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  1. Haaa, I actually don't think any of these choices are able to encapsulate how I actually feel about these two, but I chose "I think she's wrong" for both of them. I don't want to write an essay on this, so I'll just stay this: at the end of the day, I can sympathize with both Edelgard and Rhea and their goals (admittedly more so with Rhea), but I also ultimately believe both were incredibly misguided with their actions and caused the needless suffering of thousands as a result.
  2. Yup, definitely did, but it was all my fault really. I was pretty active during the early datamine phases and went out of my way to spoil myself on gameplay details like epilogues, classes, skills, growths, crests, PTS portraits, and the like. There was no way I wasn't going to accidentally spoil myself on some story details. Honestly though, it was nothing too bad? I stayed away from all major story beats like the plague, only really accidentally spoiling myself on backstories, some character deaths, and some secret identities. Most of it fell under stuff that I wasn't either too surprised by or outright expected, at least. Also its all pretty disjointed knowledge, so I have no idea how the pieces fall into place. The only two I'm slightly upset at myself over were The former was slightly expected, but would've loved to react to blindly, and I suspected something was up with the latter, but I never expected that.
  3. Made a quick edit to cut out spoilers and pre-timeskip. Forgive me if I missed anything, I kind of rushed to avoid spoiling myself too much XD Here are all students + both Byleths + Cyril post-timeskip, all potential spoilers cut out. Sorry if the quality is significantly worse.
  4. AT LAST THE MOMENT EVERYONE HAS WAITED FOR, POST-TIMESKIP PORTRAITS! ***WARNING*** - Has neutral portraits for every single character. Including spoilers. Enter at your own risk.
  5. This is an update related to paired endings, but if I edit my previous comment it'll probably be ignored. So here's some new info regarding Byleth s-supports (especially involving M!Byleth M/M pairings): EDIT: Before anyone grabs their pitchforks, some people are looking more into this to confirm this is actually the case, I'll post an update once the news is confirmed/finalized, I guess. EDIT EDIT: Okay so I don't know what I'm talking about and I don't want to unnecessarily stoke some flames. I'm probably not going to be talking about this issue, but it is being discussed in the comments of the linked thread if you want more info on everything.
  6. Got it. Here's info on character endings, specifically paired endings considering there's been debate over whether they exist or not:
  7. Collection of gameplay leaks surfaced! Difficulty options: Byleth's Master Class:
  8. Haha, yeah I just saw those black bars and nope'd. I'm not touching those bars with a 10-foot pole. Also we got text dumps. Did a brief, shallow skim, so I have no idea if this is everything, but from what I can tell this is (almost) every single piece of text in the game. So there's gonna be a lot of junk too: EDIT: Thinking about it, I'm not sure if this has everything, buuuut I'm too scared to look inside and determine what could be missing. Enter at your own risk!
  9. We apparently got a cutscene dump now, hoo boy. I'm not touching this, but the person who runs the leak thread on Reddit verified it. Those who want story spoilers, go crazy. It's a 1GB download: EDIT: All info from the second leaker can be found on this thread. It's also become somewhat of a mass leak compendium and will be posting stuff from the ROM datamines: https://old.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/cghnp5/second_leaker_megathread/
  10. Starting to get the fruits from the ROM leak. First 30 minutes:
  11. Based on the IGN chart, Byleth can achieve A/S-ranks with every other playable character in the game. I don't believe supports would be locked out from you if a student isn't in your house originally, especially since a few previewers have mentioned/speculated that increasing support ranks helps making recruiting characters easier.
  12. Um, sooo... https://old.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/cgjo4l/psa_the_rom_has_been_leaked_get_off_the_internet/
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