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  1. this isnt a question either but thanks for recommending gravity rush to me like 3 years ago i miss you red fox 😞
  2. I activate my sharingan. I knew it was you who ordered my brother to slaughter my entire clan! You die here!
  3. welcome to wendy's how can i help you
  4. holy shit i didn't know you were still alive
  5. i miss u natemare ur the best

  6. topic serenes forest peaked with that thread, iconic someone please help me find it again :<
  7. hey i notice that this poll doesn’t have an option for lucia, geoffrey, volke, and bastian, the only other characters deserving of a spot in FEH
  8. you deserve to be @‘ed, who hurt you mayo is only good if u spice it up into an aioli i wholeheartedly agree, it sounds gross on paper imo but it’s so good anyway, anything flavored by mushrooms or having some kind of onion on it is automatically the best. real mushrooms still blow tho
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