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  1. Brave Lysithea will probably get Ukonvasara. This is the developers’ golden chance to add yet another axe loli. Legendary Micaiah is a possibility. It’d complete FEH’s color variety. There’s also the possibility of Reinhardt getting that as well to have him in every color. Izana, Manfroy or Sephiran are also good candidates.
  2. Probably Ashera, Gotoh, Athos, Nergal, Izana or Eat Rock guy.
  3. Flame Emperor doesn’t interest me so I’ll just turn it into a Combat Manual. I got a S!Cordelia from the Compile Manual thing so I’ll probably give Ferdinand that weapon and make him more of an offensive lance cav if I get him.
  4. Nice Guard Axe, Flame Emperor. I’m surprised they dropped that weapon to the welfare pool so soon while the sword and lance counterparts remain glued to 5* exclusive units in the main summoning pool and those weapons debuted not too long ago. I’ll try to get Bernadetta.
  5. Stuff like final bosses/major antagonists shouldn’t be mediocre. They’re supposed to be threatening and a challenge for the protagonists, not a walk in the park. I guess we have very different views on mediocrity and what should be mediocre so let’s just agree to disagree.
  6. That’s a very good question. Uhai, Darin or even Ephidel would’ve been more sensible choices...
  7. No need to go back to that fan-made rule. You’re free to disagree. So, you wish for him to be mediocre just like the three poor souls you mentioned. So that’s how it is. I want him in the game but not badly enough to doom him to eternal mediocrity. Not even Manfroy deserves such terrible fate.
  8. That has never been a confirmed rule by the developers. GHB units can be whoever the developers feel like putting there. The guy has “Legendary” potential and yet you’re satisfied with mediocrity...he deserves better than that.
  9. @Othin Be glad that Nergal was spared this time. He deserves better than being doomed to welfare mediocrity. Also, Heath is coming with a Ridersbane+...
  10. And yet not a single lance armor nor axe armor GHB since the game’s launch. What are these developers thinking? Speaking of cavs, Kempf was the first sword cav GHB unit since Xander.
  11. Get off your high horse. “Bend to my will?” No. I never said anything like that. More like it hasn’t been long since the last GHB unit that was a lance flier. A little variety could help a bit. Something like Uhai, Darin or even Ephidel would have been better choices than dooming Heath to eternal mediocrity.
  12. He’s basically DOA and Fiora is there to spook people from getting Nils. @Nym And too many lance cavs as well. It hasn’t been too long since Travant and Cormag...
  13. Farina, of all people, would be the Pegasus Knight sister with PREMIUM skills.
  14. Heath is the GHB. Check the notification.
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