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  1. Honestly I always go with Kagerou. The reason is that you can easily pass down Snake venom. If you give her that, and then deadly breath and fourfangs, even if she misses in combat she pretty much takes off 80% of an enemies HP.
  2. If you reclass to a second tier class you learn the first tier classes skills first then the second tiers as you level up. Hypothetically, saying awakening works like this. You are a Grandmaster, you reclass to Swordmaster. The next time you level up you will learn Avoid+ 10, and the next time after that you'll learn vantage which are both myrmridon skills. After that you'll learn swordmaster skills as you level. Skill and stat inheritence is still a thing. Also in regards to grinding skills. If you want a super easy way to do it, grinding my castle battles is easier. The easy way to put it is, if i go online, I can visit a ton of other players Castles and fight their teams. If I see someone who has a skill I don't have on a certain character, I can either buy that skill from them upon winning vs their Ai controlled team, or get that character in my logbook then buy the skill from there. As an example, say I see the enemy has an Aqua with Astra. usually this would be a chore to get on her as the only way to get it is pairing her with a swordmaster and having her marriage or buddy seal to it. Well if I beat that guy i can just buy Astra on my Aqua, or get his Aqua in my logbook and buy Astra whenever I want. Note you can only buy skills for that character. I can't buy Astra from an Aqua, then give it to the avatar.
  3. I actually agree with this. I kind of wish IK wouldn't have been the only 'good' ending. By default the other two are bad endings because Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth to play Hoshido or Nohr after i've played IK
  4. Has anyone been able to beat the DLC at a super low level? I like to beat all the DLCS at low levels to get the classes immediately. So far the hardest to beat at a low level was the Awakening DLC for me. I haven't tried the vanguard one at a low level, seems impossible unless you buy logbook units. The awakening DLC was hard as hell because of all the ninjas. I was just past chapter 6 on Lunatic when I tried. It took like 3 attempts since you have to keep Chrom lissa and Fred alive and the ninjas have that swap skill and Snake venom and deadly breath ugh. I lucked out on my last try and kamui basically crit non stop on every enemy. This DLC i've done at middling levels around chapter 18 but because of the damage these balistas deal from range idk how you would do this like right after chapter 6. Even if it scales with your level like the others, I think you'd need a logbook unit.
  5. You can have multiples. The max amount of characters you can have total is 99. I have multiples of alot of characters. Like ten kamui's, 5 Velours and kinus etc and nothings stopped me from doing that yet.
  6. Don't have a video but I can describe it. Basically every other casting class has some kind of cool animation when they cast spells. Exorcist kind of create a sort of incantation in the air and hop around as they summon the spell. Sorcerers move around and even levitate when they crit etc. Dark blood kind of just stands there with one arm outstretched holding the tome. Its really mundane. Its honestly the worst casting animation in the game imo. If you could even call it that. After I saw it, i bought a Levin sword and just used that when i needed to attack at 2 range.
  7. I've done a +mag kamui and mainly used the dragonstone on one of my Invisible Kingdom playthroughs. This was on hard but its pretty much the same on lunatic. Early game it makes the game much easier than any other asset imo. You take almost no damage from enemies and Kamui oneshots almost all of them with the dragonstone so you don't really need to double. Kamui can honestly solo maps until like chapter 14 or so doing this. Then it starts to fall off. Its major issues are that as the Yato gets stronger and stronger as the story goes on, it becomes incredibly broken, And while you do get the stat boosts from having it in your inventory, you don't get the insane damage. One other issue at least for me(this is minor though) is that with the dragonstone you can't actually attack at 2 range, so you have to be dark blood and use a tome or levin sword to hit mages and archers and ninjas, which isn't a huge deal but I hate the tome casting animations in the Dark Blood class, they look awful and I like just being a dragon all the time more tbh. I went +mag - Luc for that run.
  8. Hinata actually has higher defensive growths than Rinkah who is often used as a tank on Hoshido. Assuming optimization the best he can do class wise to take advantage of being defensive is to probably pair him with Female kamui with a secondary General class so he gets defensive formation to salvage his poor speed.and then keep him as a General. If you pick some skills like Aegis, Pavise, and Mirror strike he can also become durable on the res side as well. In terms of being practical without using Kamui I'd say the best thing you could do is maybe try and find a Hinata with defensive formation in another person's castle and get the skill. Forgoing My castle abuse the best way i see to salvage him is to marriage seal Pieri for access to paladin for Aegis and try to get any collection of abilities to reduce damage he takes to take advantage of his personal ability. He naturally has access to the Oni line as well so maybe getting a skill set like Aegis Vantage Astra Ogre strike and Swordfaire would be best. I think leveling him as a weapon master might not be bad either. You gimp the speed growth but get higher str growth as well as Hp and def growth which synergizes with his own growths more. This skillset gives him a chance to actually hurt as much as people who can double if he were to proc astra and Ogre strike and a killing edge gives him a high chance to crit. Alternatively instead of Marrying Pieri you can pair him up with Oboro and gain flamboyant access. The extra hit for the enemy won't hurt him since hes not really going to be avoiding much anyways and this gives him a really decent chance of procing astra.
