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  1. I'd say check his performance in battle. If he can hold his own even in 2nd tier, then you can wait. If he seems to be having trouble surviving on his own, then by all means, promote him. He shouldn't lose that much potential since there's only 3 levels left to him, and you definitely need him at his best for the endgame of part 4. Haar is a character that should be able to solo a group of enemies without trouble, so if he can't, do anything you can to boost him for part 4
  2. Voted for birthright, even if I only played normal mode I'll add Conquest once I get through it, I JUST finished B. And I'm going to start C. later today, so I hope the survey will still be there when I finish, which should take me about a week or so.
  3. Uuuh, are you sure about that? Or only for Amazon? Coz I preordered from Gamestop and it's international so I'll receive it 3-5 days AFTER it ships, which means I would be getting it late if you're right. Please don't stress me like that D:
  4. Real happy to see I'm not the only one being paranoid. I have been checking my order every day for the past week, and I haven't slept well for much longer than that. Everything's fine, but I feel really nervous since there's a lot of stories about how gamestop orders get cancelled for no reason or something similar. My order is international so I'm doubly nervous. Mind you, I did get the order in on the 15th, which was pretty early, and the payment is present on my card as not paid yet, but I really can't help being super anxious from my lack of experience with online orders. It's even worse considering the fact that I don't know WHEN my order will get here. International means I have no faster shipping option, so I have no idea if I'm going to get it on the release date or later, and it's driving me crazy. Some people here say they always get their preorders from gamestop on release day (from experience), but others say it won't get here until a week after. Cue here for anybody who's familiar with gamestop or international shipping as whole to tell me how much time it'll take, to please lay my worries to rest a bit (I want to sleep again dammit)
  5. 1- Going to class 2- Doing all my homework so I have a free weekend 3- Contemplate why a day takes so freaking long to get through 4- Cry 5- Cry some more Bonus- Annoy everyone around me by talking about the game non stop This is gonna be a long week.... And it'll be made even worse since I dont know exactly when my SE will get here, ordering from USA to Canada uncertainty. It's weird coz people here say it'll come on the release day (from experience) and others say it'll take about 1 week (since it's international), I don't know which is true and it's driving me crazy! I haven't slept well for 3 weeks.
  6. Thank you. Somebody who thinks like me. From the start I thought she sounded pretty natural as someone very clumsy and feminine. I think she sounds adorable ^^
  7. I'm content with everything I've seen so far. The only thing that rubs me the wrong way is the removal of dual audio, but my guess is that they didn't get the copyright for some of the voices, and I can live with that. And the English VAs certainly aren't as bad as everyone tries to make us believe. (Yes, even Felicia is growing on me, I'm starting to find her adorable ^^) Localization HAS been clunky, I won't deny that, and I feel they could have managed a few things better, but overall I'm happy with what we're getting.
  8. 3 weeks to go! Holy Ashera is it long...

  9. I don't believe they would erase this feature for 3 simple reasons: 1- The 2d models aren't used anywhere else so it would be a huge waste not to include them, they know better than to piss people AND Nintendo Japan off by outright cutting them out. 2- This feature, albeit weird, is a key component for boosting supports. It is an IMPORTANT GAME MECHANIC. It would be simply ludicrous to remove an entire part of gameplay for censorship. Even Nintendo is better than this. 3- Kotaku. Nuff said. I think we should all just chill, stop putting so much stock in rumors, and wait until we actually have the game to judge ourselves. The worst that could happen to this featurem realistically speaking, is a bit of tone-down, make the lines less lewd maybe. But it would be illogical to remove it entirely.
  10. Definitely. The good part about being in college is that teachers don't give a shit if you're absent, and I have good enough grades to skip for 1 day :D Besides, somebody needs to be home for when UPS gets to my door, who better for that job than ME *dances histerically*
  11. A bit late to the party but hey, I'd love getting friends who are as hyped as I am! :D (aren't that many here who even know the series to begin with uguuu) Anyway here's my friend code to anyone interested in having a Canadian friend: 1977-0476-4661 I'll also be adding as many people as I can from the thread, I've got a lot of time on my hands ;D PM or quote me if you add me so I make sure to add you back ^^
  12. I've been interested in that Map Pack that they're putting up for preorder since I've been planning to buy the entire DLC for the game a long time ago. However I have a couple of questions if someone would be kind enough to answer them: First, how exactly does it work? I know I might sound kinda dumb here but I've never preordered DLC before. They say something about a code but I just wanna make sure that I understand correctly before making any purchase. Second, You might notice that I'm form Canada. Right now the Map Pack isn't available here, only in the US. Is it worth buying in the states or do you think they will eventually offer them here? Like, should I wait? Third and last, Is it worth it? I remember Awakening offering map bundles that were actually cheaper than the separate maps. I'm betting that they'll do the same thing here. So what's the point of preordering it at a low price early if we can't even play it until it's out, and when it's out there might even be packs that do the exact same thing that you can buy then. That's the most important point for me right now, so i would appreciate if someone could explain.
  13. I love Corrin In my opinion, every single lord of every FE ever has always been bland and unlikeable, the only credit I could give them was that they were beast units. So really, Corrin might not be the best character ever but he at least has a bit of personality. And yeah, I CAN insert myself with this character, coz his reactions are probably the most realistic of the entire cast of main characters. I don't give a sh*t what everyone says, Corrin is a good character in my book. Fight me. Nice biased poll by the way.
  14. I feel you sistah ^^;I live in a little out of nowhere town called Mascouche in Québec, where there's only one proper videogame store and very small at that Fortunately I was lucky and managed to place a preorder from Gamestop USA when it was still in stock, coz having it a couple days late is better than not having it at all. So good luck to you, you poor thing
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