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  1. Yay, they actually did it. The ability to speed up Session attacks alone is a huge improvement. For those memeing the idea of Maiko having Azura as her Mirage, let’s remember the fact that the Carnage Forms don’t look like the Mirages they’re based on at all. If they’re still sticking to Shadow Dragon/Awakening Mirages then...Maiko’s Mirage would be Olivia by process of elimination. As for Barry there, unless they plan on repeating classes by making Kellam or Roger his Mirage, then Barry would probably be an axe fighter with Barst, Basilio, Vaike or Darros as his Mirage.
  2. I was hoping for a representative of each side: Black Eagles, Blue Lions, Golden Deer and Church of Seiros. One of each for a more balanced representation of characters. Developer bias is quite evident even in 3H itself.
  3. Which sucks because they’ll now proceed to shove Black Eagles characters everywhere and everywhere until people get really sick of them while the others get either scraps or nothing at all.
  4. Easy pass. No Bernie and no Lorenz means my orbs are safe. 2 Black Eagles characters. Kinda biased, developers?
  5. Hmm, last night’s stream made it sound that next week’s banner won’t be CYL3 so...another 3H banner is more likely but I’d like it to be a different game. Maybe Genealogy or Thracia...? Unlikely as heck but I’d like it to be TMS#FE. If it is indeed 3H then I’d like to see Bernadetta, Lorenz or Lysithea in the banner.
  6. If you have one Micaiah, you basically have all of them because B!Micaiah’s weapon is just green Thani with another gimmick slapped on it. Dancer Micaiah is even more useful due to her being the bane of green armors as well as being a dancer. B!Micaiah’s prf skill with make or break her. B!Eliwood in particular has quite the unexpected weapon and an even more unexpected gimmick slapped on it. A blue lance unit capable of dealing extra damage to dragons AND beast units isn’t something common. His downside is that he’s in a rather over saturated unit type.
  7. Good. Avoid the siren song that is the rest of the gacha games. These games aren’t meant to be played for a long period of time which is why a stamina/limit system is added to these games; it’s just something to quickly pass the time when you’re on a train or something relatively short. This is also why the “story” parts are being revealed very slowly over time. These games aren’t meant to be “a job” (unless it’s Granblue Fantasy). It was originally supposed to be: do your dailies and participate in the events if you want and then go do something else with your life afterwards. Back to topic, lance cav right after I got Dimitri... Well, at the very least B!Eliwood’s weapon has a nice gimmick and he got his art done by Wada Sachiko.
  8. Is this your first gacha game? FEH took their sweet time adding this feature. It allows the player to make much better use of the roster sending those “unused” units on missions to help you get stuff instead of just rotting in your barracks. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain with this feature.
  9. Other gacha games do this. Azur Lane does something similar with the Commission feature where you can send ships on missions and they can get you resources, Wisdom Cubes (the equivalent of FEH’s orbs) and even level up while you’re sleeping or simply not playing the game. @KMT4ever They’re most likely saving Bölverk for Legendary Garon later down the line.
  10. Well, they could always make L!Micaiah into a staff unit to complete the set and either an outfit based on Sephiran’s outfit or the light sage outfit.
  11. They’re probably saving Rex Hasta for Oswin, Darin, Marcus, Wallace or Sain. Aureola could end up with Tiena from the Hasha no Tsurugi manga, Guinivere, Renault, Ellen, Saul or Saint of Mario Kart herself. As for the banner itself, Micaiah is tempting as I have her other 2 versions but my votes were for Eliwood so I’ll take him as my free pick.
  12. At the surprise of absolutely no one (except maybe the anti-spoiler police), Sothis is the Mythic Hero. Red that negates dragon weakness...sounds a bit like Garon. Hmm...CYL3 is just around the corner and I’d like to save for Bernadetta...I’ll just do the free roll and tap any red orb in that same summoning session and I’m out.
  13. figmas have gotten more expensive these last few years and quality isn’t quite the same as it used to be. I’d like a Dimitri or Bernadetta figma.
  14. While I’d like to wait until I know more about each route...my current choice would be Blue Lions.
  15. With this, Nintendo pretty much officially killed the 3DS. This smaller Switch is definitely aimed at younger kids and those who use it in handheld mode most of the time. The average parent wanting to get a Switch for a lower price for their children for Christmas would certainly be interested.
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