  9. Removing statues is a big one for me. Other than that i'd say buffing magic classes slightly. Although Witch might help with that. Atm it feels like there isn't much reason to use tomes when characters like Felicia and Anna can hit just as hard from the magic side using certain hidden weapons as maids and can still proc skills AND debuff on top of it. Give us more than one Great lord and Lodestar scroll. Please. Every other DLC class has a way for them to be infinite.
  10. I'm curious. I'm assuming its probably some variation of Kamui but I can't think of the most broken Kamui. The most broken I can think of is Witch(when it releases) Ophelia skills would be -Vantage -Vengance -Awakening -Ogre strike/Lucky Seven -Draconic Curse Main Tomes to use would be Mjolnir or Excalibur for the crit. Feed her all your defensive stat boosters. As long as she doesn't get one rounded, as soon as she gets knocked below half she becomes incredibly hard to kill and extremely likely to crit on every single attack. The biggest worry I could see her facing is dealing with dread fighters because they have WTA and a metric ton of res. But if she gets a crit I imagine they won't survive. So what do you think are some of the most broken units?
  11. They are both good Luna is faster and more defensive and Lazward hits harder. They come early into the story too. Well on the Nohr path, not Ik. Also as for bad units. I honestly don't like using Axe units without getting the Hit+40skill from the bowman class. I just hate how inaccurate axes are. Axe users themselves aren't bad I suppose. Charlotte and Camilla are really good but eh.
  12. Copycat puppet is a really good skill. Its in the puppeteer class and makes a clone of the character who uses it. However if the clone dies the character dies too so you have to be careful. They both share damage too. On Hoshido side Ryouma and Takumi are amazing units. You can only have 4 units in addition to kamui IIRC(its been a while since I last played online). So Ryouma and Takumi and their special weapons act as a great offense with kamui. Next you probably want a staff user. I suggest Felicia. As a maid She can go up to S rank in staves. And there are alot of staffs that can do things like Half enemy HP, stop an enemy from moving etc. AND she can debuff enemie's stats with her hidden weapons. She just needs the exploding shuriken and her Ice tray weapon and she hits hard too. The last unit is pretty flexible. Aqua is a solid choice for giving you the ability to act twice. I see alot of people use Kanna though due to kanna's personal ability acting as a mini renewal and kanna can be strong. Fox spirits are also really strong as anti magic units. If you want more support Sakura is a good choice not only is her mag really good for help with staff range, she can also reclass to a Falcon warrior for flying utility. As for choosing a magic class there aren't too many options. Sorcerer is probably the best as you can get S rank in tomes. However Exorcist can get staff access as well as tomes. Dark Knight and Revenant Knight are kind of eh. They both give you more weaknesses like bows and Shapeshifters. And Kamui is already weak to certain things on their own.
  13. I've done a ton of playthroughs so far. All the classes i've tried: 1. First run was Hoshido, did standard White Blood 2. Second run was Nohr, did standard Dark blood. Both of these runs were as Femui 3. First IK run, did Male kamui, White Blood just to make a 'canon' playthrough and marry Aqua(I just need one of these or it doesn't feel right) 4. Next I did a Magic Kamui run, used Mag as the asset and only used the dragon stone and paired up with nyx. IK run. 5. Then i did a run where I immediately reclassed to Ninja as male Kamui and paired up with Setsuna when she was avaliable. Pure Ninja run was probably one of the most fun. IK run 6. Then I did some runs with DLC classes. Dread fighter male kamui was the next run in IK. 7. Now i'm alternating between a few different runs. One is a grandmaster run paired with hinoka. 8. Another is a Female Kamui run as an Adventurer. All in all for those of you who haven't played yet, I really suggest replaying the game as different classes after your first few runs. Its reallly fun. And you can reclass right after chapter 6. You can even start new runs at chapter 6 so you do one chapter then can reclass.
  14. Is the item she comes with boots? I just beat the map and can't tell what it is. It looks like a Stat booster of some sort.
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