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  1. I do think I know which people you're talking about, and I agree that they can be aggravating. Reading their comments, sometimes it feels like only their interpretations of characters are correct and any disagreement is a sign that you simply "don't understand them" (and the possibility of having to deal with their debates turns me off of any discussion about Edelgard, period) but I think saying that they hound people is a bit extreme IMO.
  2. Keep in mind Edeglard still has consistently placed high (or placed first) in the female category of all those polls, even if it appears her popularity has waned and her character is rather controversial in the fanbase. Also it still is entirely possible she's less popular than Dimitri, we won't know until the official numbers are released when the voting ends. All that matters for CYL right now is her popularity in comparison to the female competition. Finally, another thing to note is that CYL has far greater visibility and a greater impact than any other character poll done before. This means more passionate responses and likely different sects of the population that might be more pro-Edelgard contributing to this poll that weren't voting in the previous ones.
  3. From what I've seen online, a few people criticize how "pathetic" Ignatz is, and how he seems to be so easily stepped upon by others. From my experience, this kind of personality can work female characters, but it tends to be an active detriment to male characters, so I wouldn't be surprised of some form of gender-stereotyping is at play here. Also, while his anxiety is relateable, I guess the issue is that it's too "normal" instead of hyper-exaggerated like Bernie. And while people like seeing their flaws in other characters, a lot of people don't like it being, err, too realistic. I guess they see it as more of a call out rather than "lol #RELATABLE"
  4. Wow, I thought Lysethia would do well, but not this well. I lean more the anti-Lysethia camp too (god her C-supports and her entire chain with Ignatz were insufferable, especially since I identify pretty heavily with Iggy), but at the same time, I wouldn't necessarily mind if she won. So far CYL has been the "lords and major characters only" camp, so having her nab the victory would show that side characters can win, which is nice! That and even though I'm not particularly fond of Lysethia, I'd still prefer her over Bernie >.> As for my voting, I'm kinda stuck on what to do. I normally vote for favorites over trying to get characters to win because normally the characters I want to vote for have 0 chances of winning, but I actually really like Dimitri and really want him to maintain his 1st place, especially since Claude and Marth fans are getting riled up. Not too bummed at all three 3H lords in the winning places though. That just means we have the potential to see post-CF Edelgard, post-AM Dimitri, and post-VW Claude all talking to each other and I would kill to see that interaction.
  5. In addition to what was previously said, I also feel it's a good idea to mention how much worse the situation is in AM compared to SS/VW. In the latter two routes, the Empire has only lost their footing to the West in the Gronder Field area. The eastern half of the Kingdom is still under their control, and Cornelia is still fighting against Kingdom resistance, which undoubtedly has weakened in terms of numbers and morale after the deaths of Dimitri, Rodrigue, and many of their soldiers at Gronder. While she might be facing a direct invasion on the capital, she has not lost everything she has gained during the war, so she's probably more confident at this time. Meanwhile, Edelgard is truly backed into a corner in AM. Any conquests she made have been lost and now a united resistance comprised of the Kingdom, Alliance, and Church are knocking at her door. Tie in the fact that Edelgard might as well be at her worst in this route as she never really faced the consequences of siding with TWSITD (i.e. the destruction of Merceus), she is probably not above transforming herself into a literal monster for the sake of her goals at this point. Honestly, this bothered me too. The letter being found after the game ends is the only logical explanation I can think of. Some people here have said the letter was just never written, but that doesn't really make sense. The letter was written with three objectives in mind: Inform the victors of the existence of TWSITD Pass on the torch and tell the victors to defeat TWSITD Divulge the location of Shambala While it's true that the missiles weren't launched, that only removes one of the three objectives of the letter. Remember, in AM, SS, and VW, no one in the player's army is aware of the existence of TWSITD, and Edelgard and Hubert are aware of this. Informing the victors about the existence of TWSITD is incredibly important regardless of whether Shambala's location was known or not. And the idea of Hubert not writing the letter because Arundel/Thales was killed doesn't make sense either. This is Hubert we're talking about after all. Do you really think he'll settle with only killing the leadership of TWSITD? He's probably knows the possibility of the remnants of TWSITD rising up again (like in the Byleth/Claude ending) too, so I doubt he'd neglect to write anything in AM. While Claude's intentions don't change when under Byleth's guidance, his personality sure does. While still as cunning and intelligent, Claude appears to be more (for the lack of a better term) "cowardly" and distrustful, and he doesn't seem to understand the loyalty and trust he inspires in others - see his confusion at Hilda being willing to die for him in CF. He flees whenever he can see an easy way out, and tends to bend whenever things get really tough. While he could help Byleth and co. in SS, he'd really rather not get involved and chooses back out while he can. Same deal as him in AM. A VW Claude placed in AM Claude's shoes would most assuredly help out, but without Byleth's guidance, he lacks the spine to go ahead and fight when he has the perfect chance to run and escape with his life. Because they needed a final boss that wasn't Nemesis.
