighter and Rod Knight, no Oni Savage.
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