  6. I tend to avoid recruiting students unless I'm doing a "RECRUIT EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM" run to keep things more interesting in Part 2, but I always, always recruit Marianne. Even if I have no plans to use her, I refuse to leave her behind. Helps that she's the one character that never shows up in Part 2 unless you take her in.
  7. So Edelgard and Hilda are both deployed at 1:32. Considering this is impossible in normal play, it looks like this side story will allow all three lords to be deployed. Because of that, I'm also guessing this is pre-timeskip only There were some hints at this previously, such as the NPCs that talk about the Abyssians disappearing partway through White Clouds, but it's nice for some soft confirmations. I wonder then if the four characters will be getting post-timeskip appearances...
  8. Haaa, I actually don't think any of these choices are able to encapsulate how I actually feel about these two, but I chose "I think she's wrong" for both of them. I don't want to write an essay on this, so I'll just stay this: at the end of the day, I can sympathize with both Edelgard and Rhea and their goals (admittedly more so with Rhea), but I also ultimately believe both were incredibly misguided with their actions and caused the needless suffering of thousands as a result.
  9. Yup, definitely did, but it was all my fault really. I was pretty active during the early datamine phases and went out of my way to spoil myself on gameplay details like epilogues, classes, skills, growths, crests, PTS portraits, and the like. There was no way I wasn't going to accidentally spoil myself on some story details. Honestly though, it was nothing too bad? I stayed away from all major story beats like the plague, only really accidentally spoiling myself on backstories, some character deaths, and some secret identities. Most of it fell under stuff that I wasn't either too surprised by or outright expected, at least. Also its all pretty disjointed knowledge, so I have no idea how the pieces fall into place. The only two I'm slightly upset at myself over were The former was slightly expected, but would've loved to react to blindly, and I suspected something was up with the latter, but I never expected that.
  10. Made a quick edit to cut out spoilers and pre-timeskip. Forgive me if I missed anything, I kind of rushed to avoid spoiling myself too much XD Here are all students + both Byleths + Cyril post-timeskip, all potential spoilers cut out. Sorry if the quality is significantly worse.
  11. AT LAST THE MOMENT EVERYONE HAS WAITED FOR, POST-TIMESKIP PORTRAITS! ***WARNING*** - Has neutral portraits for every single character. Including spoilers. Enter at your own risk.
  12. This is an update related to paired endings, but if I edit my previous comment it'll probably be ignored. So here's some new info regarding Byleth s-supports (especially involving M!Byleth M/M pairings): EDIT: Before anyone grabs their pitchforks, some people are looking more into this to confirm this is actually the case, I'll post an update once the news is confirmed/finalized, I guess. EDIT EDIT: Okay so I don't know what I'm talking about and I don't want to unnecessarily stoke some flames. I'm probably not going to be talking about this issue, but it is being discussed in the comments of the linked thread if you want more info on everything.
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